Does She Really Like You? Emotion Detector Uncovers True FeelingsStaff author: Adilia S.

Would you like to know if a woman finds you attractive on the first date?

Just imagine that in the future everyone will have an “emotion detector” measuring if a potential partner or just a friend likes them or not. Such gadgets are supposed to be built right into your phone.

How do you like such a prospect? Will it make your life easier? And will you be ready to face the truth every time you use the detector?

Does she really like you?

British scientists from Lancaster University printed a 3D model of a polygraph for measuring emotional states of people.

A similar device was depicted in the film “Blade Runner” directed by Ridley Scott in 1982. The detector was used to differentiate between an android and a real human. Respondents were asked a number of provoking questions that revealed their emotional weaknesses.

Emotion Detector

Harrison Ford with a special detector — Voight-Kampff machine.

The modern device is more compact and easy to use.  As the researchers say, the emotion detector is an ear-piece, which monitors skin colour and heart rate when connected to a phone. It will also have a built-in camera to monitor dilation of eye pupils.

Scientists believe it’s not hard to create a device like this. There is nothing super sophisticated. That’s not an issue. The scientists are more concerned about potential problems their invention may cause. They are not sure that their emotion detector is a thing that the world needs. Will it improve our lives or make them more difficult? What do you think?

Emotion Detector

The emotion detector can be built into your phone.


Emotion Detector

The current model of emotion detector device is a compact ear-piece. It certainly can be made smaller in the future.


Photos: Screenshot, Lancaster University


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Can I have the same device for myself, it shouldn’t be only for men ) It so difficult sometimes to understand if man do or doesn’t like you or he is shy or it’s intercultural gap in behavior. It could be so nice addition to intuition, especially during first conversations!

Darya Adamenko

Useless device, IMHO. Scientists are right about consequences this device will сause. To deprive a human of
intrigue and exciting love experiences? What for? Only compulsive rationalists will appreciate it…


A device is not needed [too many of these things] – you’ll know how she / he feels instinctively 🙂


Well, on the one hand this is a real rescue for those men and women who always complain about their intuition. But on the other hand scientists are right: we can not predict all the consequences right now. But innovations go ahead and to my mind such device will be the part of our lives.


From my point of view, our life will be more difficult when this device appear. A person will be able to know everything about stranger who he has just met and there won’t be any interest to puzzle out him. It is better to learn new person via watching him 🙂


It is very interesting! I think this device will be very useful for some people. However,I think that if some person likes you, you can understand it without any devices. But on the other hand, if the person does not like to show his real emotions , this device will be able to help to understand his feelings.