Is dating Ukrainian girls a good way to find a partner?The other day I was explaining to someone how international online dating works, and the response was, “It doesn’t seem like a good way to find a partner”. But surprisingly as it may sound, at some stage it is the best way to find a partner for marriage and family.

Why dating Ukrainian girls is a good way to find a partner

For a minute, let’s forget about good ways of finding a partner.

Let’s talk about finding the right person to fill in a work position. Who do you think would be the best person for the job? Of course, someone with the necessary skills and experience, as well as high motivation to work for the wages you can pay, and really needing the job.

It works exactly the same when you are seeking a partner for marriage. If you are sure that marriage is what you want and need at this point in your life, it’s quite hard to find a person who wants the same things. In the western culture, the accent is not on marriage but on having fun, enjoying life, going with the flow, and so on.

It’s different in the Ukrainian culture

The Ukrainian culture is strictly directed towards creating a family. It is the way for mature people to ensure their kids are going to do well in life. Once the children found a partner and dedicated themselves to this person in a marriage–the official union of love, which is supposed to last a lifetime–only then the parents can relax.

Of course, Ukrainian parents still help their kids for a long time, because local guys and girls marry fairly young. But parents feel that they have done their job and now the future lives of their kids have the right direction.

In the western culture, once kids are 18, the parents feel that youngsters should now take off and make a life for themselves. No one expects a girl to leave home only when she gets married, which is typical for Ukraine, for instance.

How Ukrainian girls are brought up

Since they were little, Ukrainian girls are brought up that for a female her happiness is in the family. This means a marital union with kids. Living together is not considered a proper marriage; only officially registered couples have the rights of husbands and wives. If you are in a de-facto relationship, then you are strangers or neighbours in the eyes of the law.

If you chat to Ukrainian girls, you can discover they think that once they get married, their life will be complete and it will definitely become better. This is their view not only about a marriage to a foreigner, but any registered union, including getting hitched with a local man.

Finding a partner in Ukraine

This high motivation behind a search for a lifetime partner is what makes Ukrainian wives valuable.

Another reason is that right now Ukraine is in an economic turmoil. Since 2014 life is not stable and there is no definite answer when it’s going to be back to normal. People find it disheartening to start families in the country that has an armed conflict in the East, which is something that they cannot forget about, even if their home cities are safe. By getting out of the country girls feel that they will have a better chance to live a stable life.

So, the motivation is very high.

It is also for the same reasons a woman from Ukraine views a regular western man as special.

  • Average wages in Ukraine are still below US$300 a month, while prices for goods are on par with the rest of the world.
  • Your earning around US$3,000 monthly is viewed as a great income for a family.

Of course, women understand that money goes a longer way in Ukraine as compared to western countries. But there is still quite a difference in lifestyle and stability, which makes a foreign marriage attractive, especially if she could not find a partner locally, no matter how hard she tried.

Finding real love is still possible in Ukraine.

Finding real love in Ukraine is possible.

Pitfalls of dating Ukrainian girls

The biggest pitfall of online connections with Ukrainian girls is PPL (pay per letter) pseudo dating. These websites pay commissions for generated content (chats, mail, photos) to service providers (agents), who have a direct incentive to hire impersonators to falsify online romances. This is only possible when you are charged for every message you send or receive.

But it is this industry, PPL, which permeated Ukraine’s online international dating scene. The earnings on fake communication are so lucrative that even long-term companies that started in 1990s switched to PPL, along with hundreds of totally fake scamming schemes.

The only way to avoid being scammed through fake communication is to NOT pay per letter.

Fortunately, there are still a few international dating sites featuring profiles of Ukrainian women that offer a transparent membership-based model (similar to eHarmony or Elena’s Models is one of them.

Their high rate of success stories demonstrates that it is a good way to find a partner in Ukraine. If you want something real, the best option is to get real.

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Elena, please write a similar article about Russian women, to compare and contrast Russian and Ukrainian women. There are YouTube videos about the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women, but I value your opinion and would like to know what you think. Thank you and keep up the good work. Eventually you’ll make real men out of all us Westerners. Thanks again Elena


Hi Elena, I would like to ask about the women/men ratio on Your portal? I am asking because I have read somewhere that it is 1:7 ( it was a page with reviews various dating sites ) Is it that bad?
Ideally if You have data, like who was active in last month etc. ( I think it is a good topic for Your english articles that I love to read:)


Robert Brouillette
I joined Elena’s Models about three years ago just to see what would happen. I had a year of Russian in the university in the U S and also go to the Eastern Orthodox Church, both the Greek and Russian Orthodox Church. As a result I have a fairly good background in Russian and Ukrainian culture. Through Elena’s website, I received a number of responses, some in America, some in Russia, Ukraine, and in Western Europe. Obviously, I contacted the American residents first. And little by little things fell into place. I ran into a a little of the “Cold… Read more »
Dear Elana, Please help me, I found the girl of my dreams and was going to visit her at the end of the month in Ukraine. We have been talking since oktober and we have discussed marriage and her and her sons moving to the UK. Last week she became very quiet and when I finally got hold of her, she told me her mother was very strongly against her being with a foreigner and she is afraid of losing her, I have tried every argument possible but dont know where to go from here. I have my flights booked… Read more »
Yeb, Speaking from my own personality, not as a professional dating coach … If I am dating a real woman, then I must also “date” (win over) her circle of family and friends. Although my focus is on my woman, I make it a point to interact with all family members and friends that I meet, and to make them feel that each one is important to me and to the relationship (sincerely). So, is there anything you can do to make the mother feel included in her daughter’s new family? On the other hand, if your woman is a… Read more »
Hi Elena! This is my first time writing here, and I wanted to say I agree with you 100% on the reasons why looking in Ukraine is an excellent way to meet a wife. I was a bit of a late bloomer in deciding I wanted to get married – late 30s – and then ended up in a couple of relationships with inappropriate women from the US. Inappropriate in the sense that they were just not marriage material for various reasons. I proposed to my live-in girlfriend of 2 years, and she said no, she wasn’t the marrying kind… Read more »

I’m curious since you’ve mentioned it before. What would be considered to be to low of an income?


Elena, you wrote,
“This high motivation behind a search for a lifetime partner is what makes Ukrainian wives valuable”
Isn’t this equally true for Russian girls who are in their 30’s, 40’s, etc.?
Or do you recommend focusing exclusively on Ukrainian girls?
I’m willing and able to move to her country, but I speak Russian not Ukrainian. Seems in present day Ukraine, the Russian language is in decline.
Your thoughts on this are much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hello Elena! I must say you have a very nice site here with all the comments! I try to do a lot of reading about things before I do them, and dating is no different. I have read that a good Ukraine lady is hard to beat, both in beauty and romance. My little town was settled from some Russians, but most things have relaxed. I am an old school guy, open doors, leave notes, little things that matter type of guy. I have read a lot on here, and just to be a honest, trust worthy, nice guy, goes… Read more »

My dream is to marry beautiful Russian girls and Ukrainians. I’m serious . I am an artist man. I am ready .