do-these-marriages-lastReading stories and looking through the pictures of happy couples who met on Elena’s Models, you probably wonder, “OK, people do meet here. But do these marriages last?”

It is amazing how many couples keep sending us updates on their relationships. Kids are born and going to school, lives change, people move countries and cities.

The beautiful couple whose photo you see on this page had met on and been married for 10 years.

Hugh and Svetlana have went hand in hand thought the world-wide recession and, living in Christchurch, New Zealand, several devastating earthquakes, one of which destroyed their home, plus also many other challenges that each of us faces in our daily lives. They brought up 4 children that they both already had when they met, and who now live in different countries but still are strongly connected to each other and their parents. It is great to know that this loving relationship started on our dating site.

It’s been proven that people from different countries not only can meet online but also fall in love deeply and genuinely, and maintain this love for many years. It is not where you live but how well you connect. The chemistry. The will to make it work.

Remember the simple truth: to find the right partner, you should be the right partner. Marriages last when your relationship means more to you than “being right”. Your marriage will last if you are genuine when seeking your soul mate and all the time after finding her. If you are genuine and sincere, you will attract a genuine and sincere person. Somehow when you open up and stop being afraid, the other person also feels free to open up.

It’s worth to give yourself a chance.


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In general, there is nothing impossible in this world… and if someone was lucky enough to find a person to spend the rest of his or her life with them, it’s worth to be happy for them! It’s not important in which country you have found this special person. Although meeting someone through a dating site is more complicated. It’s important to understand the person and what they really need.


Thanks for the great article. I have always wondered if two people from different cultures could stay married.
This opened my eyes it’s not about culture but two people. making one family

I was married to a beautiful young Russian from Sochi Russia for 14 years,she was 28 when i met her,in paris France,she was a flight attendant,she left just before christmas,said we had nothing in common and never did have,i ask her why did she stay so long,she had no, answer,im 68 years old in great shape and a retired marine major and car dealer,she had everything but is was not enough. 14 years is a long time for any marriage to last and I’m very grateful to have had her in my life she was wonderful till five years ago,i… Read more »

It’s a great example of international love! Furthermore, I would say that it doesn’t really matter what nationality you are when it comes to love! Age difference? Same answer! What really matters is the partner who is next to you, who will cherish you, who will love you for who you are!


I know several examples of good international marriages. Ukrainian and Australian, Ukrainian and German, Russian and Canadian, Ukrainian and Latvian. The difference in culture initiates mutual interest, in such a marriage there aren’t weariness and monotony. Marriage of different nationalities often lasts a long time.


I agree that the duration of marriage doesn’t depend on partners’ nationalities or cultures. There are more important things that keep people together: respect, mutual understanding and love. My aunt from Russia has been married to an American man for 9 years and they are really happy together! And it’s nor the only one example!


I am very glad to see such couples. I think it is difficult to live together for a long time. People are changing and everything is changing. I wish you love and understanding! Be healthy and happy!