love-is-in-the-airIt’s springtime, and love is in the air, so to speak! I was away for a short vacation, and we had received a few more love stories from our members during these weeks.

Gulnara and Marnie got married in Australia in January 2015, and Jerad and Ekaterina (left) had their wedding in the USA in November 2014. We are always happy to read success stories of our clients, and extremely grateful to the couples who find time to write and share their happiness with us. Romances can start overnight, but families and marriages take time and mutual effort, and it’s great to see lovely people who are happy together.

“I never believed in online dating sites”, confessed Gulnara. It took 3-day pleading by her sister for Gulnara to register on Elenas Models, and she never looked back.


Gulnara and Marnie (Australia)

“It is indeed the resource that erases distances and boundaries, and allows to create your own corner of a family paradise. It is indeed the resource that is there to assist 24 hours a day at any point of the world, and find your special someone with whom you would want to spend the rest of your life!” she said in her letter to EM after her wedding in January 2014.

The thrill of finding a partner in another country and discovering a whole new world adds to the excitement of meeting someone special who loves you with all his or her heart. International dating is like travel, it broadens our horizons, and helps the world to connect into one friendly whole, where politics and differences take a backseat.

If you want to make your world larger, dating someone from another country is a great way to experience the wealth of emotions and cultures different to yours. And if you are lucky, it may be a beginning of something beautiful and exhilarating, and as for many our members, the most treasured connection of one’s life!

To all genuine love seekers out there, we wish you good luck. And remember that happiness is a cruise, not the final port! Enjoy the ride.


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Well, it’s so cute. It so nice that somewhere on the another part of the Earth your person just looking for you. Of course there is some language problem. Usually it is difficult to understand another person, who has another mother tongue. But the language of love has not been canceled anyway!


These are actually beatiful stories of beautiful people! Let them all be happy together for all their lives!


I’m always happy to read about successful love stories on Internet. There are still many people who don’t believe in online dating. And they are wrong, I think. On dating sites there are even more chances to find a true person than in real life. Online dating is a possibility to meet someone from a distant country, ant it’s very exciting.


Since not long ago the world has started changing, and among traditional ways of meeting someone like going to cafes or discos appeared online dating which gives us much more chances. And a lot of successful strories proves that it works. More over dating with people from other countries we have good opportunities for widening our knowledge about the world, other places and even about our own countries. If you invite a friend to visit, you should be able to show your countries from best sides.


I’m very glad that nowadays love finally doesn’t have any boundaries!!! It’s such a great opportunity to meet someone who can completely change your life, your heart and your world! Even though it could be different culture, traditions, lifestyle don’t be afraid to try it and to live it because there would be a great experience. Cheers for international LOVE!!


Yeah … On this cruise of your life it is not always easy to decide. But from another point of view, why not learn the culture of other countries, the mentality of people. Yet, the human heart will go where God created his mate. In addition, in spring it is always waiting for a fairy tale with a happy end). We must try and be main heros of our fairy life!


Many girls and women are simply wasting their time while sitting and charting with their friends from past. Sometimes they even don’t realize that their happiness is so near and is so far at the same time! New meetings can be not only very interesting and instructive, one of them can become your destiny – your love!


I love such stories with happy end… I remembered a story about my friend who loved one woman. So he always followed her everywhere she go and when he understood, how dear for his heart she was… He told her to marry him! And now there are happy together. I am so proud of them!