What Eastern European women want from men who date them?This comment came from an Eastern European woman in response to an earlier article. (This one: 3 embarrassingly easy steps to get Russian women to like you.)

Because it’s quite an old editorial, I decided to rather post it separately, so men writing to ladies on Elenasmodels.com could read what Eastern European girls want from guys who desire to date them.

Here it is, in women’s own words: How to get answers to your letters.

3 things that Eastern European women want from men on dating sites

By Alyssa G.

This is so true! All these 3 steps really work, I think. I want to write some more advice.

  1. Women like good photos. They don’t have to be professional ones, of course. But blurred photos just don’t attract our attention. We want everything to look aesthetic. 🙂
  2. You really should write about your willing to create a family because it’s the one and only dream of almost every woman in Russia. Women are on this dating site because they couldn’t find the right man in Russia to create a family. That’s why when she looks at your profile she is trying to find some words about your dreams and plans concerning family. It will attract her attention.
  3. Write to woman. Russian women never write to a man first. That is the rule. Maybe it’s a bit stupid but still. We are so tired to create relationships by our own hands in Russia. We do everything for our men but we get nothing in return. We are tired to be “Iron Ladies”. We want YOU to pay attention to US. And you can initiate contact by writing a short text message.

It’s pretty easy really.  And we will write back to you! 🙂

3 things that Eastern European women want from men on dating sites

It’s pretty easy to get the girl you like. Initiate contact by writing a short text message as girls in Russia rarely write first, and attach a nice photo of yourself.

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It is extremely refreshing to be able to be honest about my desires to build a family at the beginning of communication. In America it seems being honest early on is Taboo, dang you Elena! I am no longer able to go back and take American women seriously :)) I am certainly not the best looking guy but these three roles hold up considerably.

Al Lovinggood

Hey Justin,
It’s not just in the US, it’s people in general.
You have to find the right person who is willing to communicate with you.
Without communication, there is NO foundation in which to build a loving, caring, respectful relationship on.
Without it, it’s destined for failure.
Not even US women are in tune with an open line of communication.
Best of luck.


Agreed on all counts!

Cleetus Farragamo

North American females are all about “The Money”.Pools,cars,furs,jewelery,etc.Most western women have no idea they have it so good and still think the grass is greener “anywhere but where they r”


These 3 steps are really trully. All women want to create a family that’s why they try to find a perfect men who would care for her. I really think that men need to do a first step in communication. It is very important to know that you are interested in communication ith her. So boys shouldn’t be shy.


Of course, without a try it will be “no” for sure . Show your sense of humour, make a girl smile. Everybody is different, but I don’t like “pushy” guys. If I am cold, that means I am simply not into and if I like, I will show my interest but in an indirect way.