Fake profiles on dating sitesAll dating sites have fake profiles submitted to them all the time. Some people just want to try the service out but hesitate to include their truthful details and photos, others run a consumer comparison review and want to see how the site works, and third may have dubious intentions.

Whatever is the reason, there is no dating site in the online Universe that never had a fake profile in its database. It is the task of site administrators and moderators to review profiles and remove the ones that are not genuine. Every dating service has certain procedures that are used to prevent influx of fake profiles into its database. Such profiles may of any gender, male or female.

Elena’s Models profile approval process

elenas-models-profilesOn Elena’s Models, we have compulsory moderation or all new profiles and photos, as well as updates and changes. This means, a real human reads the questionnaire and reviews photos before publication. This applies to both men and women. This candid review allows to block the majority of attempts to submit bogus information.

When we initially approve new profiles of women for publication, we usually have a telephone or Skype interview with them, to assure that our database is free from fake profiles and also to answer any questions that ladies may have about Elena’s Models and using our dating site. (More about our profile approval process)

Fake profiles and how to spot them

international-dating-scams-1How do we usually spot people trying to sneak in a false profile?

The simplest way of spotting a fake profile is when there is a picture of a celebrity or a known personality. It’s also obvious when the age and appearance of the person in the photos don’t match the questionnaire.

People whose requirements to a partner are too vague or seeking someone much older may raise reasonable suspicions. Profiles with little to no personal information such as interests or personality traits, may be trying to hide something or create a sham persona. It also helps if you can see the IP and email address, which we usually cross-reference across available databases.

Profile verification service

profile-verification-1Elena’s Models offers profile verification service. If you met someone via our dating site and would like to find out more about the person, we will phone the lady or arrange a conversation by Skype to discuss questions that are of interest to you, as well as find out how she feels about you and sees the future of your relationship.

After we have talked to the lady, we will provide a detailed report to you in writing. Please note that this service is designed to clarify and improve your relationship, and not to check on a potentially fake profile. If you had no prior communication with a lady, it’s best to first start talking by email, chat and video chat (or Skype), and develop a quality connection.

If you are planning to visit a woman or meet her in another country for a holiday together, arranging a profile verification interview beforehand will allow you to ensure this meeting has a good chance to result in a lasting relationship. It’s definitely worth doing.

(To order profile verification, click on the link “Membership Account Details” in the right panel on the Home page of your account, and then on “Buy Add-on Services”.)


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Very useful information, thanks 😉

I finally decided to sign up for this site because it seems to contain real women instead of the many, many fakes I have run into on other sites. After many, many discussions I eventually just stopped talking to all of them. Then on a local dating site I met Darya. She told me that she is from Russia. I have been talking to her for about a year now. She seems real but has asked me for money to prepare a vacation visa to come see me. This sets off all kinds of alarms bells for me. But then… Read more »

I totally agree with you. Most refused to give you a phone number and many refused to go on skype. while others claims it is expensive to call. I had some people spend as much as two months of efforts, all in order for them to get you to send money to them. So, no phone number, no voice, no skype and if you refused to send money = fake profile.


Its difficult to spot fake profile but sometime it become easier to notice them by their way of chating…. Their profile picture style…. Something perfect is not predictable but it gives some educated guesses..


There are really a lot of fake profiles on dating sites. It is very scary because many people want to find their soulmate there.

I want to thank you for your efforts. I cannot tell you how many women I have seen that say they cannot speak a word of English but, on a different site where you need to pay to send and respond, they write five letters each day. With Bing and other translators out there, free ones, it is simple to translate and, with all the cell phones, honest and accurate photos are simple to produce. I thank you for your willingness to provide an honest product. It is not easy to manage this with all the scammers crawling out of… Read more »
Klaus Eriksen

Yes surely all pay per letter sites are completely fake full of free lancers getting a commission or professional daters who show up for a “date” with no prior knowledge of the man as it is a company employee who has been writing on their behalf. Even on some genuine sites you find yourself spending more time fending off scams than actually corresponding with women who have genuine intentions. This site is one of only two sites where I have not encountered these problems.

Well I’m still a free member and still on the fence with going all out for a paid membership. Thing is there are a lot of beautiful women on this site and I get a lot on contact on here. I’ve used the same pictures on other dating sites with not so much success. Although these other sites are with western women, more so Australian women! For me it’s not a money issue, paying a $100 for such services is no big deal, it’s what you’d spend anywhere else. But if spending my time chatting with what looks to be… Read more »

It is great that the site pays attention to and checks carefully all the profiles here. I know many stories when my friends got acquainted with guys through the Internet and when they met they understood that the person was completely different from the one in the profile, be it the appearance, way of thinking, etc. It is also the question of safety and men and especially women are very concerned about that. We need a site with such a check.


I agree with you. All profiles should be carefully checked. Some person take dating sites as the only opportunity to find a partner. But the other use them just for entertainment and give wrong information about themselves. After meeting in real life you often get disappointed, because you meet totally different man as he seemed to be.

I did a lot of research before joining Elena’s Models. I also tried some other Russian dating sites. I found the other sites to be a scam. I spent a lot of money for no results. I learned that many of the women on those sites are paid to chat with you and get you to spend more money. To meet a woman, you have to arrange with the site and pay more money. You do not get any contact information. It was a waste of time and money for me. Elena’s Models verifies profiles and all the women I… Read more »

Great you take this seriously!


As for me, I also start to suspect the profiles without a photo and with little to none information. But the communication with the person makes it totally clear. If a request for money follows pretty soon – I just stop all the communication. One should be very careful!
Best of luck to everyone!

walter borecki
I have been on two other Russian dating sites and yes the woman are nice and willing to date anyone. I always noticed that they keep sending you letters even when you stop communication with them. I got suspicious and even asked if they get some kind of commission, this question never got answered. I am happy this site is different and I hope to find here my true love and not a gold digger. Thank you Elenas for your service, I hope you can increase your female membership. We guys should alert our friends about the scams.

I noticed whilst corresponding with a couple of women on the site that I got a reply from two women that were so close to being identical it couldn’t have been coincidence. I suppose it could have been a standard reply written in English afailable to them but it did make me wonder to their authenticity


You can definitely tell the verification process is stringent – on even the most respectable competitors’ sites you’ll get dozens of messages a day, but hardly any on here. Much more faith that those few are genuine!


I think that to avoid fake profiles you should use personal contact with your partner. Propose her or him to communicate by Skype, phone or personal e-mail. These measures help you to verify if your partner is real or just a fictional image. Try to compare his/her real appearance and manners with ones on photos.


Hi! Everyone , please Elena tell me why men’s on here site not trying to meet on video chat when I asked them meet them through video chat and they ‘d blame us women’s that we have fake profiles . I have experience of men’s dating site in here I asked them can we get know through video chat and if for you expensive we can use Skype because Skype is free , why they’d cancel chat and see me through web camera after they’d sent me in them interest in here ???????


Yeas , Elena you right about Skype so can easy see who’s fake and men’s do not want to use Skype even Skype is free . Why men’s not want to use Skype if video chat on your site for them cost money ??????


That’s good, when a dating site checks profiles. When i visited elenasmodels for the first time it gave me the feeling that the agency really cared about me. Other side was sure that i am not fake, and was a real person. And i was sure, that when i meet men, agency already checked their profiles and it’s mostly secure. I am really satisfied.


Yes, it’s actually a huge problem. We often hear about cases of fake profiles. That makes a bad reputation for the country in general, especially when tackling cases of fraud. And these men should actually be taken to prison. It’s very good that you check the profiles.


Yes, fake dating profiles are a common problem on many sites. They have no pictures. No information. But I don’t think that these people have any bad intentions. Maybe, they just want to try how this dating site works, or they are too shy and don’t show their faces.