Women who speak EnglishWhen seeking a partner internationally, men naturally prefer women who speak good English. This is the reason why there is a special gallery on Elenasmodels.com with listings of English teachers and translators, which is very popular.

However, all Russian and Ukrainian women can speak a foreign language. It’s just their fluency that differs.

How to meet Russian women who speak English

Learning a foreign language is a compulsory part of the school curriculum in Russia and Ukraine.

  • By the time a woman graduates from the high school, she would have learned it for at least 6 years.
  • If she went to continue her studies in a college or university, she had completed another 3 years of studies. At the end of the course at school and college students have to pass an exam.
  • If a woman has a degree, then she has completed 9 years of language studies.

Thus, all ladies from Russia or Ukraine know English or another language (German, French, or Spanish) in addition to their native tongue. But just as your knowledge of school math may be a bit rusty, the lack of practice may affect their fluency.

However, usually when a woman moves to an English-speaking country, she is able to pick up phrases quickly. Most ladies start conversing with a decent fluency within 6-12 months. Courses of English as a second language, which are free in many countries for new immigrants, assist a lot.

Should I limit my search by women who can speak English well?

10 years ago it would be probably wise. But now there are so many options available, including real-time synchronic translation via apps. It became much simpler to understand each other, even if you do not understand Russian.

If you have some specific requirements such as education or interests, life values, it may be much easier to find the right person who would then improve her language skills, than trying to find such a lady with the perfect knowledge of English.

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I suppose now the English language is becoming more and more popular in Russia and Ukraine to study, many women study English at different courses or individually. It is not a problem at all. Some years ago the situation was different.


It is a fact that Russian women abroad learn quickly the language of the country. The Europeans are often stunned with what they call “the aptness for languages”, but in fact they don’t understand that such an “aptness” means working hard and have a strong will, qualities which are not current in European women (and men) who rarely speak well another language than their own.


And why men don’t think about studying Russian or Ukrainian? We will learn any language of course, but why men don’t want to do the same?


Language and understanding each other is so important, i really don’t understand the purpose of live translating apps in *romantic* relationships. It’s not guruanteed to be correct and it doesn’t voice emotions. In general though, i think the best option is to try and learn your partner’s language. Thus, you will learn a whole different language, which is so cool but also you will better understand your partner and they will appreciate you more for your efforts. English is imortant too, yes, but it’s not that intimate