dancingIf you want to improve your success with women, dancing is one of the skills that will take your through life. It’s not a secret: ladies love dancing.

About 10 years ago I decided to take dancing lessons. It was more than I expected, and I would really like to go back! I managed to reach Silver Medal level in Ballroom Dancing, participated in a few dance competitions and shows. The lessons were divided into private and group sessions, with group sessions being free of charge for all students. The dance teachers were a husband and wife team, and each of them would train people of the opposite gender.

How dancing helps men to improve

During my 2 years of dance training, I saw quite a few single guys coming to our group to learn how to dance. Some of them were taking more lessons than I did, and reached Gold Medal level. One guy became so smooth in dancing, I could not believe his transition. When I met him, he was painfully shy, and within 12 month he transformed into a confident young man, who could dance with any lady.

A friend of mine is a distinguished chef who used to head a 5-star hotel restaurant and cooked for the royal family. He told me the story of his success with women. Being of average looks, he never got much attention from ladies. Then he took upon dancing and learned to dance salsa, and started leaving night clubs with 2-3 girls. He said his success was unbelievable. Other guys could not compete.

Why dancing is great?

how-dancing-lessons-can-improve-your-success-rate-with-womenWhen you dance, your physical contact with a woman is quite intimate. You are basically embracing each other, and this can happen even if you don’t know each other that well. It is acceptable for a man to ask a lady for a dance even if they haven’t been formally introduced. Being a great dance partner, you will be able to ask any lady for a dance anywhere the music plays — and let me tell you, Russian and Ukrainian women love dancing!

Most men are quite poor dancers. They do not realize they are missing on great opportunities to move their contact with a girl to more a more physical level, because they cannot dance.

To improve your dancing skills and gain confidence leading a woman, find dance studios in your area. You don’t need a partner to learn how to dance, because the teacher will be your partner. You can try both Latin and Ballroom dancing, both will work. Your skills will improve already within a few weeks, and the more you train, the better you will become, no matter how bad a dancer you think you are.

There is a saying that dancing is a vertical expression of the horizontal desire. Becoming a better dance partner will help you in this department as well: learning to feel your partner and lead helps tremendously. It also improves your stamina and physical fitness.

And if you mention to women that you are doing dancing, your popularity will improve tenfold! 🙂


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Hi Elena. This article is for men but I decided to write my comment, too. I am a very shy lady. And this is why I decided to take tango lessons. My first lesson I was so confused and my cheeks were burning red. Now I have completed the basic course — 2 months. I became more confident and less reserved. And most importantly, I can now dance tango. I would like to meet a man who I could dance tango with :). Добрый день Елена. Эта статья написана для мужчин, но я решила написать свой комментарий. Я являюсь очень… Read more »

Hi – i actually took dance lessons in London a few years ago – traditional eastern european folk dance with my ex-wife who was Russian. It was a great way to connect in a relationship – but also learn something new and improve my health! I am confident already – but it was more to help us spend more time together and strengthen our relationship… although, i am still not a very good dancer!

Hi, i also agree that learning to dance is a great way to meet other ladies and is also a very handy tool when going out on dates or looking to meet people in nightclubs/discos. I used to think that dancing was not really a masculine hobby until i signed up to go to a few classes and found usually that i was only one of a handful of men at the class the rest were all women. its also a safe enviroment if you are shy to meet ladies and acquire a new skill which can be a lot… Read more »
Dancing has always been one of my favorite things to do, going back to the days of disco in the 1970’s when I was a teenager. Most of my friends, however, would tease me that dancing was a feminine activity and that I didn’t like manly rock music enough, but I found the opposite to be true. Dancing spontaneously at a night club can be both extremely athletic and creatively seductive to the opposite sex! My years of practice dancing as a teen at my local YMCA gym paid off in my 20’s, when I lived in the big cities… Read more »
As part of my university curriculum I was required to take several sections of physical activity. I was already active in skiing, swimming and intramural sports so I decided to take the Western & Social Dance and Ballroom sections to fulfill my requirement. I received more than just excellent, professional instruction, I gained confidence, more graceful movement and the ability to engage skillfully in an activity that women enjoy. It would later translate into learning Salsa, Samba and other Latin dancing. More recently when I would attend a local Saturday night ballroom gathering, after dancing 1 or 2 times, ladies… Read more »

That’s kind of funny how learning to salsa dance improves your chances with women. You wouldn’t think it would make much difference, but I guess people like to dance. If your struggling with not getting dates you should probably pick up dancing.


Not all the dancers are great with girls! I know one guy who is a very good dancer but he is already 22 and he still doesn’t have a girlfriend! He is shy and all the girls think that he is just a friend and nothing more. So, dancing is a cool thing but not always the solution of all the problems! The man should be the man, no matter if ce can or can’t dance!

This is very interesting idea and it is truly works. I can’t be sure in this, but as I know all women likes to dance. During the dance, partners are very close to each other and if a man dancing good enough, it will be pleasantly for women. Also if a man has problems with women because of luck of self-confident, dancing can help him to learn how to talk with them, how to move and how behave when he with woman. Nowadays most young people rests in clubs, where they dancing and to be popular you can just say… Read more »

Dance! Nothing expresses thoughts, desires and a state of mind and bodies of the person as this type of activity. “There is a statement that dance – vertical expression of horizontal desire” – I completely agrees with this statement. And regarding success at women, all this is natural as, occupations by dances promote liberation of a body, disclosure of the person. And it already belongs in the nonverbal communication making about information transferred 80%.
Besides, it is repeatedly noticed, including, and on own experience that occupations by dances change the relation to the world and to yourselves, to the best, certainly.


Some say that dance can create more emotons between two, than just a conversation, and I totally agree. Dancing is my passion, and when I come to a club and see a person, whose style appeals to me, it’s like an unconscious connection appears between us, even without any words said. A dance is like a message saying “I am just as good as the way I dance”, which is definitely an imporant thing in making a first impression.