3Isn’t it a dream of every man, to have women chasing him? If you wonder how to get women to like you, this desire is more common than you may think. It’s probably as common as a girl’s dream about a prince on a white horse who will throw his kingdom to her feet. Not that they are comparable by any means, of course your desire to get women to like you is much more sensible than this childish dream coming from silly fairy-tales.

Nonetheless, the girly dream about a prince on a white horse is directly connected to your issue. In my 15 years of working for Elena’s Models, every woman’s profile I read confirms it. Most girls want to be swept off their feet. They dream about a fearless hero who would do anything to make her his. This naive desire sits inside every girl on a very deep level, which makes it hard to resist. Even the most practical and rational ladies have this aspiration lurking inside them, even if they won’t ever admit it. If you think about women liking you, remember this simple postulate.

Whether you are dating women in real life or online, general rules of becoming more attractive for them are the same.


You think it’s reasonable that you consider women’s appearance first but many men forget to consider this in reverse. Your appearance is important for ladies, too. They are not very concerned about genetic factors, such as facial features, but they do look at your clothes, physical shape, and fashion style. If you are neat, fit and elegant, they may overlook the shape of your jaw or nose, or how tall you are.

Get some cool new clothes. Join the gym. Smile more. All this will change your appearance for the better.


Many men think that women are attracted to money. While this may appear to be true, in fact women are more attracted to confidence and inner strength in a man, which for some people comes easier if they have money. It is for the same reason that girls are known to “like jerks”. They don’t really “like” jerks because they are jerks, but because they have this inner strength and confidence. Confidence comes, first of all, from being truthful to yourself. If you accept and like who you are, people feel genuinely attracted to you.

If you do not like who you are, change it. Stop lying to yourself. Write things about yourself that you believe to be true and check the opposite statement. Which one is truer? Great thing about it is that you have the power to be whoever you choose to be.


Women are attracted to men’s interests that are dangerous and require a lot of inner strength and confidence, and not attracted to interests that are too safe. Thus they are attracted to men who do sailing or boxing, and not attracted to men who collect action figures or play computer games. They are also attracted to men who are not afraid of putting themselves on the line, so any hobby connected with performing arts will be attractive to them: dancing, playing in a band, acting.

If you have no hobby that requires you to put all of yourself on the line, find one. There is definitely something you have always wanted to try, be it playing banjo or martial arts. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself; everyone who is great at what they do was one day at the same level as you. You can find a beginner’s group for anything. Find something you will love doing and start practicing.


You may not own your own home and drive an inexpensive vehicle, but the price has nothing to do with it. What matters is that you love where you live and what you drive, and it’s clean, orderly, and organized. Women like men who live in a tidy and well kept environment.

If you want a better vehicle, you can buy an old Mustang and restore it. Or you can get a cheap auto at car auctions, and have it repaired. Clean up your home. Throw away anything you haven’t used for the last 12 months. Put everything in order and keep it orderly and pretty. Paint the rooms and get new carpets, or move, if you are renting. Decide where you want to live, and start working on it. Think how you can make it happen instead of cutting yourself short, “I cannot afford it” or “I will never be able to do it”. As the saying goes, when you’ve set a goal, and you are doing everything you can to achieve it, the whole Universe works together with you to make it happen.

How soon will women like you more?

In essence, if you get these ideas to your heart and devote your best efforts, it will only take a few weeks until you will see the results. It’s not easy to change all your long-term habits quickly, but practicing even 1-2 new habits a week will give you 10-20 great habits in just 2.5 months.

Seriously, you do not need to make millions to be liked by ladies. Just be in control of yourself and your life. Start with spring cleaning your home and car. List all your bills and start paying them off one by one, starting with the smallest. Get a part-time or weekend job if necessary. It’s all about regaining control of your life.

It’s never, “I can’t”, it’s never “I don’t want” (because you do want this to happen, right?) — it’s always “What’s stopping you?” Most often, nothing!


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Surely the most important thing to get a woman to like you is missing from this article – it is simply, take an interest in her – in her day – in her career – in her mood – in her passions but most of all in her dreams & ambitions ?


mmmmmh that’s a fair point Elena – a bit of chicken & egg with my thinking.


all true


Bottom line is that you CANNOT make a woman like you. But, you can be yourself and/or make yourself more interesting to attract different women that WILL like you for the person that you are or have become. I’ve found that if a girl is not interested in you it’s best to move on. There are plenty of ladies out there that will like you. Just be yourself.


So in summery to make yourself more ‘likeable’ to woman all you have to do is change everything about yourself.


Yet if I was to say to a woman she could do with losing weight, dieing their hair or drink less automatically I am a sexist chauvinist pig. Doesn’t work both ways? Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Mick – are you talking about what people (men & women) should do to be more attractive? Because, if so, then that’s not sexist. “Sexist” is saying that only women should do these things, or that men should be able to get any woman they want without taking care of themselves. Nope and nope. Further, the things Elena listed are actually great ideas, from a physical & mental health perspective, for everyone. Literally: there’s a ton of research that backs her up on this (and oh, would that I followed every bit of that advice … am still working on… Read more »

I think that you must be you for women to like you.


Great advice. I hope guys take notice, because it’s very simple and it works.


Men, listen to this advice. It will help you find exactly the woman of your dreams.


In a way, it’s just common sense, isn’t it? 🙂

Janes G

Guys, we girls are very easy to please. Dress up, smell nicely, bring flowers 🙂 And stop playing computer games. Some muscles would be nice. How hard is that? 🙂


if you use a mouse to play a videogame, you can use the free hand to lift a dumbell XD

I agree with the comments of making yourself more likeable vs. getting a woman to like you. It’s basically a mind set. Be yourself, confident, and worthy of the woman you like, and she will notice. If she doesn’t, then changing your whole life to try and catch one specific person will end in failure. You can hide who you really are for only so long. That isn’t to say we all can’t use a little improvement, but don’t go to far with trying to change who you are. On the topic of having a hobby that is dangerous, or… Read more »

My best advice How to get women to like you? – is:

1. text her as much as possible
2. call her regularly
3. make good jokes
4. dress well

This comes from my opinion and opinion of my friends.

Hi: Your advice is very helpful, except I did find that game sites like Pogo are 70% woman so there are woman that love to play computer games and interact with men, some couples I chatted with met there lover playing online games, my self I don’t play on most video game sites I only play on poker sites and you don’t make friends there. While playing on the Pogo site I met several woman that were interested in me and exchanged e-mail addresses and pictures but when seeing photo’s of each other cut the relationship off. One girl I… Read more »
Sometimes when i’m together with family i’m forced to watch tv 🙂 And on tv I see this popular man recipe every single time, a man or woman who smile at the right moment, dressed right, say the right common things without any edge, rest in your self with good confidence, the right job, the right dark blue Audi. There is nothing wrong with it, not at all, it helps a nation to compete with other nations. A competition state. But there is one disadvantage with “competition”, the tendency is monotonous, calculated, puppies without surprises. We all wants to be… Read more »

Great advice. because it’s very simple and it work with me.


I guess I’ve got to stop telling women that I like video games. 🙂 I’ll replace it with “dancing” even though I don’t really consider myself good at it :p

Elena, this is great article, but I have one question left in my mind that has been there a long time. In regard to the physical shape of a man, how big does he need to be? By “big” I do not mean fat or tall. We all know women like men who have large muscular builds. I’m asking – for the average beautiful women on your site – how big a man has to be and to whom is he compared? Does she compare him to all other men? Does she compare him to herself? Does she compare him… Read more »

I think the best way to make a wonan felt in love is a careful attitude. If u listern to her attentively she will always tell you how to act. Try to be honest, kind and open-hearted. This advice is general for all people relationship!


Really, “women are attracted to men’s interests that are dangerous and require a lot of inner strength and confidence, and not attracted to interests that are too safe”…, it’s true! If you go to hiking in the mountains, in dangerous places, driving a car on the inacessible roads, you have a chance a woman to like you. Sitting at home men are not supposed to. If a woman knows that you are taking the challenges of life, risk, think of something new, she will think of you and like you.Those risks who are not at risk.