complaints-about-womenMen and women often complain about each other. Our 22 things a woman will never say to a man are in a great extent based on these typical male complaints, and funny enough, most girls on Elenas Models who have read the post agree that they are not very likely to say something like this to a guy (although some ladies insist they use some of the phrases from time to time). 🙂

And while it started as a joke, it made a lot of sense to many people, giving them the opportunity to look at themselves and take a notice of what they are actually doing, and, hopefully, make adjustments. (As the saying goes, every joke has a bit of joke, while the rest is true.)

But it’s possible you have some other things you have noticed through your communication that you’d like the girls on our site to know. If it’s true, I’d like to hear from you!

Complaints ahoy!

For example, talking to female members on Elenas Models I often hear such complaints:

  • Gentlemen don’t read what is in her profile
  • Guys’ photos are of poor quality
  • Most male members write very little in their profiles
  • Men only seem to want to talk online but make no effort to meet in the real world

There may be some other complaints but those are the ones that pop up most frequently, so, to summarize: if gentlemen took some time to improve their profiles, they would be getting much better results. The best outcomes, of course, could be achieved if you were prepared to meet for real and not just chat online and exchange emails (it’s one of the top women’s grievances).

Do you have some grudges about pretty, cute, lovely girls you are talking to on Elenas Models? I will be happy to convey them to women, and maybe, explain some of them here, so you understand why it happens this way. Ladies want to meet someone for real, so they are eager to learn and take feedback! 🙂

What are your complaints about girls on Elenas Models?

  • What are the most typical things that make you frustrated?
  • What would you prefer instead?
  • What are you looking for in ladies’ profiles?
  • Anything else you would like them to know?

If you have complaints regarding women in general (not just a specific person but what you see as an overall trend), use the “comments” form below to let them know what you think, it can be educational for both males and females on, and give us a good insight into each other’s needs and aspirations. Men are often too hesitant to comment, while ladies are lots more talkative on the blog — this is your chance to express your point of view, so use it!

After all, you are on the site with the same goal: to meet someone special!


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The only “gripe” (a grudge is not the correct word in this article methinks) I would have is that the EM website makes it very easy to let someone down gently – I do it, just send a polite no and yet it seems it is something that the women here (bar for one so far) have some difficulty doing !? Think about it – A guy doesn’t want to be a serial hello sender or collect a million contacts so he might just keep a tight list – if one on the list is not interested then it would… Read more »
My biggest issue mostly has to do with the excessive amount of active and outdoorsy women on the site. I’m not an active or outdoorsy person (though can occasionally be persuaded) myself, but I get the impression that many of the women here not only are, but expect the man they end up with will be. I don’t expect a woman that I end up with to spend all her time indoors with me, but being negotiable about it is important. With all of the outdoors interests I see women have, I keep thinking ‘I am never going to keep… Read more »
Too many outdoorsy women? Heck, I think an outdoorsy woman would make sure I don’t sit at home all day – and that’s a good thing, IMHO. 🙂 And I don’t think that there are “too many” women of any type – there are women here (like there are men here), and they are who they are. No matter what dating site I’ve been on, I figure that it’s my responsibility to accept the women who are there for who they are, and then see if we can be mutually compatible. There are dating sites that supposedly target one kind… Read more »
My biggest gripe would be women who only have professionally-made studio photographs. Personally, I very much like it when women have some “real” photos of themselves. We are all picking our “best” photos for the site, but, to me, there’s a fundamental difference between a set of photos where the person is in a studio (with just the right lighting, in borrowed clothes, being told how to act/pose) and, say, a photo of that person engaged in some activity that she enjoys. One is obviously staged, so I never really trust it. The other is somewhat more trustworthy, because there’s… Read more »

I find it annoying when, after sending an opening mail asking about something in a woman’s profile, there are no return questions. This happens regulary, so either there is absolutely zero interest in keeping a conversation, or many woman have little imagination. Or they don’t bother to read a profile.


@Elena: That explains a lot. Though it’s a bit annoying if one is not the type of person that “forces” a conversation. I suppose more persistence is needed from my side then. After all, no woman is obliged to keep replying 🙂

I think my biggest gripe is the number of non-compatible women that contact me. I just got promoted on the scrollbar at the top of the site, so it’s on my mind, but… ladies, I’m a writer. I run my own business. I like travel, reading, solo sports, and video games. If you’re a party animal with a shopping fetish and a love of football… you may want to look elsewhere. 😛 Fortunately, there are a lot of nerdy/intellectual ladies on EM as well. And I don’t have to worry that most of them are spammers and scammers, unlike Certain… Read more »
Complaints on women? As someone who is well traveled, I think to complain about females is all hyperbole when coming from the male side. Most people will complain that either someone doesn’t respond or what have you, but they will not look at themselves and assess if the person they are going after is something that is actually obtainable. As well you are right, men should be more courageous and provoking, waiting for a women to give you the attention you want will never happen unless you engage and show her your alpha nature. Dating is a lot like a… Read more »