iphone7-promotionThere will be more Ukrainians with weird surnames soon. A local retailer gives away brand new iPhone 7 to people who are brave enough to officially change their names to Sim Iphone.

Want a free iPhone 7? Change your name

The website of the Ukrainian retailer Allo.ua outlines the steps users need to undertake to become lucky owners of the newest offer by Apple. They simply need to officially change their identities to be called “Sim iPhone” (Сім Айфон), get a new passport and take a picture with it.

The photo should show both the picture and new credentials in the ID as well as the face of the candidate. Once the photo is sent to the specified email address along with the owner’s contact information, Mr. or Ms. Iphone will receive a phone call from the company. They will be required to come to one of the outlets to confirm the authenticity of the passport.

However, only the first 5 people will get the coveted gadget.

The promotion officially opened on 17 October and will continue until such time that all prizes are distributed to the rightful owners. Apparently, the company monitors the queue of hopefuls by the time stamp on their messages. The winners will be announced on the company’s website.

Apple iphone7

Is Apple’s new phone a compelling enough reward for Ukraine’s women to update their passports?

Changing names for a cause

Updating ID’s for a good (or not so good) cause is quite popular in Ukraine. Just think back of the last parliamentary elections, which saw dozens of Darth Vaders and Chewbacca competing for the positions of lawmakers.

It’s no doubt that Allo’s promotion set to become a huge success. Just wondering, how many Ukrainian women and men will actually jump on the opportunity to be called Mr. or Ms. Iphone? The price of the latest model phone is beyond affordable for the majority of locals, who earn only around $200-300 a month.

Users are allowed to keep their middle names. Just the first name and surname need updating to meet the requirements of the promotion.

Change name to Sim Iphone.

Ukrainian retailer Allo offers users to get latest gadgets from Apple in exchange to officially changing their names. Photo: Allo.ua.


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“Sim iPhone” – are you nuts? Who the hell in clear mind will change a name, something, that you parents gave to you for JUST a phone??? No, such information really makes me mad. No way! It can be just an idiot. And what the surname will have his kids?


This world is getting crazy from day to day…. What will be later? Parents will call their children as the brands or trademarks??? stop the planet – I gonna get out.


Let’s imagine the future society – Mr. Samsung, Mrs. Lenovo or even Ms. Nokia! If we accept this notion, what’s next? Giving free cars for a tattoo with the logotype on the forehead? Hey! It’s just a telephone which is invented to receive calls and messages!


Anybody that does this needs a psychiatric examination. Just like the idiots in Hollywood.


I don’t beilieve that our society little by little gets mad! It’s disrespecting yourself and parents. The best and famous Iphone is not worth of it. I think it’s HUMILATING, AWFUL AND EVEN FUNNY! What’s the next? Maybe, naming own children like world corporations?!


It will be better to find money for the new iPhone, than change your name. Why people do it? I think it is never a good idea. I find it even humiliating! Although, because there is the opportunity to change the name back, a lot of people are ready to do it!


A very idiotic idea! Perhaps, it is ok for some young people who think that expensive cars and phones can make other people believe that they are cool ang get a great success, so, I can not understand such ways for getting differrent free things.


When I first heard about the campaign I thought it was fake. What’s wrong with these people? Are there zombies around us already? Considering the trend I dread to think what people will be ready to do for the next iphones.