january-relationshipsChristmas is behind us, with all the cheer and presents. We have entered the new year. You may not know it, but January is definitely the best time of the year to start a new relationship.

Why? There is a belief in Slavic, Russian, and Ukrainian culture that something nice and wonderful is going to start happening in January. There is this expectation of magic and excitement about New Year wishes to come true.

People in Russia and Ukraine believe in making a wish as the clock tower strikes 12 times at the midnight on the New Year’s Eve, and this wish is supposed to come true in the coming 12 months. And, of course, single women wish for a relationship, a boyfriend or a husband! 🙂

This is why starting a relationship in January has some special meaning. Girls are happy to leave behind disappointments and problems, and begin a “new life”. Every single person is wishing for love and romance.

january-relationships-1The second reason is that the holiday season in Russia and Ukraine only starts with New Year celebrations!

Orthodox Christmas is 7 January, so there is still joyful holiday spirit in the beginning of the year.

The third reason to start a relationship in January is that 2 lovely romantic holidays are closely ahead: St Valentine’s Day on 14 February and Women’s Day on 8 March.

St Valentine is the universal Day of Love, and doesn’t require explanations. The International Women’s Day (8 March) is widely celebrated in Russia and Ukraine, being a public holiday. It is the day of recognizing women, a lot like Mother’s Day in the western world, but this holiday is for all females, including young girls.

Special occasions always open opportunities for unique greetings and celebrations. You can even start your very own romantic tradition in your new relationship of what you do on these days.

So, if you were fence-sitting, and thinking you’d join when you are ready — now is the time! Upgrade your membership to Platinum, Gold, or Ultimate, and start making your dreams come true!


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Satoshi Hoshino

How can I contact to old member like she hasn’t log in over 90 days? I often find really good girls who hasn’t log in so long time.


Its a great time for both parties to throw away the old and start out fresh on a new relationship.


Well at least I decided to move on and join around the right time, Even for genuine men, after being with “the one” who wasn’t, we have to eventually, like Elena mentioned “leave behind disappointments and problems, and begin a new life”. May 2015 bring everyone good luck!

Satoshi Hoshino

Thank you for your answer, I have one my favorite old member who is 37 years old lady. I guess there are still chance to approach to her maybe. I’m gold member now, which has left more 2 and half month. Do I need to buy more monthly member fee if I want to upgrade my member ship? Or you can upgrade me by just extra fee?

Teddy Howe
I agree if you are trying to find love with a Ukrainian or Russian Woman January is a great time to find love. I was talking with this lady over New Years and she mentioned making a wish. I would have to agree that there is a good chance she was wishing to find love and happiness for the New Year. They want to leave behind problems and focus on the New Year. Trust me Ukraine has had some problems this past year. With 3 huge holidays in Ukraine and Russia coming up in the next three months, the beginning… Read more »
Greg Bacon

Wonderful article, I have noticed that many desire change in January, the applications for new employment go out, as well as the desire for new love. It is the beginning of the new year and our hearts are open to new things, diet, exercise, employment and most of all LOVE! Every heart yearns for new joy and with the new year, holidays coming and hearts ready this may be a wonderful year for many waiting hearts. Thank you for a great insight into this new year!

“Girls are happy to leave behind disappointments and problems, and begin a “new life”.” Great quote however that doesn’t apply to just girls. Some of us guys are the same way. My new beginning began after a bad 2014, both professionally and personally. I lost what I thought was the ‘love of my life’ however I realized her love was that of many, if not most, American woman, appearance, wealth, status, etc. I lead a comfortable life however realize that I can’t and won’t be able to give these women what they want… beach houses, lake houses, multiple boats, fancy… Read more »
James Reed
I liked the article. All of your articles seem well defined and thought out. Its always very insightful to know what it takes to have insight into the cultural midst of the women one is seeking to attract. Given the differences of distance, culture or age, it always helps to know. January is a nice time to meet, and then when its warm, solidify the relationship. But truly, any time of the year is an amazing time for meeting a soulmate. I am looking forward to valentines if i meet someone special. i look forward to meeting that person, and… Read more »

This is a wonderful post because it celebrates the birth of Christ with the notion of renewal and giving of yourself. New Year’s is a time for new beginnings. As Elena notes, this might include forgetting sad memories of failed relationships and looking forward to finding your special life partner. When you find someone special, it is greatest gift of all.


I can agree that January is a great time to meet women and begin relationships. I have had several relationships with women that I met during the month. It’s a great time because the holidays have just passed, and everyone is still usually in a fun and festive mood.


It would certainly seem to be a time when everyone seems to start thinking about beginning the new year in the quest for a new relationship. I have recently have responses and replies from EOI’s that I sent to ladies several months ago. Which whilst came as something of a pleasant surprise only goes to show you should never give up and you just never know when love might come knocking at the door!


January is a wonderful time. It is a new beginning for so many things. Finding true happiness is always my first thought of each new year.


Interesting article. I didn’t know about the holiday on January 7. Might as well start the New Year off right by finding a great relationship….


A fresh start for a New Year. I can agree that it is a great time to find new love. Also, thank you for the reminder about International Women’s Day on March 8. Although not well known in the USA, this is a very important day for women from Russia and Ukraine. Do not forget this day guys 🙂


Oh! I really believe in this omen. I don’t actually know why. Perhaps, that’s because winter is such a fascinating season, especially in Russia. Everything is covered with white blinding snow sparkling brightly in the sun. Nature looks glorious! No wonder if people dream about some changes for the better and believe in miracles.


I truly believe that January is the month of magic, the time when every miracle is possible. It is the time to start everything from the beginning, to hope for a better new life. And my love story proves it as I married in January. It happened 10 years ago. And my husband and I are still happy together as we were when we met. And I think even more! We have two pretty children. We have a lot of plans and great future ahead!


when I read article heading, I became interested in it. It is very interesting view of things. really, after good and remarkable New Year’s holidays there won’tl be something bad, besides ahead still St. Valentine’s Day and a lot of other wonderful days which you will spend with your love.

I want to share my own story 🙂 I met my on the internet, in a week we decide to meet in real life. It was the very end of December. In the very beginning of January we began dating. It was like a New Year fairy-tale! I couldn’t believe my happiness, so romantic it was. We had ehough time to spend together, actually we spent together days and nights, so we do now 🙂 Before it happend with me, I thougt that it is a bad idea to communicate with boys on the internet and I was not interested… Read more »