meet-russian-girlsAfter you met a Russian girl online, sooner or later, you will want to see each other in real life. It’s very simple and cheap to do yourself. There is no need to buy expensive organized tours to meet Russian girls.

In essence, you can either visit Russia to see her, organize a get together in a third country, or invite your friend visit you. Most men think that inviting the girl to visit would be the easiest option, however, in many cases women may hesitate to travel to someone they met online, as females are more vulnerable than males when travelling abroad alone.

Think of meeting your girl the same way as if you were in a bar with many men and women in one place. The one who approaches first has the greatest chances of leaving with her. If you are the first to visit your lady, and she is talking to 10-15 men online, most of them will never travel for a personal meeting. If you take a real step, she may be yours.

Meet Russian girls in Russia

If you decide to use this route, you have full control over your arrangements. Ask the Russian girl you are planning to meet about the best hotels that foreigners use in her city, and which ones are closer to where she lives. You do not need to visit for a long time, even if you come just for a long weekend, this will be enough for you to get to know each other, and better than spending weeks and months chatting online.

  • After your girl gave you a few hotel names, check them on sites like Trip Advisor, and review their rates.
  • Find cheap plane tickets. The easiest is to book your air travel online.
  • Confirm that your lady will be there and can see you during this time.
  • Book your accommodation.
  • Organize your Russian visa through sites like

Check our Facebook page for listings of the best local hotels and great places to take your date.

Meet Russian girls in a third country

The best places will be the ones that are not too far to travel for both of you. For example, if you live in Australia and she lives in Vladivostok, it’s easy to meet in Bali or Thailand. If you decide to use this opportunity, ask your lady to check organized tours offered by travel agencies from her city, which are usually very reasonably priced.

Then book your own plane tickets and accommodation to be at the same place at the same time. Transfer money for her tour directly to the travel agency’s bank account. Organizing your trip in this way may cost the same or less than when you visit Russia.

Invite Russian girls to visit you

In many countries ladies may have trouble getting a tourist visa but usually women from Russia, Ukraine and former Soviet Union can easily travel to Europe and Asia. If you live in one of these countries, this can be a great option. To assure your lady that you are a legitimate citizen, do a police check on yourself (you can order it online) and send her the results.

Also send her a link to Google Maps, so she can see your address and home. Send her a copy of your ID, so that she knows you are a real person. Talk to her parents or a friend online, for example, through video chat. Girls usually are happy to meet you but they are naturally scared of people who may not be who they say they are.


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I think it is better to take your woman on a trip (third country). This way you know she is willing to invest her time with you. If you take her on a trip, you will be able to spend more time with her. If you travel to her city you can find yourself sitting around by yourself while she works, takes care of family matters, etc…


I agree with what you are saying, especially if you want to spend the better part of your first week only with your new lady. I traveled to see a girl in the Ukraine who was willing to find an apartment for me; the advantage to this was that I got some alone time, she did a lot of the work, and I was able to meet a few members of her family on the last day. So, there are advantages both ways.


Independent country to meet for both from a visa perspective is easiest best and most comfortable, agree with above. it shows immediately a few important things – you have considered each other’s feelings, can make exclusive time for each other without distractions and that you have the ability to work as a team!

This form of dating lowers many barriers, but poses a new set of complications. I have talked to many ladies, some are adventurous and wiling to meet in a third country, while others are willing to meet in their country at a neutral location. maybe the large city with an airport you can fly into.. many ladies have never been to a large city, while some refuse to have a first meeting unless you come to their town. The latter may be more comfortable for the ladies , but adds difficulty for the man. I visited a lady in here… Read more »

Very insightful information. I never quite thought about these topic mentioned. I like the idea very much of meeting each other in a mutual European country first before travelling to your own country. Shows that each person is serious about one another.


many ladies some refuse to have a first meeting unless you come to their town so maybe 2. or 3. dating third country.


A couple additional notes: Destination dates are great but many young girls are willing to go just to travel so best after meeting in their home town. Forget hotels, expensive and have strange rules in some cases. It is cheaper and better to rent an apartment in the girls city. They are very nice in most cases, cost less, and much better for entertaining or just to make a meal together. Just my experienced 2 cents worth.

Rob Guajardo

Traveling to meet a woman for the first time in a small town in a foreign country where I did not speak the language was the one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. It was like being a child all over again and I believe it is during this time of vulnerability that love can ignite. It was then that I truly realized what I was capable of.

I have noticed that many of the young ladies have stated that they would be too embarrassed to enter a hotel to meet a man that was not a relative in their hometown. Some even got angry and said that they were not prostitutes and would never come to a man’s hotel room alone to see him. I am hoping nothing was lost in translation, but I can understand that a very good woman would have issue with entering a hotel that she was not staying at. What would be another option since I agree that it would be incorrect… Read more »

thank you very much


I think there should be variation: first meeting in her country, second – in his or in the third. If a man comes to visit a woman in another country, it really shows how serious he is about this relationship. It’s a part of Russian mentality that a man should be the first to act. I believe that men should not be afraid of running some risks for the woman thay are plannning to start a family with!


It seriously bothers me that i keep getting messages from men saying heyyyy come hang out with me to US. Seriously, there should be some blog post telling that WE DONT HAV ACCESSS there and the list of visa free countries for Ukraine is pretty exact. Why do I always have to explain myself about having No US or Shenghen visa?


When you are really for a long time communicating with a man I think you can trust him. The first step must belong to a man. If he would come to her country, it showed that he has commitment to her. But some men afraid to be rejected. Therefore I can say that the third country is better for both.


Here is a nice link about visa free countries for ukrainians.


Girls are not always decided on a real date, especially if your communication and familiarity isn’t long. It is necessary to achieve her confidence. It is best to fly to her country, as she hardly dares to visit to unfamiliar men.