What European countries Russians choose for vacationsHotel search and price comparison website Trivago named European countries that Russians choose for vacations this summer. If you dream of scheduling a meeting with your Russian girlfriend this season, consider visiting one of the hottest destinations in Europe ranked in the top 5.

Which European countries Russians choose for vacations this year?

The experts studied users’ requests on Trivago website from 1 January to 22 May 2016. They have determined 5 destinations that Russian tourists researched most often in Europe. The report also included information how much people were prepared to pay for rooms.

Apparently, travellers find prices acceptable and they are able to obtain visitor visas to these countries.

Top 5 European destinations for Russians:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Montenegro
  3. Greece
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Spain

Cyprus became the most popular place to visit among travelers from Russia. The average price Russians are willing to pay for a standard double room at Cyprus resorts is 107 euros, Lenta.ru reports.

Montenegro is also valued by Russian tourists for its relatively cheap prices and beautiful beaches. 94 euros is the average price Russians are able to pay for a hotel room in this country.

One can easily meet Russians and beautiful Slavic girls at Greece resorts. According to the research data, tourists are ready to book a double room in a Greek hotel for around 159 euros.

Bulgaria and Spain also attract a lot of tourists from Russia. On average travelers are ready to spend around 77 and 118 euros respectively for a room for two in these countries.

In addition, Trivago experts stated that tourists from Germany, Italy, USA, Spain, and Israel take a great interest in visiting Russia this summer.

Another research made by Tutu.ru shows that Montenegro is the most popular destination for travelers from Russia in June. The majority of flights sold online in June were to Montenegro and comprised 11% of the total sales. The top 5 destinations also include Spain, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Greece, according to Tutu.ru.

What European countries Russians choose for vacations

According to Trivago, Cyprus is the most popular destination among Russian tourists this summer.


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I’ve been in Spain last summer. It’s very beautiful country and I liked it very much!!! I was in Valencia, Madrid, Santander and Barcelona. There was clean ocean in Santander. Spanish people were friendly and helpful. I had a wonderful vacation there.


I should say for me during choosing the place for having vacations the popularity of this or that place doesn’t matter. Europe is always interesting for me and I would like to see some countries I have already visited or to learn something new.


Wonderful places…Now my daughter is small and travelling is only a cherished dream for me. When I was a child I visited Italy and Spain. Even after so many years the emotions are so vivid. Italy is so beautiful, small white houses, lemon trees everywhere! Pasta and pizza were so yummy there! Mmm! As for Spain it’s so colourful and so bright. And also so loud! I can hear the sound of castanets in my mind even now. So I’m dreaming of visiting Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria!


I’d like to go to Spain. I think this is a very unusual country. heat, wine, and men. what else do you need for a perfect holiday in this country?;) on the second place, I’d like to visit Greece. just want to see the ancient world and its remarkable architecture


My friend visited Bulgaria last summer. She was so excited when she came home! It turned out that there are lots of places of interest there… She said Bulgarian sandy beaches are almost like Caribbean ones! I think that Bulgaria is a good variant for those who are on a tight budget.


All these countries are amazing, but Montenegro is the best of all! It is pure paradise for those who want to relax phisycally and morally. I have been there three times and want to come back more and more. The sea is pure, the streets neat and beautiful, the people friendly and very sociable!


I’ve never been in these countries, but I would like to visit Greece and Spain. Very beautiful countries. As for me traveling brings absolutely unforgettable emotions and moments of life. It is very interesting to see how people live in other countries.


Certainly Cyprus! I love this place. As for me, it is better than other European countries because there is no visa (for Russians it is very easy, unlike Schengen). However when you are there, you feel like you are in natural Europe!


Well, as for me, personally I don’t choose holiday destinations depending on how cheap the trip is. I have some places in mind that I want to visit so I just save up until I have the necessary sum of money. Because for me going to Italy or America once is a lot better than visiting Cyprus or Montenegro many times.

Wera Wox

This year I’ve visited Italy. That was my first trip abroad and I’ve got to say that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Milan. This is a romantic city with small ancient streets, brioches and coffee for breakfast, smiling and talkative people and cheap tasty cheese.
This place I’d like to stay permanently!


Russian girls prefer to visit Cyprus better. And I can explain why. Most of the young girls would like to get maximum pleasure and impression with minimum expenses. Also, Russians don’t need a visa for traveling there – so they can buy a tour today and set out tomorrow!


I have never been to these countries but I’ve heard so much about them. One of my biggest dreams is to visit Spain and Greece. My friend visited Spain a couple of months ago and she was so happy about this vacation. She has lots of beautiful photos from this trip.