scam-free-relationshipsWe often hear about scams but genuine relationships not always get their fair share of publicity. Meet our new couple — Douglas and Irina. They first started emailing each other on Elenas Models in early September 2014, and already met in real life, fell in love, and are now engaged.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article, how quickly can you meet a girl on Elenas Models, and here you have a detailed report how fast it can happen. If you join today, you could be engaged in just 4 months! It is our priority to enable our clients to find genuine relationships without scams.

Irina and Douglas’ story

Irina and Douglas at first communicated through Elenas Models website. After a few days of dating online, they exchanged direct email addresses, and switched to personal mails. After 3 weeks, they started to talk on video 4 times a week. After 2 months, they met in Odessa, Ukraine, spent 2 weeks together, and got engaged.

The point Douglas makes in his story is that you need to candidly discuss your expectations, fears, little things, including home chores and favourite food, and big things like health and kids. Everything! Past relationships, wants and desires for a partner, and all the other topics. Only by being sincere and open with each other you can be sure you that are on the same page and want the same things in love and future.

Scams? They won’t survive honest sharing. And remember, on Elenas Models scam free environment enables you to make better choices.

Scam free relationships

elenas-models-relationshipsScams and scammers exist where people try to be evasive, and are too afraid to ask direct questions.

  • Why are you looking for partner abroad?
  • How do you see your future life in my country?
  • What are your fears and concerns?
  • What happened in your previous relations?

If you want to ensure your connection is genuine, you have to be prepared to be real and invest some actual time and effort. You cannot expect to be hiding things and for the other person to be 100% truthful and open.

Worrying about scams and scammers only creates problems for you when dating online. Simply chat to several women, ask questions, and listen to their answers! People who talk openly and directly, and who are normal and not overly “sweet”, are genuine. Others, who only send brief emails and are always too busy to spend time on communication with you on video or Skype, obviously have more important things in their lives than finding a partner for life.

elenas-models-scam-freeOn Elenas Models, you have the facility to send and receive unlimited chats and mails, without paying any extra (it’s included in your Platinum or Gold membership). With Platinum membership, you will also have instant access to direct contact details of women (email addresses, phone numbers).

On Elenas Models you can also freely share direct contact details. This is why you are able to communicate with many women at once, and compare the notes.

Being real and realistic in your expectations and communication when dating will help you find a genuine and scam free relationship. Look for common experiences, values, and hopes for the future. And, of course, listen to your heart!


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These online relationships fail mostly because some of them had experienced something bad for them with other people on other sites. Due to this it becomes difficult for them to trust someone online, it helps if you try to get a fresh new start from a fresh new place 😀


Hi! Dating online is certainly a social revolution. Next step could be an improved matching of the profiles… but how?


Doug’s story is a source of hope. You have to be willing to take the plunge at some point. I wish them the best going forward.

When I first started with I had doubts that most women here are fake because there are so many other websites that use fake profiles to attract subscribers. Most of the women here look like models which only raises my suspicion however I did my homework and read some reviews about elenasmodels and I felt more comfortable subscribing, and I am very glad I did. I talked to many women on this site and I am almost certain all of them were real. I have video chat with them as well as talked to them on the phone. I… Read more »

I am very careful in checking the sites before I sign up. I checked several sites and read reviews about elenasmodels. Only after that I joined as a member. I sent 12 EOI’s. 6 women said they were not interested. This is how I know the site is genuine. On other sites, every girl was interested in me. I will be signing up on the best plan, because for me it is important to be able to contact women directly.


Very good site it perpetuates confidence that things do mature if you mean what you say.

Dennis Bendixen
The fear of getting scammed is always there or at least for me. I have twice been a victim for scam. The first time i lost some Money and the last time i saw the way it was going when all the same Things happened again. But even though i did not Loose Money i lost something far more important. I lost my pride and for a time my believe in love. It felt som embarased and angry. Because how could this happen two times for me. Where i just unlucky or am i stuppid. But as time has passed… Read more »

I talked with someone here and I think was a scam. Because she told me she need money for the airplane ticket.
I stopped to talk with her immediately.


Thank you Elena for you advice
I am new on this. Now I have more clear how this work.


That is not fair Elena. A man who pays $99 for a membership and asks a women to spend $1000 on plane tickets just thinks that Russian and Ukranian ladies are the perfect women 🙂

In an internet world full of deception and half truths, EM is a breath of fresh air. It is an open site that provides a format for meeting real women and potential partners. Allowing members to freely exchange personal contact information is the best assurance to anyone questioning the validity of EM as a quality matching site. Most other sites control all contact information which forces you to continue to spend dollars to communicate with someone you are not even sure is real. Are all women on EM legitimate and seeking what their profile states? Perhaps not, but this is… Read more »
Warren Mann

Thanks for running an honest, clean website! This business is so full of scammers, it’s terrible. I’m glad I found your site through a book on dating Ukrainian and Russian women. I’m kind of surprised by my research in that marriages that happen through this method seem to last quite a long time. The couples have children and seem happy years later. I find this very encouraging. I have had a few EOIs from women significantly younger than me, which makes me a bit uncomfortable… what are your thoughts on that, Elena?

Michael Snow

I can personally attest to the degree Elena’s Models website protect the members. Once in awhile someone can sneak through and start asking for money. I asked a question to the American phone number and provided the information requested and the member was was sanctioned, Elena’s protects their members. This is a very safe dating site. 🙂