My personals experience with PPL dating sitesGuest author: Niel

I have been on a Slavic PPL site, and on a Chinese dating PPL site. I planned a trip to China and while there decided to see if I could meet a couple of the ladies I had chatted to. In both cases the women looked nothing like their photos. I would say may be it was them at least 25 years earlier. Their personalities did not fit the letters that had come to me from them supposedly.

On the Slavic PPL site as soon as you log on, you are hit on by women mostly far younger then myself who do everything to get you to come and chat to them. One of my friends spent one week chatting to this gorgeous bimbo, who seemed real enough. The cost to him at the end of the week was at least $900.00.

I’m not sure how much cut she received from that weeks chat?

I’ve been on another site writing to a lady for quite a while, I finally managed to get her email (maybe hers not sure). Her profile says her English is good. But when I wrote to her email, she wrote back in Russian to say that she wanted me to go back to the PPL site to write letters, because she did not think our communication would be any good via email.

Since reading many of the blog thoughts here in EM, I now feel somewhat annoyed I guess, because it does seem as though many guys and girls are just being scammed by a dating system that brings in huge amounts of money, and it’s not really bringing men and women together towards a lasting relationship.

Actually, it is bringing more frustration and giving all dating sites a bad name for being scamming sites.

As we know any business needs to make a profit, but to profit and prey on and from people’s emotions is the worst .

To profit and not adhere to an ethical standard is worse.

When money and emotions are in the mix, many people just get burned, and there are those out there who are quite willing to take as much money from you without any conscience that they have swindled you, lied to you, and will continue to do so as long as they are capable of doing this without repercussions to themselves.

It’s really good to read and hear other peoples stories here. It just confirms that I have done the right thing leaving the PPL sites behind.


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Yes, I have been led down the road of deception myself on a couple of these site. So far I think Elenas Models is pretty legit!


I still can’t understand how this may happen in today’s world with cameras and internet on all devices we use?!! If I meet someone online after one or two letters I offer skype conversation with cam. If you want to deceive yourself and live in illusions you may chat online with gorgeous women 30 years younger just staring at her pictures, but if you really want to find a life partner what prevents you from a real video chats the same or next day you met each other on the net?

But the real question is what emotions are they really preying off of? Loneliness? Desperation? Entitlement? Arrogance? Lust? There is no shortage of people with wrong attitudes about relationships. I can’t help but feel that many of those who have been taken advantage of fully knew what they were doing… but ignored all the warning signs because the wrong emotions pushed forward. I think the first step towards being in a healthy relationship with another is to have a healthy relationship with yourself, first. To self-examine and have complete emotional honesty about who you are and why you do what… Read more »

Very good points made above by Irina & Ben.
It appears to me that this behaviour is similar to a gambler. He just cannot stop and keeps on going with the tiniest hope that – maybe – that fantasy partner becomes real.

As Ben pointed out, a fragile person is vulnerable to this “dating model”. I’d use other more criminal terms to describe PPL.



I have used Elenasmodels and found the site to be reputable. Flew to Moldova and met a beautiful woman. She was who she claimed to be and I was very happy with their site. You should use Skype before flying overseas to meet the woman. Then you can see if they are who they say.


PPL sites Hmmm all I can say is stay away from they , I have had the experience of chatting to girls on these site and no chance of ever meeting them !! they just try to keep you online chatting or writing letters. There are some girls on these sites that are there for the right reason however the cost of sorting through the ones that are not is very expensive, I think EM is the way to go if you are serious about finding the right girl


I am agree with all the comments here. If a girl is really interested in a man..She will not deny giving him her email address or other way of communicating. I have used other sites and the PPL system. After a couple letters I convinced the girl to have my email address so our communication could continue on email. She said yes no problem, but as I supposed she never wrote me on my email.. She only wrote me one letter saying Hi, for me to see she got my email address but after that, I sent her a few… Read more »
For the most part, as soon as personal information is exchanged, e-mail addresses in particular, you won’t ever hear from her via e-mail. Some will send e-mails but will claim the translation sites are no good and they can’t understand what you wrote. Some that I had exchanged several letters with at the dating site never responded to any personal e-mails. We feel since we achieved a level to which personal e-mail addresses can be exchanged that we wouldn’t rely so heavily on the site and its translation services. Sometimes we can’t afford to continue to pay $100’s to over… Read more »