Would you go to a honeymoon with a wife's photo and leave her at home?A young husband from India had to spend a honeymoon in Europe with a wife’s photo and leave her at home after his newlywed spouse misplaced her passport.

How does it feel to go on a honeymoon without the wife?

Faizan Patel, an Indian newlywed, had to travel for a honeymoon to Italy and Greece without his wife Sana because she couldn’t find her passport. It happened just before the European trip and their request for a refund wasn’t approved. That’s why the newly married couple decided that Faizan had to go for a trip alone.

How it feels to go on a honeymoon without wife

Faizan had to leave his wife at home and go on a honeymoon alone.

Trying to stay positive and show how he misses his wife, Faizan published sweet pictures where he travels to Italy with his wife’s photo, Mirror.co.uk reports.

Unexpectedly, his images became so popular that the story was retweeted thousands of times. On the day of publication, the photo reached Sushma Swaraj, India’s minister of external affairs. She promised to assist the newlyweds and write to Faizan that she would do her best to get his wife to enjoy the rest of the trip.

How it feels to go on a honeymoon without wife

Faizan made a real story out of his adventurous honeymoon.

Happy ending to the newlywed’s adventures

Sana received the passport the following day but still there were problems with visa. The girl had to wait a couple of days for the EU visa.

The happy wife could join her husband on the trip only 3 days after the passport was issued.

Thankfully, the story had a happy ending and the beautiful couple was able to enjoy the last days of their honeymoon together.

How it feels to go on a honeymoon without wife

The sweet couple looks happy. Finally, Faizan’s wife could join him on the trip. All’s well that ends well!

Photos: Faizan Patel’s Twitter


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Можно было бы поменять билеты на другие даты, но муж очень хотел в свадебное путешествие, пусть даже без своей молодой супруги. Меня если честно такое поведение со стороны мужа обидело бы и можете кидать в меня собак, но я бы не отпустила. Но все хорошо, что хорошо кончается, помог жене быстрее восстановить паспорт и все равно остаток медового месяца провести вместе.


Well, I completely appreciate his actions and I’m sure his wife was really touched by this situation. However, this woman looks highly disorganized and forgetful. So I would love to advise them to be more attentive in future.


I think, that’s a really sweet story. Of course, if there was no chance to change the date of the trip. I respect such men, who can give their women a part of happiness and sunlight in every sad situation even if they are really upset. That’s a great choice of husband, Sana! 😀

I have such controversial feelings! On the one hand, he shouldn’t have gone without his wife (remember, it was THEIR honeymoon). And I personally don’t understand what happy and pleasant memories he could get from travelling alone, knowing that his wife spends her honeymoon at home. On the other hand, he wasn’t literally alone – he was carrying her photo! Moreover, his sweet photos attracted attention of the society and in the end helped to reunite with the wife. Well, this example is really useful for everybody – you don’t know for sure what results your actions will lead to.… Read more »