elenas-models-profilesFrom time to time I still get across some comments online accusing us in having “fake” profiles on the site.

While it’s Elenas Models policy not to comment on blogs and forums (our users come to us with problems, and we assist them immediately!), I think it’s important to make it clear how Russian and Ukrainian women join and use our dating site, and why accusations in “fake” profiles are foolish.

I am happy to make it very clear and transparent, and you are welcome to check it with ladies when talking to them, how it works.

1. Women don’t pay on Elenas Models

It’s free for ladies to join and communicate with men. They do not pay to talk to guys, and can freely email to men or send them an EOI. Sharing your contact information is allowed: you can give your email address to girls, and they can give their email addresses to you.

2. You NEVER pay-per-letter talking to women

Once you start communicating with a lady, all emails and chats are FREE. With Platinum and Ultimate membership your dating is UNLIMITED. With the Gold plan, you have a limit of 50 contacts, which means you can communicate with 50 people.

3. Women on Elenas Models are not paid to talk to you

Since you are not paying-per-letter, it’s impossible for women to benefit in any way from your communication. No commissions are paid by Elenas Models for EOI’s, mails or chats (or even possible).

4. We personally talk to women before approving their profiles

Ladies join Elenas Models online, by uploading a profile, just like you do. Most of them find our dating site through search engines, online forums, media, our Russian blog, online advertising, and word-of-mouth references of their friends.Elena's Models profiles, how ladies register on the site.

Once a profile is uploaded, our administrators check the data and photos through various databases, including social media sites, to ensure its authenticity. After that, we usually make a phone call and talk to the lady (a personal phone number in the profile is compulsory for all women). She confirms her desire to be on the site, agrees to our policies (no money requests) and that she will be personally communicating with men (in other words, that there is no agency involved, which may ask money for translations or communication).

If the administrator is happy with the interview, her profile is approved. If we have some doubts, we arrange a Skype meeting and ask her to show us her documents. We only approve profiles that we are satisfied to be genuine.

5. Women on Elenas Models have 100% control of their profiles

They can delete it, put it “on hold” (hide), add or remove photos, edit text of their profiles etc. If they forgot their password, they are able to restore access through their emails address. The validity of the email address is checked during the registration.

6. There is NO software sending mails, EOI’s, or chat requests on Elenas Models

elenas-models-profiles-5Our dating site doesn’t do any of so called “matchmaking”, where mails, EOI’s or chat requests are sent to users automatically by a computer program, which is typical for PPL dating sites.

On Elenas Models, if you get an EOI or a mail, it means that a real human being had to:

  • Login to the site
  • View your profile and photos
  • Click on the button to send the message to you

The process of sending messages works the same for men and women. It works exactly the same for ladies as it works for you.

7. There is NO software answering mails, EOI’s, or chat requests on Elenas Models

elenas-models-profiles-2If you sent an EOI, mail, or chat request to a member, there is no software answering such requests automatically. To answer your request the user must:

  • Login to the site
  • View your message
  • Click on the button to answer, and select “yes” or “no” (for EOI’s and chat requests), or type an answer (for mails)

The process of answering messages and requests is exactly the same for male and female users.

8. “Polite NO” option

There is “Polite NO” option for mails, which allows you to reject a message from a person without reading, if you simply don’t like their picture or profile. In this case, the user receives a message thanking them for their attention and advising that you are not interested. Sending “Polite NO” is free, i.e. you can send a “Polite NO” being a free member. You don’t have to use this option — if you wish, you can simply leave the message unanswered.

9. No payments for “translations”

Elenas Models has a built-in multilingual online translator on the site for mails and chat. If a lady doesn’t speak fluent English, it’s easy to translate between languages for you and her, and it’s instant. There are no “translators” or any censorship. Write what you want, share your contact details, or go off the site to chat on Skype.

10. No interruptions

No one is interrupting with your communication and relationship. If a girl wants to talk to you, she will. If she doesn’t want to talk to you, we cannot make her do it. If she started talking to 20 guys, and then decided to narrow down her selection to 3, we cannot make her continue communicating with other 17 people. Please understand it.

11. You can talk to as many women as you want

With Platinum and Ultimate packages you can talk to as many ladies as you want (no limits on the number of contacts or mails).

  • Some will be interested and stay interested.
  • Some will be interested initially, and then decide to stop communicating.
  • You will like some people initially, and then you may figure out they are not right for you.

elenas-models-profiles-4We encourage you to talk to many women, so that you get some practice and understand them better. If you ask 20 people the same question, you will start seeing a pattern.

Try to chat to ladies who wrote to you first, even if you may not see them as 100% marriage material. Ask them about their intentions, dreams, aspirations, daily life etc. Get a feel for them. You will realize that they are genuinely seeking someone for a long term relationship and what is the common denominator. With UNLIMITED emails and chats, it costs you nothing.

  • Do your research
  • Don’t be arrogant
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Don’t talk only to beauty queens

Chat to regular girls who want to get to know you. It doesn’t cost them anything, they will get to practice their English, so it’s win-win for everyone. Use this opportunity to get to know some real people in the same country. Then, if something doesn’t seem or sound right, you always have an unbiased individual to ask questions.

12. Start communicating!

elenas-models-profiles-3All in all, you will never know what it’s like until you start communicating with women yourself.

You may read about sex in books or even watch a movie how it’s done, but until you have tried it yourself, you will never know how it really feels.

Join the action.


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Stefanus Candra

This is very useful to know because many other websites use automated bots to initiate chats and emails.

Chad Lee
It’s very interesting and somewhat comforting to read about how this site really works. I have been on for about 2 weeks and have received a few EOI’s but I haven’t joined yet because I am afraid of getting scammed. Ya see the only reason I seek out a Ukrainian woman is that yes, they are probably the most beautiful women in the world but more importantly to me is that I read that they have family values, great moral character, are somewhat conservative and really desire one man, one life, one family. It’s very important to note that I… Read more »

Thanks Elena!

It has taken me a week to get to some of your helpful blog postings — this one was particularly informative. It was nice to read some of the “how I started” background on your site as well.

Very helpful post to understand the process, their requirements as well as your investigation to help validate conversations. I’ve been here less then a week and already enjoying corresponding with some very nice ladies. THX !!! I do have a question. I’m 62 and getting EOI’s and emails from women half my age. It’s flattering but I really want to ask them WHY? Since I’m Gold member I’m not going to waste Credits on asking so I just do the Polite No Thanks. What’s your opinion: true interest, just want financial care, hoping I have good looking son 🙂 or… Read more »

It is reassuring to know that the women on here are genuine and not someone sitting at home sending out fake profiles, it eases the mind knowing you are talking to a real person that is interested in you.


This is very encouraging to know and definitely relieves suspicions about the this site. Even traditional American dating sites have me questioning their tactics. It’s good to know the backstory of this one to give it credibility.

Walter Grzelak
Hello, I would like to tell you that I LOVE the polite “NO” option. It is very unique and a great idea. One of the things that really bothers me and many men, is the sheer number of “NO ANSWERS”. It is not always easy to send an initial email and not sound like a rehearsed or used pick up line. After sending so many, how do you not repeat yourself? We want to make a good first impression, so it takes thought. When we send an email and get no answer, it does not tell us anything, so what… Read more »
My second wife was from Ukraine and although the marriage didn’t work out over the longer term I found I had a great affinity for Eastern European women. Business and pleasure took me variously to Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic states. When I decided to look for another committed relationship I began to investigate the website options. There’s a very famous website that seems to make most of its money from fake profiles and pay-per-letter scams. I’d never heard of Elena’s Models before starting my search, but I decided to give it a try. I created my profile, initiated a… Read more »
Walter Grzelak
Thank you for your advice! It is very good advice and just another example of how different this web sight is from others, Obviously here your treated as a real person, not some number. Your advice is very welcomed and I will follow your suggestions. You raise great points as I see the kinks in my thinking. I am a man so, I do not worry so much about personal safety like a woman would. I did not see some of the points you spoke of. I do now! Makes perfect sense too! Thank you! I did not mean at… Read more »

Great advice and great service Elena. Nobody else comes close in making it easy to get to know women from Ukraine and Russia!

I think that Elena’s model has a good policy anti-scam. Checking women’s profiles is a nice thing to do… to avoid any kind of problems. Cause joining is for free for women i think it could be a great opportunity for some of them in finding the right one. Anyway… and I can speak for my experience… not all women are really interested in it. I mean some of them just try… not are really sure about results… and after one mail they disappear… For sure it depends on our nature… but maybe you could select women that are really… Read more »
Elena Thank you for this website/blog. I am very new to Ukrainian/Russian overseas online dating. I’ve had a profile on the competitions website but have never actually paid to use the website or any Ukrainian/Russian dating site. So I am fairly new to the Elena’s Models website but I am thinking about trying your services as a paying subscriber. I am excited about the opportunity to perhaps meet a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian woman but at the same time a little leery. I’ve heard stories about the reputation sites like Elena’s would have in the past about mail-order brides and… Read more »

Reassuring elena. Thank you


its great to know this, have you taken the step to meet any of the girls?

Jorge Nicolas
Hello from Rio de Janeiro! It is my first experience in a relationship site, And of course looking for a Ukranian or Russian lady. Actually it is very difficult to find ( almost here in American countries ) with old fashioned family principles. And it’s for that I’m looking for a charming Ukranian-Russian lady. We know that they are very feminine, charming, love family principles… and very intelligent and cultivate, They love arts, books, nature… children etc. I’m very old fashioned person, I like family with children, I’m a divorced man and I live with my little 6 years old… Read more »
Simao Pedro Bras Silva
Simao Pedro Bras Silva

I admire your frontal honesty, Elena. It is very rare to see a website’s Administrator being so “feet on the ground” like when you talk with men in this eBlog.


I’m really happy with this website and I plan to pay for its services. The only thing that i am upset about is that the free membership expires. I’m so happy that this article was published it helps me feel better knowing that Elana is dedicated to it’s visitors in ensuring that you are getting top notch service at every turn.

If I had found this site before, would never have used the concurrent. They charge expensive and for all. Has bad reputation, pay women cheat their users, limit the contact options, charge by letter and could still talk for an hour about the horrible service, but I will not waste my time. It is very famous but it is a machine to deceive men, I hope that one day they will go bankrupt, they deserve to be ignored by users of this type of service, I think everyone knows what I’m talking about. Thanks to the men who were deceived,… Read more »
andy sharp

What a refreshing change to see it out in the open well done Elena


It was interesting to know how the women sign up, there are so many good looking women on this site its almost hard to believe they are still single, thank you for the extra knowledge.

Mario Pelser

Been used to a couple of online dating sites, especially targeted at Ukrainian and Russian woman, I must say in all honesty, I was disgusted at some of them and the way men are mislead and deceived out of their money!!
But I was very pleasantly surprised at the degree of honesty on this site so far!! I see real woman with real photos! I will give this a try and see if it works for me!! I am here to find true love!!