Elena's Models Ban 3 Ukrainian Locations Due to ScamsDating Site Elena’s Models banned 3 Ukrainian locations due to scams. Profiles of women from Odessa, Kharkiv (Kharkov), Zaporozhia (Zaporozhye) are no longer accepted by Elenasmodels.com.

Why Elena’s Models Imposed a Ban on 3 Ukrainian Cities

Pervasive scams in these 3 Ukrainian regions caused the ban. Large PPL dating sites have their offices and multiple agents in these cities, which caused certain deceiving patterns of behaviour to become ingrained: Women date foreign men purposefully to extract financial benefits. The spread of dishonest schemes widely used by agents led increase in scams against foreigners seeking love.

The majority of complaints Elena’s Models received due to women from these 3 cities (Odessa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia) habitually requesting men to move to PPL sites. Certain PPL sites seem to purposefully use this deceitful tactic to attract more clientele.

3 other popular scam patterns:

  1. Commissions for accommodation: Women ask men to visit them and offer help with getting cheap accommodation (apartment). On arrival, the cheap apartment is somehow “not available” and men are forced to rent a more expensive apartment. Women get commissions from landlords.
  2. Shopping: Women take men to a shopping centre and ask them to pay for their purchases, motivating it by cultural traditions to buy gifts when dating. The items are usually returned by women for a refund.
  3. False engagement: Women say they would like to get engaged and ask men to buy an expensive engagement ring. The money is often pocketed by the woman who arranges to return the ring and split the money with the shop owner.

In the most elaborate patterns women engage collaborators who pose as their family members: parents, siblings, or friends. If collaborators are used, it could be them suggesting to purchase expensive presents, buy a ring and offer marriage, take the “bride” shopping.

Men who are considering visiting one of these problem locations (or any other Ukrainian city) are encouraged to download Elena’s anti-scam book at: http://www.womenrussia.com/book/.

It describes fraudulent patterns used by agencies and women from these cities in details and gives you tips how to avoid potential traps.


Elena's Models ban Odessa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia

Elena’s Models ban 3 Ukrainian locations: Odessa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia.

Elena’s Models Guarantee

Once again, Elena’s Models make it clear that we will not be tolerating scams and deceitful tactics of conduct on our site. Protecting our members from dishonesty and ensuring that only genuine members can use our services is our definitive goal.

Elena's Models guarantee

Elena’s Models do not pay commissions to agents for profiles or messages. No payments per letter — unlimited communication and freedom to share your contact information.

Elena’s Models Integrity Disclosure:

  • No bots or mailing software used on the site to incite communication between members.
  • No chat bots are used on the site or app.
  • No profiles are accepted from agents in exchange for payments.
  • No commissions are paid to women or agents to communicate with men.

Unlimited communication, freedom to share, and transparency are our principles on which we have built our work since 1999. Members are free to share their contact details and exchange email addresses, mobile numbers, and accounts on other sites.

While the majority of dating sites in the Eastern European (Russian, Ukrainian) sector have chosen the path of hiring agents and paying them commissions to recruit women, Elena’s models continues working directly with members, without mediators. Simple membership (Platinum, Gold, Ultimate) structure doesn’t require payments per letter/chat.

On Elena’s Models blog for men we publish current information on situation and events in Ukraine, Russia: salaries, cost of living, economic prospects.

Women find tips and advice through Elena’s Models blog in Russian and on our site Zamuzh.com.

Both male and female members receive weekly newsletters, allowing them to form a better understanding of the realities of international dating. More information and links are published on Facebook, YouTube, and Russian social networking sites VK, Odnoklassniki.


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Even having been stung by a dating / apartment scam in Zaphrozhye I can say safely that this is a great shame. I met some lovely people in this city and it was a pleasure to be there. Even though I spent a not insignificant sum of money the adventure of being in such a wonderful place and the gifts this area gave me I will treasure. I would have loved to go back to Zap city to meet my future ….. It is so sad for the few women who truly want to find their husbands on this site… Read more »

Well. I am from Zaporozhye and Ican asure you there are actual real girls here who are looking for love. So I would not generalize locations to scam. I know there are several fake agencies that hire girls to “work” as brides-to-be, but it doesnt mean ALL of people of almost a million-people-city are scams. So. I suggest everyone should be free of judgements based on only one criteria.


I am aware of what you say, which is why I said it is a great shame…

I agree with Rob’s sentiments: it is a shame for the ladies from those 3 cities (Odessa, Kharkiv/Kharkov and Zaphrozhye) who had sincere intentions, but as Elena indicated, the amount of hassle involved in dealing with fake profiles from scammers operating out of those 3 cities meant that action needed to be taken. In fact, I just logged on this morning to a message from a lady from Odessa asking to take communication off-site because “she hardly logs on” – keep in mind, this is only the second message we’ve exchanged – a phrase that Elena has indicated in a… Read more »
It is sad article and very tough decision. I live in the city of Odessa, I had interview with representative of your agency on Skype and provided data of my passport. I am very surprised with your decision. I believe and I know that there are deceivers always and everywhere, but I want and I will speak only about myself. I am no swindler. Dear men be please vigilant, but I also want that all men knew about our fears as well. There are a lot of male writers, men who ask money for treatment, men who in Skype /… Read more »
Jonathan Michaels

I understand that scamming is a big problem and have read this article and others about how to avoid some scams, but I have the following questions:
– Is a woman who has profiles on multiple sites more likely to be a scammer?
– Are women who are older (say over 36-38) less likely to be scammers?
– Are women with children less likely to be scammers?

I understand that anyone can lie online, but when you do meet someone and they are older and/or have children are they less likely to be scammers?

Thank you.

I will admit that in the being, I had no clue about what I was doing or how bad this industry is truly. I looked and signed up on a few sites to get an idea. Fell victim to one such site, but learned quickly and did not waste much money. But once I realized it was a scam, I went digging into Pandora’s box and started opening the lib. I traveled to Kyiv in July for 2 weeks. I wanted to see the city and get a feeling for things and do some investigating into these PPL’s and the… Read more »
If you’re going to ban new profiles from Odessa and Kharkiv, then you should probably ban most of the other big cities too because they all have PPL agency offices. Even Kiev is bad now, and especially Nikolaev. I found a scam victim forum and was amazed by what people information people were able to dig up. No one really posts there anymore but some of info is still recent. Here is the link: http://scamvictimsunited.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=21&sid=17ab22483b6ab945290fbae831bab408 With the economy in such a bad state, the frozen war in the east, and now the Ukraine government starting to fall to corruption, I… Read more »

That’s drastic, but what will keep the scamming scum from claiming they live in another city in Ukraine?


I went to Zaporozhye in 2013 and met a girl on this site, Alyona. Such a waste of time except for the fact I saw Ukraine for the first time. I notice something wrong when pizza, taxi rides, and movie tickets cause $100usd. Funny thing was she also asked me to buy her a dress for 500usd which made me laugh. Simple answer was no. Her demanding this that was a big turnoff and I hope no one can experience what I did. I think the problem is bigger than those 3 cities.


Excellent information. I have long trusted Elenasmodels website. I believe Elena the founder to have a strong sense of integrity and works hard to keep her business trusted and respected!! Thank you Elena and your staff.


wrote to a nice girl and got a lovely letter from her then when trying to find out more saw she was a scammer all she got from me was my email address and a letter but its a shame as i was interested in her and would have kept up correspondence if she was genuine.if she does write back what should i do

sasha s

I would say Odessa is by far the worst of the three. The women there are parasitic, you’d be hard to find any guy who is in a successful relationship with an Odessa girl