Never again struggle because of language barrier: Iconspeak T-shirts for international touristsLanguage barrier has always been a huge problem for people traveling internationally. A new startup company has a solution: Icons will speak for you. That’s what Iconspeak T-Shirts are about. Simply point to an icon on your T-Shirt, if you need to ask for help.

This news is especially exciting for western visitors to Russia and Ukraine, as the countries have a different alphabet (Cyrillic). You may not be able to read the signs but you always can have your Iconspeak T-shirt to assist in any situation.

Iconspeak T-shirts for International Tourists

Many tourists have no idea how to communicate in the country of their visit. Actually, it is almost impossible to learn all the existing languages, but this fact does not diminish people’s desire to explore the beauty of foreign places.

Imagine how amazing it would be if all the people in the world could easily understand each other? The team of the Iconspeak was inspired by the same idea, when they started to design clever T-shirts for travelers.

The developers were biking in Vietnam when they needed a help of a mechanic. According to George Horn, they could not get any help from the natives: nobody in the local village understood English or French. That’s how the idea of the smart icons was born.

The team started with pictures on pieces of paper. Then they realized how much benefit this approach could bring and decided to create T-shirts with the same figures, so that the communication would become more comfortable. The broken bike brought about a creative language solution for tourists.

Iconspeak T-shirts for International Tourists

Just point to an icon on the T-Shirt, if you need to ask for help.

Iconspeak T-shirts for International Tourists

Smart icons on the T-shirt will assist you in any situation.

Iconspeak T-shirts for International Tourists

If you need a book, show the native the right icon on your T-shirt.

The clever T-shirt incorporates 40 basic icons that help travelers to explain major needs to natives in any country. For example, one can point to the “bed” picture, when he is looking for a hotel or choose the “plane”, when a ride to the airport is needed. The product is designed purposely in order to omit any negative situations: there are no religious icons but instead drawings representing “love and peace” are shown.

The founder George Horn reported that the idea of clever T-shirts is successful and continues to expand. According to him, the product has been travelling all around Europe and currently is being tested by the Iconspeak team member Florian in Latin America.

Would you like to join the team to test it on your next trip to Ukraine or Russia?

The Iconspeak is a young company, founded in 2015. The owners recently started to grow the business internationally, so that more and more tourists can enjoy smart products and forget the embarrassment of the language barrier.

Besides the T-shirts, users can also purchase other stylish elements such as bags, hats, tops, long sleeved shirts, and so on.

The slogan of the startup inspires travel lovers to explore dream places without the fear of being misunderstood.

Really, if the ICONS can allow anybody to SPEAK and feel comfortable in any foreign country, what are the reasons to skip an overseas vacation? Travelling is an important part of human life, so it is good to have tools to avoid potential problems during trips.

Iconspeak T-shirts for International Tourists

The clever T-shirt incorporates 40 basic icons that help travelers to explain major needs to natives in any country.

Iconspeak T-shirts for International Tourists

Try and test the smart T-shirt on your next trip to Ukraine or Russia.

Iconspeak T-shirts for International Tourists

What do these icons stand for? Favourite hot food?

Iconspeak T-shirts for International Tourists

The girl enjoys the tall buildings in the city she is visiting.

Photos: Facebook Iconspeak


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Why didn’t I think of this? It’s brilliant in it’s simplicity!

Jonathan Michaels

But that’s only if you want to wear the same t-shirt every day of your holiday or at least a shirt with the same design on it. Its kind of novel, but not realistic for a multi-day vacation.


I think that it is a great idea! If a person doesn’t know some language and wants to visit the other country, this T-shirt will be very useful. However, there are easier ways to explain something to foreigners. For example, many people have modern mobile phones that have translators or the internet. I think they are more effective and quicker. People also can learn basic words or phrases.

Darya Adamenko

As they say, ‘The simplicity of genius!’ And maintaining simplicity is a hard work. The guys from Iconspeak have succeeded. Now, why has no-one ever thought of that before? I got the idea to make T-shirts with icons that will connected with concrete country or city. What do you make of this?

It is very helpful! But such inventions can cause a lot of problems I think. In our modern world people are so lazy to learn foreign languages! With the invention like this one people will never try to do anything to explore the world. As I said it’s very helpful in some small villages. But I see very much examples when people (especially Russian) visit other countries without knowing some basic phrases! I just don’t understand such people because it’s so wonderful to visit the country when you can speak its language… I hope that such inventions won’t prevent people… Read more »

Wow! What a wonderful idea it is! I really appreciate it because I have had similar accident in India where local people did not speak English. By the way, my friends who have recently visited Moscow and world’s hockey championship said that there were little people speaking English. I think if they knew about Iconspeak T-shirt they would take it with themselves.


Well, it looks like we are evolving from gesticulation. But to me it doesn’t look so good. For men who have two t-shirts for 10 days, perhaps, it does, but girls won’t always want to wear such a item. But such symbols won’t look nice on a night dress either.


As for me, I consider this idea to be rather nice and original, it can make your travelling easier and help people to spend time in the country in a good way even if they don’t know any foreign language. But it would be better to know at least English.


Such a concept is really useful. People are different and if you don’t have a talent for languages, it can be very difficult to be understood in another country. However, such a T-shirt also has its drawbacks. You can’t wear it every day and it’s not very easy to find a necessary sign on your stomach. It’s probably better to print these signs on some kind of poster which can be carried by the tourist in a bag.


I think such T-shirt is a great solution for visitors. Our language is really difficult and this purchase can help you to forget worring about language barrier! If I wasn’t a native speaker I would buy it without any doubts. It is very convenient. I think it is great when you just enjoy your holidays and do not think about misunderstandings.