How jobs in Ukraine are scored by employeesUkraine’s employment portal asked its subscribers which factors they consider when choosing jobs. Ukrainians are looking for well-paid vacancies in the first place, the survey shows.

How jobs in Ukraine are scored by employees

The top 7 things that matter the most for job seekers from Ukraine:

  1. 60% of view the salary (wages) as the main factor of making a decision about a new position.
  2. 19,2% of people think that career growth opportunities are highly important.
  3. 6.7% of employees value flexible working hours.
  4. 4.6% of the website users would like to have good relationships with co-workers.
  5. 4.2% of people value benefits of being able to work from home.
  6. 3,3% of the users consider distance from home as a vital factor.
  7. 2% of respondents also give consideration to a potential employee-boss connection. In other words, whether they like their future boss or not.

Surprisingly enough, liking one’s job is not even on the list of things Ukraine’s women and men consider when choosing a future vocation. Potentially, locals would do just about anything if they could get decent remuneration that pays the bills, it seems. The significance of other factors is way below.

Although scientists say that people who hate their jobs become unhealthy and even may develop symptoms of mental disorders. But let’s not forget that the minimum monthly wage in the country is only about USD $50 at the moment, and people earn only about $200-300 a month on average through full-time employment.

The survey was conducted from 2 to 7 July 2016. 240 people took part in the research.

How Ukrainians choose jobs: Wages are the most important factor.

For the majority of Ukrainians the level of remuneration matters the most. Other factors appear to be much less significant for locals.


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Elena, I do not know who blogs for you. But what I have to say here is that the person is short of contemporary economics implications. I read your previous article on economics situation in Russia. Your blogger does not understand that the dollar earnings is not very important but the cost of living in a country plays a vital role in deciding the cost of labor and standard. of living.. The Russian article made me angry because the blogger portrayed my own Russia as a poor country whereas that is false. People may earn $600 in Russia but live… Read more »

The difference between Adilia’s views and yours is that she actually lives in Russia, while you don’t 😉
There are some major flaws in your calculations of relative income and expenses. And by the way, no one in Russia would ever attempt to evaluate what happens in the country judging by the life of someone living in Moscow who earns $1000/month.

Harley S
Nelson is saying that in the USA the cost of living is so much higher than that in Russian- even you have commented that it is hard for Russian or Ukrainians women to understand why it cost so much more, when the average makes $600 a month and does more on that income than one does in the USA. In fact you comment that in Russian if the income was $3000, they would make it go farther with $600, and wonder where the other $2400 to spend. Must keep in mind that housing is given to both the Russian and… Read more »
Harley S., It’s true that people can buy slightly more (50% lower cost of living is about right) in Russia or Ukraine, for the same amount of USD. However, the quality of life is significantly lower, too: The size of apartments, the quality of cars people use, the food they buy, the roads, medical services, etc. So, to compare fairly, multiply the income of a person by 2 for Russia and by 4 for Ukraine (Ukrainian salaries are about 1/2 of Russian wages). How well a person can live on such amounts in your country? Besides, governments no longer provide… Read more »

According to the prices in Ukraine today, citizens choose jobs according to the salaries, is it good? I think every person should choose the activity which he or she loves. It should be perspective and interesting. Nevertheless, so much people prefer money. It is not their fault, as people need money for the life!


In my opinion though the number of respondents is only 240 the survey result seems to reflect the general situation in Ukraine. Salaries level is the main thing for under-paid people.


It’s hard to compare standards of living in contemporary world situation. Everyday arising political and economic kinds of crisis leave misprints, even on choosing job and career. Comparing with Russia the picture is different. Career opportunities are on the first place unambiguously!