Learning Russian will make you smarterIt is a long-established fact that people who study foreign languages retain mental clarity and memory into an advanced age. Scientists had proven that learning languages helps to keep your mind sharp and improves mental health.

Learning Russian, Ukrainian, or another foreign language will make you smarter

When we strive to stay in good shape, we run in the mornings, go to gym, and exercise. The same is with our brains. If we want to be smarter and have a clear mind, we have to train the brain. One way to do it is by learning languages.

Some people are able to speak several foreign dialects. Polyglots note that studying each new language was easier than the previous one. It’s because their brains developed the high speed of information coding, so that the new knowledge was processed faster.

The research

Yury Shtyrov from Higher School of Economics in Russia together with Finnish scientists conducted a research to check how foreign lessons affect our brain’s elasticity and ability to process information.

Learning Russian will make you smarter

If you want to become smarter, train your brains by studying new languages.

They invited 22 students to participate in an experiment. The researchers placed special electrodes on their heads and asked the students to listen to a recording with sequences of different words from their native and foreign languages.

The electrodes allowed the scientists to measure the level of electrical activity of the brain when perceiving the information. A special focus was made on the brain’s ability to change its activity when listening to unknown words, Science Daily reports.

After the experiment, the researchers compared the data received with students’ linguistic achievements: How many languages the person knew, at what age he started learning it, etc.

It turned out that the ability to analyze the information at rapid rates depends on the number of foreign languages the person knows. The more linguistic experience a student had, the quicker he could learn the new information.

Thus, if you want to become smarter, why not start learning Russian, for example? It differs a lot from English, Italian, or Spanish, so the brain training will be more intense.

Besides, it will be one more opportunity to show your Russian girlfriend that you are devoted and have serious intentions.


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I’ve heard that Russian language is amongst the hardiest to learn. It stands between Chinese, Japanizes and others. Of course, if you’re able to learn such a tough language, your brain works hard. In Europe people usually know 2 or 3 languages, in CIS – one or two. We have to think about it and choose wisely. By the way, other languages always give you a possibility to work as an interpreter.


Of course, Russian is a very difficult language to learn. And even the native speakers make a lot of mistakes and there are so many difficult aspects and so many new intteresting things to study in every language. It is useful for your brains to study any foreign language.


Russian is one of the hardest languages in the world. I think it is rather harder than English, French or Spanish. Russian has not only hard and complicated rules, but also a big variety of words with different emotional implication. As well, learning any language makes you smarter, so why don’t you choose Russian? It is great and beautiful language.


This will give me another reason to relearn my Spanish and my German, and pick up maybe a couple other languages.


Learning any language will make you smarter. However, learning Russian will make you surely smarter in dating with Russian girls;) To be serious, I really think if you want to have serious relations with a person, at least try to learn her/his language. It will help you a lot in understanding each other.