Good lessons of bad relationshipsNone of us wants to have bad relationships but basically anyone had some romantic connections that didn’t make them happy. Cheating, arguments, and different lifestyles lead men and women to breakups.

Things that failed relationships can teach us

There are good lessons to learn from bad relationships. It is only if we fail to learn, then the same problems keep arising again.

One of my mentors told me about it long time ago.

“If you are feeling bad, it is because of a problem in your life. You need to find out what life is trying to teach you and learn the lesson. Once you learn this lesson, the bad feelings will disappear. But until you learn it, the same situation will keep happening again and again.”

This made sense. If something in your existence makes you unhappy, it is not bad. It’s just a sign that you can do it better or more efficient. It works the same with everything, including our personal life.

If you had a bad relationship, try to ask yourself the question, “What lesson life is trying to teach me? What am I supposed to learn here?”

For every person the lesson will be different. You may also encounter dissimilar problems at different points in your life. But there is definitely a solution to what is happening. If you understand what needs to be changed, then you are able to achieve different results.

How to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes

Like in building a house, there are certain rules and techniques for building a good relationship. You may not know them all but there are people who do.

When I was creating my Coaching Program for Men Seeking Russian & Ukrainian Wives, I included there tips not only on specifics of dating Eastern European women but also advice on building a great and long-lasting relationship.

I am not only working in the Russian dating industry for 17 years but I am also a Trainer of NLP and a Certified Life Coach.

Download the program today if you are tired of bad relationships and want to make sure your future partnership is built on a solid foundation and will survive the test of time.

VIP dating coaching Elena Petrova

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My life is such a mess right now. And you know why? Because I can’t learn on my mistakes. No, seriously, I’m thirty now and I guess I am still scared of mature relationship… Guys just keep flawing away from me, but I want to have a baby and a family… Should get rid of some of my worst habits.


Surely we shouldn’t make the same mistakes that had already ruined our past love story. When the couple split, both two of them are guilty. And before you are planning to start something new with a new fiancée, seek inside yourself. Change something in you. Just give yourself another chance.


Learning on your former mistakes and doing your best in future is obviously the best way of making a relationship, and living the life, in general. But we should also be attentive to our HABITS. Not many people are ready to alter peculiarities of their lifestyle and manage specific traits of their character in order to find a decent partner!


Every relationship im my life broght my happy and fun moments, i always remind those moments of my life when I was young and naive. Afterwards I cried a lot, but nevertheless now I’m grateful to the man i’ve loved for the lessons, they have given to me. One day I sat down and wrote them letters of gratitude and felt relief and happiness inside my heart.

Harley S

Nellody- you are a very rare woman, most would not even dream of doing what you did. It takes a very strong person man or woman to take the time to write to a past lover and thank them for love lessons you learned. It also gives them some closure in there life as well.


I live with my husband for 13 years. We have experienced a lot in our life. But we are together now. Our relationship survived the test of time. Nowadays young people don`t know how to build a good relationship. First of all they should trust and support each other in a difficult situation. And then they will be happy.


The base content in relationship: fit together.

You do not fit together if can’t accept the dark side of the partner.
I never-ever find a site, or coach who teach this.
All of them try to teach how LIE. With makeup, dressing, profile photo, profile text/edit, dating behavior, honestly how to wear a mask, which will drop off after time.
If you present just your bright-good-positive whatever side that relationship ruined after time, as your partner find out the truth.