Morning sickness is a good sign for pregnant mothersMorning sickness is a common condition affecting pregnant mothers. The unpleasant sensations usually subside in the second trimester, although some expectant moms “enjoy” them until the end of the term. Surprisingly, scientists still have not explained what causes this condition. A new study suggests it is actually may help to prevent miscarriages.

Feeling sick and vomiting could be the first signs of a healthy pregnancy, scientists from the National Institutes of Health insist. Therefore, a mother-to-be who is suffering from morning sickness may consider it good news.

Morning sickness as a sign of a healthy pregnancy

Doctors always believed that morning sickness indicated good gestation but there was no proof, the lead author of the study Stefanie N. Hinkle said.

The new study monitored pregnancies from the very beginning up to the end. The data gathered displays a connection between the morning sickness and lower miscarriage rates, Science Daily reports.

Scientists used the information from another study, which was devoted to benefits of aspirin intake when struggling with a miscarriage. The scientists checked if aspirin therapy can help future mothers to avoid complications.

The women who participated in the experiment made notes about their general state from the 2nd to 8th week of pregnancy. From the 9th to 36th weeks the expectant mothers were filling in a questionnaire concerning their state of health.

The authors point out that earlier works did not provide such an extensive analysis. As a rule, they were based on women’s recollections about the pregnancy or loss of the foetus.

In total, 797 pregnancies were traced in the study, 188 of which resulted in a loss. In the first trimester, 57.3% of the ladies complained about nausea and 26.6% suffered from vomiting. The scientists discovered that these ladies were 75% less likely to have a miscarriage than those who did not suffer from this condition.

Morning sickness predicts a healthy pregnancy

Morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, scientists say.


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I carried and gave birth to a healthy baby, thanks the Lord. Although the first half of the pregnancy, I had morning sickness. It lasted the first five months. I really lost weight during this time. The doctors said that the reason is a problem with the pancreas.With the second child of such problems were gone.


Good news for future mothers who suffer morning sickness! As for me, I suffered from nausea during the first 4 months. It was frightening and very exhausting. I’m sure it will be much more easier to endure morning sickness if woman knows it is a good sign.


A few years ago I’ve heard that morning sickness is something like psyhological
non willingness to be pregnant. As if a woman unconsciously not accepting her pregnancy and that’s why her body fights with it with the help of morning sickness.


To tell the truth I hardly believe that morning sickness is a sign of healthy pregnancy. But I absolutely agree with Katerina that it’s a great relief for the women running to the bathroom every morning. Self-suggestion is a great notion. Let’s just think: if a mother-to-be is sure that her future child grows healthy inside, she doesn’t worry, thus making her physical and psychological state more harmonious.


When I was pregnant during first 4 months I felt sickness in the morning, sometimes even in the evening. But after these 4 months I felt very well sometimes forgetting that I was pregnant and gave a birth to a wonderful and healthy baby. Whatever it is the most valuable gift from God to a woman!