A Kazakh Girl: What is She Like?Guest author: Inkar Omarbekova (Kazakhstan)

Girls from Kazakhstan differ from other women living in post-Soviet countries. What modern Kazakh girls are like?

A Modern Girl from Kazakhstan

Most Kazakh girls speak Russian if the interlocutor does not know Kazakh. The majority of girls have a good command of English, as well as Chinese, German and French.

Ladies from Kazakhstan, especially residents of Almaty (the former capital of Kazakhstan) take care of themselves, visit beauty salons regularly, and like to dress beautifully and stylishly.

Kazakh girls are rather reserved and do now show their emotions. They are patient with other people. When meeting a stranger for the first time, a Kazakh girl keeps her distance and communicates in a formal manner. Of course, many women have a fine sense of humour and if the lady trusts you, she becomes more open.

You can hardly meet a local girl who does not like beshbarmak (or Beşbarmaq — a national Kazakh dish). Girls like meat dishes. Their most favourite hot drink is a thick tea with milk.

An Average Girl from Kazakhstan

Kazakh girls take care of themselves, enjoy visiting beauty salons and like to dress beautifully and stylishly.

National Kazakh yurt.

National Kazakh yurt.

Physical exercise and fitness became popular in today’s Kazakhstan. For example, some girls enjoy running in the morning, go to gym. Dance classes and yoga are also in demand. Women go hiking and biking in the spring and summer. In winter almost everybody goes ice skating or skiing.

Kazakh girls love to travel 1-2 times a year, depending on their financial situation. They respect native Kazakh traditions and take interest in the culture of other nations. They often visit their relatives and have pleasure in taking part in family events. They enjoy socializing with friends in cafés a couple of times a week. Young women often go to movies on weekends or after work during the week.

Females from Kazakhstan are educated and usually at least have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Some even have several degrees from local or foreign universities. Parents in Kazakhstan consider themselves obligated to provide for the future of their children.

An Average Girl from Kazakhstan

Ladies from Kazakhstan are patient with other people.

An Average Girl from Kazakhstan

Females from Kazakhstan are educated and at least have a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

What is More Important: Career or Family?

All the Kazakh girls hear from the early childhood that the most important thing for a woman is to create a family and become a mother. Therefore, they are taught to cook well and take care of kids.

Many girls get married after graduating from the university or even during their studies. However, there are some girls that want to find a job and gain some work experience before they get married.

Kazakh national traditions dictate that a woman should be a mother in the first place: her main purpose is to give birth to children and to raise them. Besides, she ought to support her husband and to keep peace in the family.

And what can be more important than a family? The Kazakh society believes that family is the most valuable thing. It is a kind of a microcosm that guarantees a person’s well-being and stability.

Respect for parents and older people is a distinctive feature of Kazakh beauties. Unmarried girls always have people that support her: her father or brothers, other male relatives.

According to the rules, a husband is responsible for his wife. A Kazakh girl believes that a man is the head of the family.

Many a Kazakh girl is open about the nationality of their her future spouse. What is important is that she must feel that she can rely on him. This is the thing that really matters.

Kazakh women instinctively seek to create a strong marriage. They prefer responsible and strong men, who are able to provide for their families.

But Kazakh girls are not weaker than men. They are hardworking and responsible, decent and smart, and, of course, they easily attract attention by their beauty and charm, by their deep inner world.

Inkar Omarbekova

Inkar Omarbekova is an example of a modern Kazakh woman.

Kazakh girl

Modern young women from Kazakhstan usually travel 1-2 times a year.

Kazakstan women.

Kazakh girls pick destinations depending on their financial position in life.

Photos: Inkar Omarbekova



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What’s the name of that place on the bottom right hand corner of the last picture, below the picture of the Eiffel Tower? The one with lots of street lamps. Is it in Russia? I’d love to visit!


Tony, it seems to be is the national museum of Catalan visual art in Barcelona, Spain )))


Yes, it’s in Barcelona 🙂


I worked for a year on an engineering project in Almaty. The girls there are, for the most part, gorgeous and slim. However, they are very reserved and even standoffish especially when it comes to foreign men. They still seem to have that older Soviet mentality which they are slowly losing. I would imagine that they would make great girlfriends and even wives if you could get to know them.

I was on Astana on last September the ppl are so friendly, the most beautiful womens I have seen is there. I been in more than 25 country’s The city it looks sad, there is no fun at all everything close at 10pm max 11pm. Girls I think are afraid to meet man’s, they are smart but they are boring , I don’t blame them . But evrybody is so lovely and not fake at all. I love kazakh ppl,I made friends so fast, to bad that I can’t speak Russian 🙁 and this summer i will go to Almaty.… Read more »