diana-harkusha-ukraine-miss-universe-1Ukrainian model Diana Harkusha from Kharkiv became the second runner-up in the Miss Universe 2015 pageant.

The competition announced winners on January 25 in Miami, Florida, USA. 88 of the world’s most beautiful young women, winners of national titles, competed for the prestigious prize.

Following the winner Colombian Paulina Vega and the first runner-up American Nia Sanchez, Diana’s placement as the second runner-up must have arrived as a big surprise, first of all, for herself. In fact, she hadn’t been preparing for the famous beauty pageant until recently.

diana-harkusha-ukraine-miss-universe-2In the national Ukrainian competition the 20-year-old law student came second, with the winner Anna Andres destined for the world finals. However, Andres had to resign due to unexplained “personal reasons”, so the stunning winner of Miss Kharkiv-2012 took her place as the first runner-up of the national round of Miss Universe Ukraine, and had to start packing her bags.

In fact, the Ukrainian star brought to Miami 3 suitcases packed with dresses and shoes, and had to pay extra at the airport check-in. She brought with her the yellow-blue national flag, which she proudly displayed on photos made during the weeks of preparing for the finals in Miami.

One of the creative outfits Harkusha brought to the USA was the “national dress” to be worn in one of the first rounds, designed in tragic red and black colours with the headdress of thorns, commemorating recent events in Ukraine.

diana-harkusha-ukraine-miss-universe-3In addition to being the winner of Miss Kharkiv 2012, Diana Harkusha also took crowns as Miss Artek 2008, Miss Ethno Queen Slobozhanschina 2011, and Miss Kemer International 2013. At only 20 years of age, the talented young lady will certainly achieve a lot in her life time. Being a law student, Diana will return to her studies at home, while fulfilling her responsibilities as Miss Universe Ukraine during the year 2015.

In finals, three of the top 5 ladies wore red, including Harkusha. Her intrinsically beaded red dress featured a high front slit a-la Angelina Jolie, which definitely took many a breaths away. Pretty Cinderella-like silver stilettos completed her outfit.

Being asked during her finals interview what would she change about the swimwear round of the competition, the Ukrainian stunner said she was feeling comfortable posing in a swimsuit and didn’t mention any changes she’d like to propose. I guess we all become somewhat tongue-tied on the spot — I would propose a swimwear round without make-up and having hair in a plain knot, and maybe also go for a real swim! This would make it more fun and less posy.

Well, it’s great to see a Ukrainian in the top 3 of the world’s most beautiful women! Some years ago many people didn’t even know where Ukraine was, often confusing it with UK.

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Naturally those of us in the know are already well aware that Ukrainian women are the MOST stunningly beautiful women in the Universe. 🙂

Carlos Cabrera

And the best part, her place won naturally without plastic surgery like the colombian and the american girls.


I can see why she won the competition. Brains & beauty. I wonder how she will balance Miss Universe and her law studies.

Elena Can I meet her? Is Diana Harkusha part of the Elena’s Models profiles… 😉 I know, I know… she may not be here BUT there are many just as beautiful as she:) I actually had seen some of the pictures online of the women dressed in their National costume from the Miss Universe pageant. WoW what extravagant costumes… I especially loved the Canadian woman Chanel Beckenlehner, when she came out wearing a costume reminiscent of that really represented her country. The costume consisted of a corset adorned with maple leafs, wings made from 10 hockey sticks, a headdress that… Read more »

Very interesting and beautiful!

Eddie Pilkington

Diana Harkusha is a very beautiful girl, nice article, thanks.


It’s really impersonation of beauty and clever in one. Happy for Diana and being proud of all majestic Ukrainian women who endured troubles and worries, was always reliable support for their men and families and sure with such women we can stay all the misfortunes.