women-relocateInternational dating became a regular event these days: not only women from Russia and Ukraine are looking for partners abroad but also ladies from New Zealand meet Americans and relocate to the U.S., UK girls date Australians and settle in Sydney or Melbourne. Europe is so fluid today that nations mix constantly.

Elenas Models has been at the forefront of global dating since 1999, and we have seen thousands of people fall in love and move internationally. With our 2014 major software update, we have included the question about relocation in women’s profiles, making it easier for both males and females, “Are you ready to relocate?” The answer is displayed in their personal profiles.

There is also a question about travel availability: arranging a face-to-face encounter doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can see in ladies’ questionnaires whether she is open to travelling overseas or would prefer to invite you to her own country or city. Most women are open to travelling for the first meeting with a man.

Younger girls, who haven’t had much travel experience and haven’t been abroad on their own, may hesitate to travel outside the country, however, even in this case you can arrange your meeting in a large city in her country that has direct flights from foreign destinations. Please remember that Europeans and Americans don’t need a visa to visit Ukraine but a visitor’s visa required to enter Russia.

In general, women come to our site specifically seeking a partner abroad and prepared to relocate. It’s still a good idea to chat to the lady herself and ask her about moving countries: how she envisions herself once she relocates, tell her about your daily life and the place where you live. It will bring some reality check to your relationship and make it stronger.

In short, women on international dating sites are much more willing to relocate than ladies seeking a relationship locally.


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Nelson Usoro
Well, I still believe that most of those women are not really in love but looking for greener pasture. I live in United states and I notice that most of those women married by Americans and brought from the former USSR by US men are no longer in that marriage today. They are divorcees now. Every day you find them online with their profile reading ‘divorced’, only the younger ones read ‘never married’ possibly, they were brought by their parents. With all the men in United States, will one convince me they have not seen any? It sounds like they… Read more »
For failures in such marriages, in The West we only ever hear about how the woman took advantage of The Western guy for money or entrance to a new country. Of course, that come from the guy, and we never hear the woman’s side of the story. When I was in University, I went backpacking across Europe, and met a girl in Poland. I was with her for 3 years, and the whole time, all I ever heard from everyone was that she was there for money and entrance into my country of the time. It was so insulting and… Read more »
I think that in 2014 USA is not anymore the american dream of many… Saying that 50% of those women is looking for a greener pasture is like live 20 years ago. Thinking that USA is a greener pasture is simple funny and shows how easy it is to wallow in stereotypes. On the other hand, although divorce is part of life and if two people don’t feel good together anymore, break up is normal, statistics in hand, in the summer of 2014, Belarus, Russia and Sweden were the countries with the highest percentage of divorces. US weren’t not inside… Read more »
It’s interesting how humans beings can be so different in their ideas in this years where despite technologies, tv and transports that get closer every city, some ideas like “married early it’s a must” still lives. My father was born in 1925 and my mother was born in 1943 under the roof we had the clash of three generations, that one of my father where a woman should stay stuck at home without work, without study and possibility speak when allowed, my mother’s generation. daughter of a growing feminism and the emancipation of the woman who would later gives the… Read more »

“if they could find their “big love” at home, they wouldn’t be here.”

I think you give too many things for granted. You can’t generalize about the fact that if girls are here then it’s for one reason only and that all Ukrainian and Russian girls they see in having a family a successful life.
Are extreme, generalizations, at this point also the generalization of Nelson Usoro become true.

Perhaps it’s best to be objective and say “most” of them want that, other desire it, other think they want it.

It is an interesting read and it does make sense. Just in response to some of the replies. I met my ex on a dating website she was smart, funny, and very beautiful. She is from a country that has a reputation for girls just looking for a way out of their country. I never felt that with my ex – we parted ways due to some relationship obstacles we were unable to overcome. I was going to go live with her as she made a heck of a lot more money than me. I never had to spend a… Read more »
Mr. Adam Schwartz

I know of one Russian woman who immigrated to the Indiana town I live in after meeting an American man while she was a visiting professor. She is half his age and they have been married for 13 or so years. They are still very much in love and their marriage has survived a crisis that might have rent many a marriage.


I think it’s a very important question to ask when dating internationally. It’s an incredible thing to leave all that you know, your family, your friends, your career. It’s in incredible sacrifice, but one I think it necessary to have a successful relationship. I think just as important, maybe you could consider it the other side to relocation, is the suitors willingness to visit the person he/she is interested home country. How can you expect someone to give up so much and you not be willing to travel to them as well?

Hope springs eternal. I very much would like to find love aboard. Probably for the similar reasons women look for men here. I find women here to be swallow in that they look as relationships as disposable. I guess you could say I am a nice guy. I get taken advantage of often. I want to find a woman who views marriage as something not to be taken lightly. I have heard woman find men in there country see women there as just conquest. They take for granted that women will always forgive a man for cheating. That is a… Read more »

Relocation is a big thing. If a woman doesn’t have too many ties or if she already has moved cities or at least homes in her life, than it will be easier for her than if she always lived in the same apartment all her life. Maybe it’s worth asking your girlfriend if she moved in her life and what she thinks about moving. Also if a woman can speak the language well, it will help her when she relocates.