Elenas Models fake or legit, my story.

Trying to find out whether Elenas Models fake or legit? Here is a report by a customer with an experience of good and bad. (Originally published as a comment to the post How quickly can you meet a girl on EM?)

Why Elenas Models is a legit site

By David

I would like to share my experience on EM because I met my fiancée here after 7 months.

I have to tell you I was skeptical at first but having now met the woman who I believe is my soulmate, I’m convinced it works. We spent a week together in Warsaw and we were engaged the 2nd day and I can’t wait to marry her in the US.

I bought a 6 month Platinum membership, met dozens of women online, 4 of whom I video Skyped with every weekend and texted almost every day for many weeks. They were attractive and most wanted me to go meet them. But I wasn’t about to fly 20+ hrs until I was pretty certain about the woman.

My first personal meeting

The last of the 4 women had a US passport and she seemed to like me enough to be willing to fly to meet me in the US. I would pay for the hotel and she paid for her flight. We had a nice time and were thinking of planning a longer stay to see if things would work out.

This was towards the end of my 6 month membership but having actually met a nice Russian woman in person I knew EM was a legit site. So I renewed my Platinum membership for another 6 months.

Within a couple of weeks of my renewal I received an acceptance of an EOI I sent out. I emailed her my Skype ID and didn’t think much more about it. But a few days later while I was at work she texted me on Skype.

We got along surpringly well and I knew she was special. When we video Skyped that weekend, I started to fall in love with her and she seemed to like me just as much. To make a long story short, I flew to meet her and it was literally love at first sight and by day 2, I proposed and to my relief she accepted.

We are in the process of getting her K1 visa but meanwhile we talk everyday and will be spending 10 days in Cancun very soon.

The moral of the story is to persevere

I literally sent out close to 100 EOIs and emails, got rejected or ignored by over 50% of the women right off the bat, the rest just didn’t work out and my membership even expired. But I found my future wife 1 month after I renewed and she is just the most perfect match for me.

Oh and she told me many horror stories of the weird men she met online. She was about to hide her profile and I was the very last person she decided to try.

So IMHO it is luck, fate, and just making the effort to meet many women on EM.


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David, hi. I wish your family love, joy, happiness and let everything be OK! I am sure that Elena Models give many people teh opportunity to meet their love, we live in the modern world, so I think that we need to try to believe in the chances this type of communication gives. And yes, I think firstly, you can be sceptical but in the end…. you are sure what can be)))) I hope all the lonely hearts will find their love, and they will meet only kind and friendly people here)))

Good luck)


Stunning cases and perhaps someone will explain to me: man sends interest, I told him to replace 2 letter, he NOT reads and removes this and sit in silent….WHAT KIND OF TROLL??? And what is psychological pleasure he gets? It is clear that he need to show that he doesn’t want me, but I don’t want him too? Why do such actions? And there was lot of similar dispositions…they are from changing mood??? or I like one who dumped him before?? We need a ball mutually: given, received etc…and all is well!

HI Guys (and Ladies) 🙂 Now I am not going to tell you my name, nor the name of my love. But here it goes: Trick number one: go to the picture of the lady you are looking at and right click, then choose “search for image on the web”… You will see if the lady is a scam in the sense that there are plenty of other photos of said lady online… If you don’t see the photo repeated many times you can (I did) presume that she is legit. Then tell that lady your life story and what… Read more »
Sadly I have had a similar experience but no happy ending. They Either disappear without a word suddenly, Profile vanishes, or something that causes them to become a ghost. Closest I ever came was one I had been talking to a lot who also lived in the US gave me her email as she decided to turn off her profile and wanted to still talk to me. I sent her an email an awaited a response that took about a week. Her first and only response off the site was that she decided to email someone else exclusively. I sent… Read more »

Well there are no real guarentees and think of it this way, there are guys out there who are plain wierd, criminals, dishonest, golddiggers, pimps, drug dealers, and what not; so it is just a bad for a lady. I am working on heading over there. I took language classes, and know the history etc, and that makes a big difference.

I know this site is real. I met a few girls from Kiev, they did not really work out, but that did not stop me from meeting and going out with other girls from this site. I was actually lucky, I worked in a former soviet union country, and started dating girls from where I lived. They were nice, but not what I was looking for. I let my subscription run out with no girlfriend. About a year latter I decided to try my luck again, dating girls in the country I was living in. I did go out on… Read more »
Jonathan Stanwood

Why is “David” anonymous? What’s there to hide? Sounds like BS. Sorry.