What is Different About Eastern European Women?The first thing you need to remember about Eastern European women is that they are still females. Think about the ladies you know and what is different about them as compared to guys, it will be most likely still applicable in the case of girls from the former Soviet Union.

7 things that are different about Eastern European women as compared to western women

It’s normal that residents of different countries diverge in their values and character.

People living in different areas even within the USA will exhibit certain personality traits, often throughout their whole life. For example, females born in New York’s Manhattan will be mostly likely different to girls from Mooresville, Alabama.

The same but slightly more pronounced differences could be pointed out in Eastern European women as compared to western ladies in general.

  1. Tolerance level. Imagine a thermometer, which only goes up to 40 degrees. What will happen if it gets over 40? It will break down. Girls from post-USSR countries live in harsher climate conditions and harder economic landscape. This is why they are trained from childhood to manage difficult situations and be more tolerant.
    Snow man and a Russian girl.

    People in different countries diverge in their values and character. Due to harsher climate and economic conditions girls from post-USSR countries are more tolerant.

  2. Dressing standards. You might have heard that Eastern European girls love to dress up. Foreigners visiting Russia or Ukraine often are amazed how well-groomed and stylish women in the streets are. Smart casual may be the lowest dressing standard allowed for going out of the door.
  3. Grooming. Doing one’s own nails or eyebrows is frowned upon in Eastern Europe. Russian and Ukrainian girls go to beauty salons regularly for facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. If western girls always dressed up and did their hair, nails, and makeup every time they stepped out, as well as diligently attended gyms, they would probably look just as lovely.
  4. Family values. Eastern European women are genuinely passionate about having a family and kids. For them family always comes before career or anything else.
    Russian mother

    For Russian women family and kids always come first.

  5. Resilience. Bouncing back is the nature of life in their home countries. They are hardworking and industrious. Basically all young women in these countries work after graduating from a college. OECD Better Life Index indicates that 74% of men have jobs and 65% of women in Russia. Total employment rate is 69% of people aged 15 to 64.
  6. Emotionality. Girls from these areas are more expressive and sensitive. They are open and direct in showing their feelings.
  7. Warmth. This goes hand in hand with being more emotional. Females from Eastern Europe may look like ice queens at the first glance but they are very warm in close communication. You may be treated like a long lost childhood friend although you just met hours ago.

Those are the 7 major features that separate Eastern European ladies from their western sisters.

Ladies from Eastern Europe.

Ladies from Eastern Europe are more emotional and expressive than western women.



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Hi, Elena. I like your use of “Eastern European women” as a marketing device, but I think there is a big difference between they and women who live in the CIS.
Most EE countries are becoming very westernized and probably women will adopt the values of their sisters of West very fast.
In contrast, I see the russian culture very strong and resilient through the post-Soviet modernization and think they will stay with their traditional values.
What do you think?


Of course, for Eastern European women the family is the main value. Traditionally, it is believed that first of all a girl needs to marry well and have children. A priority is being a wife and mother. Since in these countries there are more women than men, the competition is very high. I think that’s why girls and young women are very particular about their appearance.


You mention “Emotionality”. What about the other way around? Do they like this from their men? You read about how the women love a man to be a MAN and be in the charge and decisive guy. What about if the man also, shares his feelings a lot? The positive ones and negative ones?


Women from Eastern Europe are enormously beautiful. They have no a great amount of money to buy clothes in expensive shops, but they can always look pretty. And they never will hide their feelings. If woman is angry, she always will say it to you!!!


Of course there are a lot of differences between Eastern European ladies and their western sisters. But I think all of them are females who dream about lovely and strong family, all of them want to love and to be loved by their only one!


Hi! Actually i don’t agree with some issue. Western women are really pretty without attending beauty salons, not all, but most of them 🙂 And in my opinion, Russian snd Ukrainan girls and women are the nicest in the world with beauty and character point of view!

In my personal experience: I don’t agree with 6 and 7. EE women stay colder than european women throughout the relationship. They were taught by their mothers to keep the man at distance, always, playing this game of push and pull until the day he dies. This way they strive to keep him, this way they think they can keep him interested. In general they are FOR SURE not very emotional. I have been with an ukrainian woman, and I have been with a brasilian woman. As far as emotions are concerned, they were like 2 different species. Sensitive? The… Read more »

I find this article pretty shallow. I dont even live in Eastern European and take just as good care of my appearance. Plus outward appearances do not count for everything. I have known Eastern European women who indeed may have nice nails and look after themsleves outwardly, but inside they are not nice people at all. Looks are not everything.