what-love-means-for-russian-womenI wrote before about the cult of love in Russian and Ukrainian culture. Most Slavic women say that they only want to marry for love, and refuse the notion of reasoning in choosing a partner. “With a sweetheart it’s a paradise in a tent”, holds the famous Russian saying, meaning that when you are with a person you love, you can be happy anywhere.

Even the women who are more practical feel the pressure to succumb to this cult of love, at least publicly. This means that they view their search for a partner abroad as a “search for love” and not seeking a better life, and would reject any suggestions that they are trying to improve their economic situation.

How Russian and Ukrainian women view love

For Russian and Ukrainian women, if they started to develop feelings for a man, it would be morally wrong to reject him based on absolutely anything. In other words, if she proclaimed her love for a man, she would feel compelled to proceed, disregarding any reasoning. Many women from Russia and Ukraine, and Slavic ladies in general, would feel uncomfortable rejecting a man that they have started an intimate relationship with.

Russian proverbs about love

Post-Soviet countries share many common beliefs and proverbs about love, relationships, dating and marriage. Most Ukrainian and Russian women love holding tight to these beliefs, and often justify their actions by these sayings.

  • Love is cruel, you can even fall in love with a goat.
  • Love is blind.
  • All ages submit to love.
  • A man loves with his eyes, and a woman loves with her ears.
  • Love is not potatoes, you can’t throw it in the window.
  • A man only needs to be slightly more attractive than an ape.
  • A woman’s strength is in being weak.
  • Lovers fight for fun.
  • Husband and wife are the same Satan.
  • The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  • You cannot escape Destiny.
  • You find love when you are not looking for it.

Again and again I see this fatalistic paradigm of Destiny in women’s comments: If it’s destined to happen, it will happen. They are waiting for their Love to arrive out of blue, unexpectedly — this would be the best, in their eyes!


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It pretty much sums it up.

Sven Nielsen

Ahhh yes women want love and men need to be respected


Very useful and truthful article. Thank to author, her ideas coincide with mine. Personally I think russian women (with a few exceptions) are most loyal in the whole world, they never cuckold, they find it disgusting. Love can disappear, then russian woman divorces or becomes friend with her husband, but she never would be unfaithful. But of course, she dreams for one and only, to love and be loved once in a lifetime, and it is wonderful.


So true in many respects, learning this more every day.


I just received a wink from a 31-year-old woman interested in me. Is this a scammer? Probably…
How can a 31-year-old be interested in a 62-year-old?
Suppose she is no fake or scammer, what does she want? An easy way out of Ukraine? My money? Ready to do anything to get a new life? …or real love?
Anyway, I am not interested in such younger ladies. I would feel like living with my daughter in many ways.

Love has a chance with people in the same age range.
Have a good day.



Before reading this post, I must admit that I did not have any idea that Slavic women were such hopeless romantics. I find that very comforting on a personal level as their view on love meshes perfectly with my own. This hopeless romantic from America hopes to find a wonderful and compatible woman here to cherish forever. Thank you, Elena, for starting this wonderful website!


Thank you for this information. I find it refreshing.

Bjørnar Flostrand

I think that russian and ukrainian woman like to have a stable and strong family in their relationchip. I also like their femine sides. They are also very romantic woman, who cares for their husband. I think this is the main thing for love.


What an interesting article! I learned so much from so little. I have read Elena’s e-book but this article seems to say a few things that the book implies, this is awesome! Love It!


I`m quite agree with Elena. Love for a woman is life, if there is love, there is a wish to be beautiful and kind, to make happy her darling. For me love, it is when I am loved and to me it is good with this person. I may be not like all others, but it is more important for me.


I love those Russian proverbs about love! The only thing is they don’t really make any sense if you apply them to any other culture so it will definitely take some time to explain the actual meaning! However I do agree that they show how romantic and even kind of desperate Slavic women are =)

I totally agree with the proverb saying that the paradise with your lover can be even in a tent. It is a real truth. When I met my husband, I became totally different. May be at the beginning I thought about something like being rich, wearing expensive clothes, shoes, having good house, good car, being respected… But I can say time passes… I change. And now I am happy just because my husband is healthy, because he loves me and I love him. Other things are additional but they are not the most important. And I think all the women… Read more »

Love is when you love and you are loved.For whom do not ask, all repeat over and over again that main in life is family and children. I, certainly, agree. But, I prefer to have fun while young. After the married life you will have a husband and children, once it will be you.


In Germany, the saying about food/stomach is used more generally, but the same meaning… “Liebe geht durch den Magen” (Love goes through the stomach”, exactly as you wrote, hehe)


Thanks, such a short and truthful post! It’s difficult to accept, and some Russian girls will certainly reject this view on love. But deep inside every Russian woman, without an exception, waits for “love out of blue”, which would confirm these proverbs. It’s what we all dream about!