marry-woman-25-years-youngerIf you’d like to marry a woman 25 years younger, this article will explain to you how to bring this ambition to life.

Research says that many people have had relations with someone much older or younger during their lives. Usually, for most people it remains short-lived, however, we all know couples who transformed their April-September romances into a marriage: Angelina and Billy Bob, Demi and Ashton… well, these didn’t end well. But we also have Harrison and Calista (22 years gap), Michael and Catherine (25 years), Alec and Hilaria Baldwin (26 years), and Bruce Willis is now married to Emma Heming, who is 23 years his junior. And of course there is Woody Allen and Soon Yi (35 years), oh maybe better don’t mention them, this one is a bit off the beaten path. And surely, the king of cradle snatchers: Hugh Hefner and Crystal (60-year gap).

So… Can it work? Evidently, it can. If you’d like to be the man who marries a woman 25 years younger, this is what you need.

Cash in the bank

Usually the man who can convince a woman 25 years his junior to marry him will be quite rich or, at the very least, extremely charismatic (a former senator or a leader of a motorbike gang, for example). Rich and famous is the best. Younger women are easily seduced by the lifestyle.

Passion for life

Men who join in matrimonial with younger ladies usually have a burning passion for life and a personality larger than Eiffel Tower. Their excitement and enthusiasm are magnetic. Their zest for life is contagious. They light up the place wherever they go.

Iron-clad confidence

If you worry that your younger wife may leave you one day, she will. You need the confidence of the 80-year-old billionaire, who, being questioned about his marriage to an 18-year-old and pointed out that he would be 90 and she would be 28, answered: “Well, I can always divorce her and marry another 18-year-old”.

Professional excellence

Their confidence often comes from the place of professional excellence rather than money alone (money is the by-product of their certified brilliance). Men who marry younger women are experts in their fields.

Good physical shape

The biggest concern of younger women marrying older men is whether husbands will be able to keep up with them. You should be ready to demonstrate your stamina by pulling a few all-nighters in dance clubs, although you don’t have to dance yourself, but being there for your girl will be required. If you have a hard body and enjoy daily workouts, it definitely will be of assistance. Training in martial arts or boxing would make you very attractive in the eyes of a younger woman. Your energy has to be higher than hers; SHE should not be able to keep up with YOU.

Great erections and technique

Apparently, no one in the world uses Viagra, but the company keeps posting billion-dollar profits. If it’s working today, it doesn’t mean forever. You need to also have quite a bit of skill in the bedroom department, and be able to guarantee satisfaction to your younger partner. Rumour has it that 90% of men have no idea how female sexuality works and are pretty lousy lovers. And, obviously, you need a body that is pleasant to touch.

Fashion sense

Good-looking young blokes with gym bodies can afford a fashion faux pas or two, but you cannot. Expensive clothes and impeccable style will be required for the duration of your courtship, and all the years thereafter. And no, you cannot allow your younger wife to buy your clothes. You have to be elegant in your own right.

Cosmetic works

Yes, men age slightly slower than women, but maybe only by 5 years, not 25. Consider some Botox (necessary every 3 months), hair implants (if needed), or just shave your heard like Bruce. Facials, massages to get rid of muscle tightness, moisturizing and exfoliating, waxing and grooming, all the things that women do to appear visibly younger should become your usual routine.

Cucumber coolness

Carrying yourself with the grace of a black panther and hypnotizing service personnel into full attention with just the turn of your head or a 2-second glance, that’s the type of coolness we are talking about. This means, you can get into any prestige club without standing in the queue for mere mortals, even though it’s your first visit to the city. They just know by the way you carry yourself that you belong. You never get angry and able to solve any problem in a calm and positive way.

Enjoyable personality

Men who marry women 25 years younger are positive and fun to be with. They are not tyrants or complainers, they are active, strong, and flexible, they take feedback, seek advice and make adjustments, which helps them to achieve their goals. They are ambitious and goal oriented, and this is why they have managed to achieve so much in their lives. They have a light-hearted sense of humour and never take themselves too seriously.

Courtship skills

The last but not the least is your courtship proficiency. You know how to be a gentleman looking after a lady. Offering her your hand, opening doors, and moving chairs for her comes to you naturally, and you don’t need to think what you “should” do, you just know exactly what’s needed in the situation.


So, you think you have what it takes to marry a woman 25 years younger? Then check your profile and make sure all these points come through loud and clear through your photos, texts, and letters! And good luck! 😉


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Several years ago when I was 25 I’ve dated an Italian man who was 60, we had 35 years gap but he looked like he was 40!!! I couldn’t guess his real age until I saw his passport!!!

And Elena, you are right, he had everything you’ve described in this post 😉
The only problem was that he couldn’t have children, that’s why we parted..

It’s like the 75 year old who arrived at the party with a stunningly sexy 25 year old blond clinging to him. His friends all wondered where he found such a blond bombshell. When she excused herself to go powder her nose they asked him where he got this girlfriend. “It’s not my girlfriend’ he answered. “it’s my wife”. “What???” they asked. “How did you manage to convince her to marry you?” “I lied to her about my age” the man replied. “Did you tell her you were 55?” his friends asked. “No” the man said. “I told her I’m… Read more »
Tad Perry
Sounds to me like you’re just parroting stereotypes. The fact is that some girls are like you describe. Looking for money and security. But even then, you can’t say that they don’t care. Many dream of a man who has the money and the charm. Also, people come in all types. You never know what kind of fetish you will run into. There’s a girl (on this site in fact) who openly admits to being infatuated with older men. It’s not that common of a fetish, but it’s not unheard of. She’s not just after money, She’s honestly interested in… Read more »
You could not be more wrong! I have an older boyfriend who is 25 years older. He is not wealthy but not poor. I am 34 and he is 59. He had everything on this list except for the cash in the bank. We get odd looks everywhere we go, mostly because I look about 10 years younger than I am lol but he’s had a good life, if not great spread out his 59, me…I’ve lived more than most in just my short 34. So we can communicate on the same intellectual level, which is refreshing after a divorce… Read more »
Dear Sarah, i see you are very energetic in defending your relationship. As a woman who has been in one age gap relationship that started when i was 30 i can ask you some questions. Are you on the same page with your bf regarding children? Believe me, this is what comes down to when starting a family. While dating is fun, a family is still a family and for most people is more than 2. Did you think long and hard about the future? While the present is great and an older man knows how to treat a lady,… Read more »
I am a guy who looks only 10 years younger than my age and am attracted to women 30 to 40 years younger. I believe the main secret of success in being with them more than once is that my bedroom talents are desired. Your comment that most men are lousy lovers has been the driving force for many years to make me more knowledgeable about women’s sexual needs , desires, and cravings to which I direct my efforts with success. I am glad my lovers have enjoyed their sexual experience with me. I must confess I do not see… Read more »

They lied to you)))
do not be naive…
30 y o want few years older or few years younger and 40 y o same.
Women lie sometimes (most of the time) to make you feel better)))


lol so true, they were probably all escorts, men are so delusional

30 Something Dude

I think these relationships can work if both parties accept and acknowledge the hidden agenda

I have known a couple men who were married to women almost 20 years younger. One — a father and stepmother of a girlfriend) — had been married for 10+ years. You could tell the couple honestly cared about each other and had a nice, relaxed relationship. Most of us have met and befriended someone 20 years older or younger than ourselves. We had a nice relationship with them and genuinely enjoyed their company. When you boil it down, what is a wife (or husband), but a friend you deeply care about and feel a strong attachment towards? Yes, there… Read more »
I have enjoyed reading this blog Elina. I have been traveling to Russia and CIS for business since 2005. Having spent many days with clients and support people on projects. I have rubbed elbows with the whole spectrum of folks from the ultra rich to the common engineer. I built relationships and deep friendships there and invited to stay in homes where we spent all day in the kitchen cooking having drinks, wearing massive coats standing outside at night cooking shashlik. I spent this wonderful time picking up the language (rudimentary) and gaining a deep understanding of the culture and… Read more »

When dating younger women I’ve always gone with the adage that tomorrow is promised to no one. You may live to be 150 and she may walk in front of a bus tomorrow while texting. You never know. In any event the worst thing to do is not to try regardless of any age difference.


To marry a woman who could be one owns child is to much a difference. But 5-15 years difference is acceptable.

What if as a man your life’s path meant you were not emotionally open to relationships until well past the age when most people have married and had children? What if aged 50 you have not been married, have not had children for cogent reasons but are now ready to do both? Whilst there is no absolute body clock for men, there is for women. So you need to find a fertile woman if you want a family. I have little time for people telling people in their 40s that they must condemn themselves to a life of childlessness because… Read more »
Michael Makar

Thanks Elena. This blog was helpful as I’m also trying to find/marry a younger woman. She doesn’t need to be 25 years younger. Twelve years younger would be just fine. Now I know the areas to focus on. 🙂


if you are fat then u have to low your standards also ( 12 years is a huge gap by the way), it will not last

Hi Elena, Today I’ve been reading some of the blogs on the site. I must say I like your sensible comments on all the guys smart en stupid replies. Also the way you describe meeting younger girls, types of women, all very true and I’ve learned something today that has opened my eyes, a bit. I’ve been on the site some time, and must admit I’m the dreamer type. Although I’m not a paying member at the moment I might be in the near future, as I’ve just come out of a relationship that didn’t work, then I don’t… Read more »

Ok, got it. Thanks for your quick response. Indeed, I will probably not get that on a dutch site :).
You’re making a great argument too..who doesn’t want that…well maybe dutch women, they want a career for themselves and select a man with a (too) long list.. We all have a list, but let’s be realistic.
Btw, you look great too, single? 😉

Hi Elena I’m relieved I found your site. I just recently was curious regarding the Russian/Ukrainian ladies. Of course I joined a popular heavily advertised online website. A pay per letter system. Buying credits. I was doing my research though. I did spend some money on the pay per letter system but only after narrowing down to a few contacts. Of course my letters were edited if I put in an alternate email for outside contact. Anyhow, I researched what you offer in comparison and I feel you are fair with your pricing. At least if someone contacts me on… Read more »
You, guys, keep talking about young girls in their 20-s. But you seem to forget about other age category – women in their 40-s. Many of us, women of 40+ just HAVE to accept 25 years our seniors. Why? Because men of our own age DON’T WANT US!!! They prefer much younger girls!!! What else is left for us to do??? Just, unlike 20 y.o. girls, we usually stay with our husbands till the rest of our lives. Because we know that nobody will want us in our 50-s (I’m talking about common women, not celebrities or rich ones). This… Read more »

Why people what to marry somebody younger or elder? I can not get it. Its much better to be in about the same age with your partner, cus u have the same goals, feelings and values.


Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for. Personally, I think the only goal that pushes women to marry older men is money. Basically, you have confirmed it. However, this opinion makes you think about life values.

Not at all! I just met a man 30 y older than me and it’s the first time in my life that I’ve been treated so well by a man. Plus he’s very funny and he knows a lot of things. We have the same interest and he’s more energetic than most of the men my same age! And guess what? He’s not rich and i don’t care. If i feel good when I’m with him that’s all I care! When we go out we take turn paying and i love it that way. I actually hate when younger men… Read more »

I would also add here one more tip: “A wish to be a father again”. When a man is much more older than a woman, it is likely that this woman still does not have babies. Of course one day she will ask about it her man. But many old men are already afraid of being father because of their age. So, in order to avoid frustration it is necessary to be sure about yourself or to meet women already having children from another man.

Theodor Gleancy

As for me I don’t approve these relationships. I think age difference can be between 1-10 years maximum. If you had some arguments, i would wait for answer


less than 10 years… I would say “3 years younger or 5-6 years older for both sides)

Chris Salmon

My argument is simple: I don’t need your approval. But, I respect your right to have and express any opinion you wish.


🙂 totally agree!

Mark L
There is also another factor at play in these relationships. I see it even with American women where they are now looking at older men. A friend of mine is 52 and dating a girl in her early 30s. Her younger sister is single and without a boyfriend and complains how all the men in her age group that she comes to contact with are effeminate and she finds them unattractive. The other issue is economic. The unemployment and underemployment rates for young adults are staggering. If a young woman wants to have a man that can provide for a… Read more »
It is really possible to marry a woman who is for example 25 years younger. But there are two main differences among these women. Some of them really love the man they want to marry, but for the other women something else is more important than the differences in age. But a lot of men understand that money is on the first place but anyway they agree to live together with such mercantile women. They are very pleasant to look at and they are just like pictures men want to get pleasure of. If everything is ok for both parts… Read more »

Dear Elena,
If a man is ,let’s say, between 33 and 40 years old what is the age interval for women she could look out?
Also have you had some success story with women from the CIS and Romania?(I am Romanian)


excuse me, I meant he could, not she could.