Groom Sues His Bride for 20,000 Dollars After Seeing Her Without MakeupWe all know that women use makeup, and look different without it, but this Algerian groom insists he was so traumatized by his newlywed wife’s absence of facial coverage that he is entitled to damages totaling $20,000.

According to Emirates 24/7, the husband woke up the day after his wedding and was frightened when he saw his wife barefaced so much, he thought it was an intruder trying to burglar his apartment, as he was unable to recognize her.

The husband filed his case in the court, citing substantial psychological suffering worthy of sizable compensation. In his words, he was deceived through seeing his bride’s attractive appearance prior to nuptials, and led to believe she looked different. Instead of a beautiful bride, in the morning he discovered in his room someone looking poles apart, so much that he even mistook her for a thief.

The unhappy groom took his frustrations to the court, hoping to find a compensation for his distress, and the case had been reported in local newspapers. It would be exciting to find out what the judge thought of the claims.

YouTube videos show amazing transformations.

YouTube features plenty of videos where women apply dozens of cosmetic fixtures to their bare faces, and transform in front of the camera from plain Jane’s into glamour models. Thousands of beauty gurus show examples of bridal fixes, as well as versions for daily use or an evening setting.

Photos of celebrities nude-faced routinely make front pages of women’s gossip magazines, which confirm that even gorgeous models have pimples and circles under eyes, when they haven’t attended a 2-hour hair and visage session prior to that. Sans designer gowns, you will not pick a famous actress from a girl next door, unless you are a trained paparazzi.

The trend isn’t anything new — Marylin Monro had been known to enjoy going incognito in the streets on the pick of her fame by simply washing off her mascara and removing her lipstick.

Some beauty videos utilize the technique where coverage is applied only to 1/2 of the woman’s face, and the other side is left bare, to make differences apparent.

Slavic women are known to apply beauty products before any outing, even as basic as fetching milk from the corner store or taking out the rubbish. Would it be worth to ask for a no-makeup selfie from your online girlfriend before planning a visit?

View the video: 1/2 face image-making


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I just want to make sure I’m clear about this I don’t agree with what this guy did but it does bring up a small issue. The glamour shots the ladies put up do make them look different even to the point that they do look like someone else entirely. I’m going to use the lovely lady I’m talking to/seeing and eventually meeting in the near future as a example, if you put her glamour shots next to her real pictures her glamour shots look like it could be her cousin. I don’t even look at her glamour shots anymore… Read more »
Scott Ward
The man who sued his bride the day after the wedding is a shallow man who dont know the meaning of loving a woman for she is, not looks. Too many men look for a beautiful woman with make up which make them prone to a real world of unhappinss once he see the real bride as she is. my ex was Ukrainian who used make up all the time even she was very beautiful and that made me sad. She wore so much make up on our wedding day that everyone privacy told me she used too much up… Read more »

That seems rather absurd that he could get to that point with out ever seeing her without makeup on.


I know make up changes your look into a polished one, but I mean c’mon!!!! This woman could not have looked THAT different without make up. Even the pictures in your article aren’t drastically different from each other.

This has raise a very good point. In the case an Agency’s photo-shopped Pics that were taken 15 years earlier by the agency where the age has not changed. I have been writing to a lady on RussianBrides who I recall seeing her profile back in 1999-2000 when I was in contact with a lady in St Petersburg who was coming over for a holiday but she lost interest after repeatedly advising me she could get the tickets cheaper at her end and for me to transfer the money to her work. I refused as I had already read about… Read more »
Jack Sen

Slavic girls are prettier without makeup than western women are with