model girlfriendDating a model is every man’s dream, and for you this aspiration can come true with Elena’s Models. May be because of our name we have plenty of real-life models registering on our dating site — they are gorgeous, single and English-speaking.

Do you have a chance with these stunning ladies? Will they even answer your message?

Read on and find out.

Why They Seek Partners Online

How is this possible that these beautiful women are single, you may ask.

In reality, the life of a working fashion model isn’t a bed of roses. You are required to maintain a stringent regime of nutrition (basically, live on salads and greens), exercise (fitness level is important in today’s fashion world), sleep, and work.

International models employed in the fashion industry overseas have to fulfil their contractual obligations, which often means they have no time left for dating. It’s true — a girl may be a model and have no boyfriend. It’s rather more common for models to be single than attached.

Real-Life Models at EM

Juli is currently working on a modelling contract in China.

To give you an example, here are a few links to profiles of single ladies who are models and currently active on our site:

  • Annie, 20 — currently working internationally on a modelling contract in China
  • Juli, 29 — doing modelling in Shanghai, originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Dasha, 27 — model from Kiev, Ukraine
  • Polina, 21 — model from St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Consuelo, 23 — model, artist, and musician from Belarus

If you ever dreamed of a girlfriend-model, this may be your chance!

You may not know it but some of them never had a relationship in their lives. Girls like the ones above register on our site all the time, trying to find a partner or boyfriend, although they rarely stay there for long.

Dating a Model

Certainly, ladies who work as models also have requirements to a man’s age and appearance. If you are well over their target age bracket and can’t compare in looks, it may be wiser to select someone who is closer to you in age and would match your lifestyle and temperament. International models have been exposed to the best in life and this is what they aspire for, naturally.

No, it’s not Emma Watson from Harry Potter! Consuelo is a model, artist, and musician from Belarus.

If, however, you are young-looking, physically fit, open-minded, and cosmopolitan by nature, a model girlfriend could be within your reach. It’s not easy for a young woman to meet the right man in post-USSR countries, even if you are beautiful.

Please realize they are certainly not starving or uneducated, not seeking to “sell” themselves or start making babies with you tomorrow, just because you live in the USA, Australia, or Europe. They are seeking a suitable partner.

Relationships work the best when you have a lot in common. Models also have interests, hobbies, and passions. They just happened to be taller than average and of slim build, and in our times it means they are in demand to show off beautiful clothes on stage and pose for magazine covers. It’s a job like any other.

If you decide to contact a lady on our site, check this post first:

Read their profiles and see the real person behind. That’s the best way to succeed.


Helen and Darran (Russia - UK)

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Hi Elena,
Thanks for posting this blog. I was about to communicate with a girl I like and I was confused on what to write and how to start the communication. This article was timely and I really appreciate your insight.


Hello Elena, There is something that has been on my mind that was addressed in your article that has been bothering me. I’m 52, but I look around 40. I’m in great shape, and I don’t smoke or drink (which may account in part for how young looking I am). Recently, I took classes at a local college, for example, and some of the young ladies starting hitting on me, until they finally figured out that I was old enough to be their father. So, when I post my photos on your site, I think that I am getting fewer… Read more »

Agreed. The women on Elena’s Models are actually better than normal models. Here’s why– sometimes models have a particular mentality that elevates them above men. They sometimes think they can treat guys a certain way because they look nice and can get away with it. Forunately, the women here dont have that mentality and that is very refreshing.

Hello Elena, I was most certainly one of those people who couldn’t believe that a beautiful model would have any trouble finding a relationship. In an American society where we are taught to regard physical beauty as the key to all of the joys of life, it’s easy disregard the struggles that models go through in the pursuit of excellence in their profession. In all honesty, these sacrifices do naught but elevate my respect for both the profession and those who participate in it. It is a kind of unbridled dedication that is not commonly given the recognition that it… Read more »

Hi Elena,

Thanks for the article. Although I am young looking, open minded, cosmopolitan, I do not think I am comparable in looks to the models here, so any advice on how I can still get their attention ? They rarely respond to my EOIs. Those that do respond are very unresponsive, those that are responsive, no longer longer look like models when I skype with them or when they send me recent selfies.



And also,

If a lady has rejected my EOI
Should I still send her a message to show some persistence and try to build the connection?
Or should I just leave her alone?


If they have no time to date, what makes it possible to date online?
You still have to make time for each other. Write an email almost daily, do video chats on a regular basis, and the guy will still want to meet her face to face a few times.

Also, most girls on this website I find are attractive enough to be models. But I came to this site to find someone who has a different culture and more believing in family tradition, instead of playing mind games, giving up on little bumps, and being fully career bound.

Elena, My intent is not to be provocative here with my comments. I don’t intend to be rude. I just feel compelled to think aloude on the topic of marriage to a “model” if I am permitted. I understand if you choose not to post. I don’t understand why a regular average guy would choose to marrie a “model”. Generally speaking, career models are very high maintenance, pretentious, snobish, condisending, and travel constantly. They live a life of fantasy. Models don’t seem to me to be the type that would be a good life partner. I think men that are… Read more »

Hi everyone! On my opinion models are the same girls as everybody else. Yes, they are beautiful, but a lot of guys is afraid to get acquainted with a beautiful woman, and so they remain single.