Creating a career from hobbies makes you happierThe more time you devote to your career, the greater effect it has on your mental and physical health. If you want to feel happier, being satisfied with your job is paramount, scientists say. It’s important to be satisfied with your chosen career in your late 20s and 30s, to feel happy when you are 40+.

One of the best ways to do it is to choose a career in line with your interests and hobbies.

Can you be happy with life without liking your job?

American scientists from the Ohio State University published results of a long-term research, which demonstrate that job satisfaction levels are linked to mental health.

The study began in 1975 when participants were 14-22 years old. When they reached ages 25-39, they were asked to evaluate their career satisfaction on a scale from 1 to 4 (1 “dislike very much”, 4 “like very much”).

  • 45% of participants were always dissatisfied with their responsibilities.
  • 23% of people liked their work at the beginning but in the course of time became disappointed with it.
  • 15% of respondents loved their work throughout the whole career.
  • 17% started to like their responsibilities as they progressed in the chosen profession.

The participants of the experiment were divided into 4 groups, according to their job satisfaction trajectories.

How job satisfaction influences mental health

When people were in their 40s, scientists have conducted a diagnosis of their mental health.

It turned out that people who have never liked their jobs had symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression. In addition, some of them had emotional problems, Science Daily reports.

Those people who lost their satisfaction with work in early years were more prone to mental problems than the participants who loved their jobs during the whole career. Yet they didn’t have symptoms of depression and psychological disorders.

Those who started to like their profession during the first years of their careers showed no mental problems later in life.

Is it possible to be happy with life without being satisfied with job?

If you like fitness, why not make a career out of it?

The researchers note that people’s dissatisfaction with their jobs in the early years starts showing up after the age of 40.

It also affects their physical condition but not as dramatically as with the mental health, according to Hui Zheng, the head of the study. Those who were dissatisfied with their vocations reported such problems as back pain, frequent colds and flus.

Besides, emotional disorders can trigger certain illnesses such as heart problems later in life.

Doing what you love keeps you happy and healthy

So, if you want to be happy and healthy, try to find a career path which allows you to do what you love. Or make your hobby a career.

Scientists from Switzerland give another tip to increase life satisfaction. While striving for great heights in your job, don’t forget about your family and personal interests. The researchers  found out that people who do not sacrifice their family for success are more satisfied with their lives and careers. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt their income level. Those who are fully immersed in their careers at the demise of their family have a similar level of income as those who balance their lives better.

So, what’s the point?


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True! I was basically the fan of writing things like essays in school before I became a journalist. I really thought I had talent and, turns out I do! Now i just enjoy my life, meeting new people and just doing everything I was dreaming about when I was a kid!


The life makes its own rules! I have always been crazy about art, and also, I finished a kid art school. But even being a teenager I realized that artists were not demanded in the modern world and I had to find a more profitable sphere for my future job!


I’m happy to spend my time doing housework and taking care of my family. After three years of work that I hated I realised that it’s important to love what you do, otherwise you’ll have enormous health problems. I envy those who are lucky to find a favorite work.


It is my dream! To sit at home, meet my pupils, sell different cosmetics, work in the Internet writing something. I would sleep as long as I want, spend more time with my family doing evrything I like. It is so easy and so wonderful! A very nice article.


Anyway the job which you like will make you a happy person! In my opinion, it is better to get money from activity that you are crazy about. If you have a job that you hate, even if you have a good salary, it won’t give you happiness and harmony. Choose the job that you deserve!


The most important thing is to love what you do. If you aren’t enjoying your job or whatever you do for a living, that means you are just wasting your time.Good idea is to try new different things, but in the end you will have to pick something you really like. Making a career from your hobby is a great way to avoid dissatisfaction in life.


I have always wanted to become a writer. I remember writing poetry and essays; I was the best at school. I will never understand math, but I have something with literature and languages. The magic of words, its beauty… I wish I was talented to write good enough. People say that it`s great, but I will never trust them.


Really favorite job can make a person happy! I like my work very much and doesn’t matter how many time I am spending on it I never feel tiredness. Doing something with love always creates positive emotions and makes people to be happy. However it is very important to make correct choice of specialty!


It’s awful when people hate their work. I didn’t like my previous job. It’s was hard. I was unhappy all the time. I often thought, “When this day is going to end?” I changed jobs. I feel happier. Sometimes I forget about money becase I am interested in my work.


It`s cool if your work is your hobby at the same time! When I was young I wanted to be a singer. But now I am 29 and I am a teacher at school. But I like my profession very much because I love children. And I sing different songs at the school concerts. I think I found my career path and I am a happy person.