international-dating-foreign-women-smartI became involved with the online dating industry in 1997, when I decided to broaden my horizons in search of my future partner, and listed my personal profile on several sites. I wasn’t ugly, or stupid, or undesirable — I simply couldn’t meet the right person through my circle of acquaintances and friends, and I had never been into clubs or bars. In 1998 I met my future husband, who happened to be a foreigner. In 1999 I launched my own international dating business online.

Now, in 2015, the website I started back in the last century has had more than 2 million profiles listed, and thousands of people met their partners. What’s more, thousands of people go online every day and talk to each other. This is international dating in action.

The rise of online dating sites


Wired, 2000: Not using online dating is like going to a library thinking that best books are only found by chance.

In 2000 I came across a quote from Wired magazine that said something along the lines: In future, online dating will become the preferred method of meeting people, just as library listing systems replaced wandering around bookshelves, and seeing Internet personals as something inappropriate will be the same as if we thought it was wrong to use library catalogues, because “the best books are only found by chance”.

Fast forward 15 years, and now most couples that I meet have connected online. Whether they are young or old, it’s so much easier to approach someone electronically than in real life.

The view that Internet dating is for losers has long been forgotten, although some people still don’t feel 100% comfortable announcing to the world it’s how they met.

Modern views on international dating


Modern international dating gives you freedom.

However, dating foreign women still gets a bad rap. Meeting local people online no longer has the stigma, but going outside national borders for some reason is still frown upon.

A male user of Elena’s Models said, “It is important to realize that American men have been told constantly that dating internationally is a bad thing and only for losers.”

The same notion is promoted through other western and Eastern European countries, portraying people, who look outside domestic boundaries, as desperate and undesirable. Interestingly enough, the same press gives wonderful accounts of travelling internationally, is excited about visiting global artists, and praises local talents who found worldwide acclaim.

So, what’s wrong with dating outside your own country?

Actually, nothing. It would be silly to suggest that people do not date when travelling, or that any relations are only valid if they are between people who were born on the same soil. Division by nationality when dating isn’t unlike discrimination in the workplace.

Foreign women vs. local women


Foreign women or local ladies? Meet Russian and Ukrainian girls who live in the USA or Europe.

If you are a single male, you may want to think about this:

  • What are you looking for in a woman?
  • What kind of woman do you really want, what does she look like, what are her interests, education, political views?
  • Think of 4 women that you personally know who have what you want.
  • How many of these 4 women are available?
  • Out of these left, how many do you think you would have a chance with?
  • How many are left?

If you are like most single men, the answer would be: None.

So, why wouldn’t you look outside and try things differently? Do not exclude online dating. There are countless people, who have been successful in finding someone special. Let’s be practical, direct, and honest about it: You do not know how you are going to meet your match. Meeting foreign women and finding out what they are like is a smart way of expanding your dating options. Eastern European women in general are educated, intelligent, and sophisticated (65% of people there have college or university degrees), but at the same time they are warm, playful, feminine, and down-to-earth. You may find it very attractive.

Don’t be like the naysayers 15 years ago, who insisted that meeting someone while drunk in a bar was preferable to emailing a person whose profile captivated you on a dating site. Get online now. You just told me what you want, and that you have no chance of getting it locally. So, join now, and find the right person FOR YOU.

Why dating online is better than bars


You can view 1000’s of profiles on an online dating site in a day.

In online dating, everything is out there upfront. There is your picture, your height, your weight, what you like and what you dislike, what kind of partner you would like to meet. People accept you as you are. You cannot provide this amount of information upfront when you are in a bar or even at work.

If people talk to you, they are interested in you and don’t mind that you love restoring old cars with your own hands or that you are a vegetarian. In fact, they may find it attractive!

How many single women would you meet without online dating? Dozens, maybe hundreds. If you are looking for a partner for life, do you think that’s enough to find the right match? Do you believe that’s the ultimate commitment when you suggest that marriage is for life?

And then we are surprised that the divorce rate is 50%. Because your total pool of options is going through friends, work, or the local bar.

The fact that people are unfaithful in a marriage confirms the fact that they are unhappy. It’s not the Internet that causes the divorce rate, but the fact that we do not try and choose among millions of people to find the right match.

More options give you better chances to find your match


Read detailed profiles and find your match.

It seems reasonable to suggest that people have better chances of meeting someone compatible if more options are available to them.

There is nothing wrong with finding someone next door of at work. However, meeting someone online has just as much, if not better, chances of meeting a person who is truly compatible with you and holds the same values, allowing you to open your heart to possibilities and become really happy.

There is no extra value in finding someone in your circle as compared to meeting your one-and-only elsewhere. Put value in yourself and your effort, and commit to what you really want.

The reward comes from committing yourself to what you really want and what is available to anyone (finding, choosing, researching) — not just from taking what is on the table. That’s easy. How can it lead to success and satisfaction long term?

Like everything in life, you need to put an effort first. The proposition that online dating is in some way weird, embarrassing, inappropriate, or for losers, is ridiculous. A suggestion that you should take what you are offered is totalitarian. Who are you to tell me whom to choose and what my options are? It’s plainly obvious that values based upon “normal” way of meeting people don’t work any better than meeting people online.

Getting started is simple

Post your profile, watch likes when someone thinks your photos are nice, like their pics. See who looked at your profile, answer their mails. Send a free expression of interest and see if the woman you are interested in would like to get to know you.

Go through those steps and check the girls you really like. Go ahead and say, “Hi!”

How did it go?


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Another excellent blog Elena. Dating is a process that takes time, the key is being patient. Your site has so many quality women, I’ve had a hard time trying to narrow down my list! 🙂 One question – is the lady pictured in the black dress in this particular blog available? I certainly wouldn’t mind getting to know her!

Joel Shapiro
If you only limited your dating experiences to women you met in everyday life, you’d have a very limited pool of women to choose from. Better to cast a wide net and thereby improve your chances of finding a woman who suits you more. For me, American women are fine, but they’re what I’m used to. I’d rather find someone exotic from a foreign country. Dating a foreign women is like being on a never-ending vacation. And when you find the perfect one for you, won’t you be glad you made the extra effort to find her?

International dating online is really excellent chance for single person to find a partner. The Internet is the thing of the future, there’s no doubt about it. And it will help people to be closer.


Hi! I think that this information is quite true, as I believe that it is important to find a soul mate. And International dating provides just such an opportunity. Who knows, maybe there you will meet the person with whom you will spend the whole lifetime.


It looks like a short guide on international meeting for men. I really like that idea. However, I was a bit surprised. I know American men personally. But I don’t know anyone who take that point of view “ … that dating internationally is a bad thing and only for losers”. May be I know “wrong” American men.


And I think no one should be afraid of. I have two years married to a foreigner. We also began to chat online, then met and are still together. I do not regret. And if you turn back time, I would make the same choice.


Tastes diifer. But foreign partners are still popular. I think very often it is because of the fact that many peole want to leave Russia.


Surely, online dating is the most famous, popular and modern way of communicating with its big among of advantages. But sometimes we should put off our pink glasses. A person you meet on the Internet is not always same in real life. Although, dating on the Internet is a fine opportunity to search for a potential partner for those who believe that it is one of the most suitable ways of communication.

Few months ago I had an experience of dating online with very smart american guy. At first such communication seemed to me a great advantage because the guy was really smart and we had a lot of things in common. We could talk online all day long and I was really inspired by this communication. But I soon learned that the young man was not able to come to me to arrange a real date. And that’s why he suggested me to visit him? but unfortunaly it was impossible due to some circumstances. I was very worried, but still hoped… Read more »

As much as online dating has its drawbacks like distance and all that, it gives you a great chance to actually find your perfect match. And I’m sure people who are ment to be together will do their best to meet as soon as possible. Plus, such sites help shy people, too, because apart from appearance others can also read about your interests right away. It’s good that networks like this one exist.


I am agree that modern technologies and Internet give awesome oportunities to learn more about person you liked due to the profile. But also some users keep in secret some important information about them, so these secrets are revealed after weeks of conversation or during the offline meeting.

I am visiting Ukraine in August,2016. I have met a young woman, she is 36, and I am 52. I truly believe that there is nothing wrong with meeting a woman for marriage online, and even a woman from another country. There are so many beautiful women in this world, and not just beautiful on the outside. There are really loving, caring women that want to marry men from the US, Australia, or other places. I am an American, and I have been researching, talking to, and getting to know this person for almost 6 months now. I believe I… Read more »