Don't like girls in makeup? Seek dates in African villages or build a time machineA recent post about a newlywed husband from United Arab Emirates who divorced his bride after being married for a just few days got lots of comments from men. The reason for the divorce was that after washing off her makeup and false eyelashes the 28-year-old wife didn’t look as pretty as the 34-year-old groom believed she was. The couple was engaged for 6 months prior to the wedding day. The husband said his bride misled him by altering her appearance and refused to reconcile.

The follow-up discussion about the use of decorative cosmetics by women brought about opinions of several men who stated they like girls in their natural appearance much more and would like to meet Ukrainian women who do not utilize cosmetics. But can it really happen? Do they even want it, a girl who never touches a lipstick or mascara? In today’s world, most likely, such females only exist in remote locations. Maybe in Africa or remote islands the middle of nowhere. But who wants to go there for dates?

Makeup is the sign of a civilized woman

The truth is that in today’s modern civilization young women living in cities all use makeup.

My 15-year-old daughter won’t go to school without it, although after she has spent 15-20 minutes doing it she looks like she doesn’t have any. You would think she looks “natural” but even though it doesn’t alter her appearance greatly, she definitely looks better with a bit of tone, blush, mascara, brow pencil, and lip gloss.

It’s the same for other girls her age and of course single women 18+. Not many of them go out without applying an SPF30+ BB cream that improves the skin tone, a little bit of lipstick or gloss, eyebrow shaping shades, and so on. In many occupations where women serve customers applying makeup is compulsory. There were cases where female workers were fired by airlines, for example, for failing to utilize decorative cosmetics as required.

You won’t find any celebrity on the cover of a women’s magazine without proper styling, makeup and hair. Not using face-improvement cosmetics is like having no nail polish or forgetting to shave legs of armpits: It’s considered improper.

The most beautiful woman in the world wouldn’t win Miss Universe without makeup. Victoria’s Secret Angels, who are officially the prettiest girls on the planet, have 2-3 hour grooming sessions for face and hair prior to walking the catwalk. It’s the way things are.

Makeup is the sign of a civilized woman

World’s prettiest girls have 2-3 hour grooming sessions prior to walking the catwalk. Photo: Adriana Lima (by PRPhotos)

Can you meet a young Ukrainian or Russian woman who doesn’t use makeup?

The cult of beauty is even larger in Russia and other post-USSR countries. There the single purpose of an unmarried female is ultimately to attract a husband or at least a stable boyfriend. The girls not only use decorative cosmetics but also maintain a skin care regime, exercise, eat healthily, grow long hair, style it daily, and dress in a feminine way. It’s part of their devotion to being beautiful and feminine.

Even though girls often make statements along the lines, “I am using makeup for myself”, they aren’t being 100% sincere. None of them walks around at home “fully made up” all the time. So, of course, they are using beauty products to look pretty and feel more confident next to other females that applied decorative cosmetics. If they didn’t do it, they would seem dowdy in comparison and their own friends would be ashamed to stand next to them, there would be problems at work, etc.

So, any pretty Russian or Ukrainian girl you can connect with through international dating sites will be using makeup. Some of them would be doing it in moderation, others give themselves a full makeover daily.

But if you really have strong opinions about women using decorative cosmetics, maybe seek dates in remote villages of build a time machine. Otherwise, beauty products are a sign of our evolved civilization, just like Internet or mobile phones.

Personally, I do not know any pretty Eastern European girl who goes out completely barefaced. It would be hard if not impossible to find a civilized and beautiful lady who is brave enough to go against the essence of the Russian social etiquette for women, which dictates to females to appear presentable, even if she is simply going to the corner shop to fetch a packet of milk.

Can you meet a young Ukrainian or Russian woman who doesn't use makeup?

Girls from Russia and Ukraine take pride in their looks.

Main photo: by PRPhotos


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Lasse Saikkonen

I am dating a woman who doesn’t wear any makeup. Not even the one that makes her look like she doesn’t. She dislikes make-up as much as I do and she is definitely not from some “African village” In fact, I found her through your site.

I disagree in a sense that it is the media that prescribes what a ” beautiful” girl should look like…..Tv channels, Magazines, Modeling companies – all of them create that image of the “Perfect looking” girl with terrible amounts of make up, hair coloring, hair extensions, eyelash extensions and much more, so they look like plastic dolls that you can buy in a supermarket……. There is nothing more satisfactory than to wake up next to a beautiful lady that has no make up on whatsoever, and just admire the unbelievable natural beauty that God has created for our men!!! That… Read more »

In the southern part of the United States a back woods preacher was asked a question. “Is it a sin for a woman to wear makeup.” The preacher replied, “I think it is a sin if some women don’t.”


Sometimes I am so lazy, but still go to bathroom and “make the face”, because it makes me more self-confident. At these moments I imagine that I’m a stylist and do make up for some Hollywood star, it inspires! And it’s so interesting to watch modern shows how to create a fatal beauty out of a mousy girl. We take our chance to be beautiful:)


I can understand a bit a man who decided to divorce a bride for this reason. Nonetheless, it’s also his fault, not so hard to understand if a woman has a ton of cosmetics on the face, and it’s normal for Arab Emirates. I don’t like when our Russian and Ukrainian ladies do make up this way too. I think we don’t need it. It’s not a secret that Slavic women are very beautiful. Of course it doesn’t mean we don’t have to use cosmetics at all, but too much of a good thing is good for nothing.


Nature beauty is more highrated from my point of view, but beauty of girls is not eternity. And I can understand women which wanna get a partner but I prefer make-up on girls only as additional, like eyes or lips.


I think from the aesthetics side make-up is an important thing for every women. But everything shoud be done in moderation. Actually, Russian and Ukrainian girls have the original natural beauty, which should be just highlighted by the make-up not to be masked! And what about the husband who divorced his wife, I think it is his fault not her!