international-dating-scams-1People who try to take advantage of others existed in all times and industries. Internet is no different, and online sites and companies spend gigantic efforts to ensure they protect their customers from fraud.

Gold diggers and dating adventurists, known since the times of our forefathers, also moved online to greener pastures. Now they can meet thousands of people instead of being limited to the ones they meet face to face. Together with software developers of online dating scripts, the attack on wallets of love-sick love seekers becomes increasingly sophisticated.

International dating scams

In international dating, often problems arise when you pay for each letter sent and received, as it’s prone to exploitation. Luckily, on Elenas Models, there is no pay-per-letter. Emails with all your contacts are unlimited and free of charge. You are not paying women to talk to you, as with grown-up phone entertainment or PPL dating sites.

Gold diggers

international-datingThe next potential problem then, what if a person I am talking to is not genuine? We do conduct intake interviews with ladies before approving their profiles, but obviously, you cannot get into another person’s head.

However, people who scam others always have an agenda: they are after money. If you don’t give money to people you date, you cannot be scammed. This simple principle will protect you from scams and scammers of all types.

How sincere women behave in dating

Women who are genuine want to get to know the real you. People who are not truthful try not to get too close to you. People who are too sweet too quickly usually have an agenda. Real, sincere people don’t open to strangers extremely easily. They need to get to know you first. An honest woman will not take you shopping for hours, asking to spend hundreds of dollars on her.

How to avoid scams and gold diggers

A great deal depends on you. If you personally are not trying to take advantage of other people’s circumstances, and genuine in your intentions, you will easily realize when a person is not authentic. Establishing a sincere relationship and connection requires efforts from both sides. Ask lots of questions and talk to many girls, very pretty and not so pretty ones, and you will see the difference.

The rule of thumb: people who are telling you only the things you want to hear, are not genuine.

international-dating-scamsIf in doubt, you can always ask a lady from the same city if what you have been told is true. You can make friends online on a dating site as well as meet the love of your life. Many ladies want to find a partner to practice their English with, so you can help her with this task while she helps you with you mission.

Contact a woman who is older and maybe less attractive, and ask if she would like to become your friend. Offer her your help with her English and dating questions (for example, edit her profile to the correct English, critique her introduction letter for men etc), and ask if she can provide a female input into your personal dilemmas. This is very easy to arrange. You can have more than 1 female adviser. Ladies are excited to me matchmakers.

It is an unorthodox method, but quite workable. Otherwise, listen to your heart and intuition, and keep it real. Dating internationally isn’t much different from meeting people in your own city. Think if you would be alerted if this happened at home. Women are women, and men are men everywhere.


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Hi…for me this is very easy: I was married to a teacher of English/translator (for agencies) for 8 years… millions of girls in Ukraine speak English… WHY waste time or money with a girl who SHOWS you she is NOT serious that is NOT at least trying to learn English or another language? if girl says lets meet with my translator friend= END communications on the spot at that very second find out where she REALLY lives if possible… AMAZING how many girls need 200 UAH for taxi each way= leave her -if she on site with photoshop- forget her…… Read more »
Great article Elena. Again I’m so thankful I found your website. I will be upgrading soon. I mentioned elsewhere that I joined a PPL site. Bought 55 credits for 60 dollars. The cost of the letters almost ate this up within a day. Just replying to 3 people. I figured out very quickly one was a scam artist and not a real person. These sites don’t care if you pay all you have on scams. It’s only about the money. I even sent 3 ladies letters with my alternate email address and the letters were edited and my email address… Read more »
I too have tried a PPL website. Even when being very careful in my selection I still hit scammers. I concluded that majority of the female profiles these are those that belong to women that work for an agency or the agency is just using someones photos. The problem is that both men and real women are hurt by those sites. Men waste their time and money on fake communication. Women compete against nearly impossible odd trying to get attention of men. On a PPL website I would get anywhere between 20 to 30 letters each day. I even put… Read more »

Excellent point about not giving money. If a man follows this rule, the only other potential “scam” they can fall prey to are “professional daters”. But even then a bit of common sense can expose it…

I will name the website that is the WORST Russian Dating scam site…… [name removed for legal reasons] and its multitude of variations, and alternate names. I spent 11 years on that site, and traveling to Eastern Europe dating women of all kinds. 98% of them are nothing but scammers with a host of devious ways to get money out of foreign men. One woman I was engaged to be married to had one local boyfriend and three American men in her life. She was engaged to one, (me), probably engaged to another who was in the process of getting… Read more »

Of course it seems to me that getting know with foreigners is much more likely a meeting with a rogue rather with a man who dreams of this pure love.
Scammers make huge money using the naivety of people who are eager to avoid loneliness and find their perfect soul mate.
Getting acquainted with foreigners one should be very careful. People should not just rush to the stranger’s arms; it is better first to make sure that he\she has feelings.


I suppose that this phenomenon almost disappears in modern society. Some years ago I heard about such stories.
Now it’s very surprising when a woman does not speak English. Even the most uneducated girl can write with a dictionary some words in English. So she is a fake if she asks to communicate through the translator. And a woman or even a man sitting at the far end has other plans for you…

There are some really good idea about finding out the gold digger. I also believe that suggesting the woman to pay for herself during the first date will be a good option. If she is on dating site to find her special one and got interested in a man who called her on a date, she’ll come and pay with no problems and questions. If she is only after money, then the guy will most likely hear “I have no money”, “I’m busy on that day” or even “Aren’t you a gentleman? You asked me for a date, so pay… Read more »
Carlos Zeegers
I have a related issue. What if the lady brings a friend with her on the first date? This happened to me a few days ago with a lady from this agency. At the appointed time, she showed up with a cousin of hers. She had not informed me about this before. We went to a restaurant where they ordered everything they wanted and when I made a comment about paying for the sisha waterpipe (I am against smoking) they said that they left their wallets at home. I did not feel comfortable with that but because the lady acted… Read more »