List of PPL sites. Here is the list of PPL sites that blocks users from. If a woman has a profile on these websites, she cannot join Elena’s Models.

The reason for that is simple. Agents of PPL websites are known to employ impersonators to chat and write under women’s identities. Such ads are abundant on Ukrainian employment portals at present time, which shows that the problem still exists.

Unquestionably, such conduct where another person operates a profile and pretends to be someone else, while the paying customer believes he is talking to the girl from photos, can be qualified as deceptive. Some people use stronger expressions such as scam or fraud. While we are not stating that 100% of profiles on PPL websites are used in fake correspondence, the continuous problems with ladies who used to be involved with pay per letter companies created the need for us to put barriers on entry for members of paid communication schemes.

The problem with “pay per letter” sites

Unfortunately, “pay per letter” sites are known to display photos and details even when the girl is no longer active, meaning some impersonators write, chat and entertain men without the knowledge of the woman in the photos.

We had cases like this previously, where the lady claimed she was not using the profile herself and was unable to remove it, and it’s hard or sometimes impossible for a woman to ensure her data is no longer used by the PPL company. Occasionally, a lady’s profile may disappear from one website and pop up on another one, uploaded by the same agent, who has copies of her documents and photos. PPL agents are also known to sell and re-sell girls’ profiles. Such ads can be also found online.

There is another issue with PPL sites that is only started to develop recently.

  • When women apply for a fiancée (partner) visa, there is a growing trend that their applications are rejected, because the immigration officials in USA, Australia, UK are now checking dating sites to see if they are still active online.
  • If a lady’s profile is still showing as active, officials may conclude that it is not a genuine relationship and reject the visa application.

This is why Elena’s Models designed a strict policy that applications of ladies whose listings are found on “pay per letter” websites cannot be approved on EM.

Marriage agency jobs on

Jobs in marriage agencies: Current vacancies on employment portal, 251 vacancies for the last 30 days. Search performed on 26 July 2017. (Click to enlarge) You can access this list by making a search on by keywords “брачное агентство” and then post the URL of the results page into (Russian to English translation). Pages will be translated via Google online translation tool.

List of PPL sites, members of which cannot be approved for membership on EM

  • Anastasia
  • Anastasiadate
  • Veronika
  • uadreams
  • charmdate
  • veronikalove
  • romancecompass
  • godatenow
  • dream-marriage

Also these sites below appear to be the same company “NatashaClub” and use one database of women:

  • natashaclub
  • 1st-international
  • russian-women-personals
  • online-dating-Ukraine
  • allianceinter
  • single-baltic-lady
  • russian-brides-club
  • aliceagency
  • russianbridesmatch

Recent online employment ads

The scale of problems with online “dating” sites that charge men for communication is epidemiological. Such ads seeking to hire impersonators for chats and photos are omnipresent in Ukraine. It is this type of ads that often show up on top in the category of freelance jobs in Ukraine.

Below is just a small fraction of ads seeking Ukrainian workers for “pay per letter” websites (translated through Google Translate tool).

  • The company has to be properly registered to place ads on
  • Search performed on 26 and 31 July 2017.

Marriage agency work in Ukraine with experience in Anastasia, NatashaClub, CharmDate, RomanceCompass, Dream Marriage.

Anastasia, chat employment ad on bride in a marriage agency, vacancy on Work. ua.

Anastasia payment for registration on the site.

Work in an international marriage agency: Model to supply photos.

Work in a marriage agency. To create a profile on Jump4Love, Anastasia, CharmDate.

Work marriage agency, Ukraine.

work for marriage agency.

Marriage agency work.

job vacancy in Ukraine for a marriage agency.

Marriage agency job work romancecompass

Interpreter marriage agency vacancy on

Work in a marriage agency, ads.

Ads by the same “verified” advertiser, seeking both “models”, chat operators and English speaking “translators”. Such agents supply large PPL sites with pretty faces and fast typing hands to impersonate these pretty faces.

Marriage agency seeks models and translators.

Vacancy: Chat operator in the marriage agency.

Above you will find just a few examples of current ads on, seeking attractive girls for photos and English speakers to chat to men on dating sites from such profiles. (Click to enlarge)


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Yes it is a shorter list but you should mention [names of sites removed]

All of them are proven to be a waist of time, money and hopes. If you need some evidence, message me.

David Petrie
David Petrie

I have never known a company or business that extolled the virtues of another. It is always, “WE are good, THEY are bad.” This is called marketing. From your writings, can I safely assume that all those other agencies are frauds, and yours is the “shining city on the hill?” What is the difference if we pay per letter, or give you one lump sum? I also find it quite curious that these “all scam, all the time agencies” remain in business, after “10,000 complaints.” I am grateful to you; your article on “scamming” helped me figure out the game… Read more »


Great article. A friend pointed me to your site a few years ago, after me wasting tons of money. These PPL site are every dangerous to the men, and their bank accounts. I got burned after visiting Kyiv, and doing one of these “dates”. Towards the time of my visit, I sensed something different and wrong. Plus, I had checked the girl out, but obvious not well enough. I went on the date, took pictures of her and the “translator”. I knew people in Kyiv from my work, so I had 2 of them accompany me, but staying in the… Read more »


Dear men. Just one question to you who used these PPL-sites and were in some way scammed. Why you paid MONEY SEEKING FOR LOVE/WIFE/RELATIONS and how far it is different from buying prostitute on your opinion? I understand that you are victims, but please tell your motives for paying money (as there are many ways to meet Ukrainian woman for relations and marriage free of charge)?
Maybe high demand from men for such sites is one of the reasons that this industry is so blooming in Ukraine?


Olga, Your question is ridiculous and disgusting. Those websites are not prostitute websites they specifically advise they are sites to date and find women to be a long term of life partner. Question for you : are you completely incapable of separating fact from your twisted reality. Most online dating sites charge a fee to communicate – even Tinder, E harmony the simple difference is the women are not paid by horrible scamming Ukraine agencies who are abusing the market place by simply lying – Purposefully making the whole website from the start a fraud. It seems you are brain… Read more »


Elena, thank you for providing a pulse on PPL sites and what they are. I am brand new to online dating – never used it at all. Decided to give it a try, unfortunately, in the wrong place. Fell victim for 3 weeks to this PPL nonsense, and although I like to think it’s due to my lack of understanding with online dating, I feel like my intelligence left me for 3 weeks too long. I did ask forceful and targeted questions when I noticed trends, highly unrealistic behaviour and cultural cues that were absent (I am originally from this… Read more »


Hi, Elena. I got a question for you regarding this post. How does EM know if a potential new applicant has had a profile on a PPL site? By the way: I was on a couple of those sites and saw a lot of the same “ladies” on both sites. Thank you, again.


Privet Elena, loved reading this blog, really backs up what I already new at a costly lesson Recently my details were taken from EM and added to another site called [URL]. I know the lady that did this as we communicated via private email after exchanging few Msgs, based in St Petersburg as most of the letters I received are from that area, have you come across this site/company? Feel it could be part of the foreign affair program, anyway thanks for the blog have a beautiful day.


In 2013 I spent a year and $$ communicating with two ladies at [website URL removed]. I was really interested in them and saved my $$ and flew to Ukraine to meet them. Turns out the ladies were real, but it became very clear they didn’t write any on the letters I thought were from them. I also found out that this agency employed the translator scam where the ladies pretend to not know English so you have to pay for an interpreter. One of the ladies confided in me what was going on after I insisted on meting with… Read more »


Missing XYZ name in your list Elena!! [NAME REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS, READ BELOW]
Why? You don’t know about them or you are afraid to bring their name up?!!