Married and Happy — Robert and Lira (USA, Kyrgyzstan)I am extremely excited to introduce you to another happy couple that met on Elena’s Models: Robert from the USA and Lira from Kyrgyzstan got married on 22 February 2016. The pair’s home is in California.

Their relationship is quite remarkable: The first time they talked to each other in 2009. But now, after 7 years of searching, communicating and building a connection, they feel happy.

“You only need one, The One!” Lira wrote. “Now we only laugh about us being too demanding to each other.”

Lira’s advice to men and women who are still searching is to don’t despair. If you continue contacting people, things will work out for you, too.

The newlyweds believe that it may happen for some people that they don’t recognize their compatibility immediately. Although some couples are lucky to find love at first sight, others may even stop talking for a while, until reconnecting and realizing this was the person they have been looking for.

Lira said the pair had their share of disagreements and doubts but now it’s all behind them. The future is exciting and bright, when you are in love.

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(Read the complete story of Robert and Lira)


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Distant on-line relationship is very difficult: you don’t have any chance to hug or to see your paramour (maybe via skype only, but that doesn’t count). Still, nice to hear that someone managed to breach out the difficulties. Wish them happiness!


It is so nice to read another story with happy end. Just want to wish to this couple all the best. I lam sure they have already overcome a lot of difficulties on the way to their happiness. building relations is a real work but building relations on distance is a very hard work.