lermontov200 years ago, 15 October 1814, the most famous romantic Russian poet, Mikhail Lermontov, was born. His mother died of illness when he was only a toddler, and he was brought up by his grandmother, a high-level Russian aristocrat. His father Yuri Lermontov was a descendant of Scottish officer George Learmonth (thus the surname). Lermontov’s caretaker, grandmother, had a huge feud with Yuri, blaming him for her daughter’s death, and young Lermontov rarely saw his father. The future poet’s father passed away when Mikhail was only 16, which had a strong impact on him.

Having received a great education in the Moscow University among “crème de la crème” of the future Russian literature, Lermontov happened to be too much of a rebel to fit into the noble society. His poems attacked the tsar’s regime, and he was sent to serve as an officer in Caucasus.

It is in his exile that his most romantic poems and prose were written, which are still being studied as a part of curriculum at Russian schools at present. Lermontov also was a great artist and painter, although most people only consider him a poet.

Unfortunately, this amazing author’s life had been abruptly terminated at the age of 26, typically at these times, he was shot at a duel. It is astounding that such a young author could produce such a great imprint on the whole Russian literature till today.

My most memorable verse of Lermontov is this one (from the poem “The Sail”):

A lonely sail is whitening

Among the bluish fog of sea

What is it seeking far abroad?

What has it given up at home?

(Quite appropriate for all of us Russian girls who left our homeland behind.)

Lermontov is one of my favourite poets and this is why I felt compelled to share this with you. Your lady may also appreciate your knowledge! 🙂

Read some quotes and poems by Lermontov at these sites:

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Lermontov is one of my favourite poets. I enjoy reading his poems.


Thank you for the article.


yes, I feel the same about Lermontov and I enjoy reading his poems, they are fantastic! real genius man! i feel pity he died so early and so awful! i adore a type of a man like he was, some mystery in him attracted women of his time !


Love Lermontov

30 Something Dude

I love this guys work, its so accessible but deep


Lermontov — my favorite poet. Lermontov is one of the greatest poets. In my opinion, he is the greatest poet of the Russian and world literature.

Michael Lermontov started drawing and writing the verses at the same time, as his contemporaries testified. By the way, he drew all the short life and created a number of works in various genres: landscapes, battle scenes, portrait miniatures. The first time the poet was banished to the Caucasus for the poem “Death of the Poet”, in which he accused the aristocracy and autocracy of A.S. Pushkin’s death. As for me, Lermontov – too my favourite Russian poet, which some poems I remember from school. Mikhail Yuryevich was young, talented extraordinary and remained such in national memory. As N. Zimenkova… Read more »

I like Lermontov’s poems. I studied them at school and at the University in the course of Russian literature. And it is interesting for me to visit the places where he lived, to see the museums of Lermontov, to read critical articles about his work.