Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars Will Seat on Odessa CouncilEmperor Palpatine has won a seat on Odessa Council, and Chewbacca got arrested while driving Darth Vader to the local polling booth on Sunday 25 October, where the Dark Lord wasn’t allowed to vote.

Star Wars Personages of Ukrainian Elections 2015

It seems that Ukraine elections only appear in the English-speaking media for Star Wars’ reasons.

Just before the elections last Sunday, videos of Darth Vader opening a monument to himself in Odessa were streamed on high-traffic TV channels. Now the news about Chewbacca’s arrest while driving Darth Vader to the polling place are published all over the Internet.

The real happenings of the Ukrainian elections are not featured in the mainstream news, although it’s not only the theatrical performances that make headlines in local papers.

However, for the fans of Star Wars franchise, it appears that Emperor Palpatine will be getting a seat on the council in Odessa, KP.ua wrote. He had suffered a defeat at the last parliamentary elections as a representative of The Internet Party (now Bloc Darth Vader).

The 25-year-old councillor’s full name is Dmitry Victorovich Palpatine, he was born in 1990.

He works as an emperor at the company named Palpatin Finance Group.

His job is officially named as such in his labour book, which is the personal record of positions that every Ukrainian citizen is required to maintain.


Dmitry Victorovich Palpatine works as Emperor at Palpatine Finance Group.

Palpatine was contesting the seat, however, not as a part of Darth Vader Bloc (which couldn’t pass the required 5% party quota in Sunday elections) but as a part of Odessa’s Mayor Gennady Trukhanov’s “Doveryaj Delam” (“Trust the actions”). His party is tipped to acquire over 50% of seats on the council.

The preliminary results of the local Ukrainian elections show that Dmitry Palpatine managed to attract over 54% of votes in his 57th district of Kotovsky Village, leaving all his competitors far behind, KP.ua reported.

Darth Vader bloc managed to collect less than 3% of the votes, which means the party will not be getting any seats.

During the Sunday elections, Chewbacca was arrested by police for incorrect parking, while driving Darth Vader to the polling place.

The Dark Lord was subsequently refused in casting his vote, as his name wasn’t found in the electorate rolls at the gymnasium #9, where he attempted to vote.


Chewbacca was arrested for an incorrectly parked car and absence of identification during Ukrainian elections. He was driving Darth Vader to the polling place.

Chewbacca refused to identify himself to the police officers and present his driving license, and had been escorted to the station.

Police officers confiscated weapons, a cosmic blaster and a sword, during the arrest. 19 police officers were involved in the operation.

The family of Darth Vader, including his son Luke and daughter Leia, were able to vote.

Darth Vader was shocked by the absence of his name in the electorate rolls, where it was present since 1991, as he stated.

He said that the disappearance of his name from the list was the evidence of “massive falsifications”, KP.ua reported.

Most mayoral posts in Ukrainian elections were not claimed in the first round, with the second round to follow on 15 November 2015.


Palpatine represents the party “Doveryaj Delam” (Trust The Actions).

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