Crazy Things Ukrainians Did for LoveStaff author: Adilia S.

Strong feelings of love can make us do things that we wouldn’t otherwise consider under any other circumstances. Love affects our hormones and brain giving us the feeling of euphoria.

Crazy in Love

Here are 8 crazy things Ukrainians did for love or, better to say, under the influence of this feeling. It’s up to you to decide whether they were blind in love or the affection changed their life for the better.

  1. Ekaterina Vorobyeva, seller, Kiev:

Once I was deeply in love with one guy and thought that he was the man of my life. I was so crazy that I had a tattoo done under my breast, a little heart with the letter M in the middle. The guy’s name was Maxim. Later we broke up. Now I’m married and I have to say to people that the letter M means Mom.

  1. Ivo Bobul, singer:

In my youth, I decided to get to my girl’s room in the hostel using the fire ladder. She lived on the 5th floor. It was dangerous and I almost fell down the ladder. I really surprised the janitor when left the hostel through the entry door afterwards.

  1. Yuri Chevordov, counsellor, Kharkov region:

The last crazy thing I did was for my wife. She wanted us to spend New Year holidays in a snowy Batumi (Georgia). It took us half a day to collect all the things and set out to the journey which turned out to be very adventurous. But my wife’s wishes are always number one for me!

  1. Oleg Protsiv, soldier, Lviv:

I haven’t written any poems in my life except when I was in love. I wrote a poem for my girlfriend. My friends composed music and filmed a video for the poem. My sweetheart was happy!

  1. Nikolai Stotsenko, PhD, Kramatorsk:

Since my girl’s name is Anna, I decided to present a bouquet of pansies to her (in Russian the name of the flower sounds like “Ann’s eyes”). But I could not find these flowers to buy anywhere. I “borrowed” the flowers from the garden of the Donetsk Regional State Administration near the monument of Shevchenko at night. Yes, I was ashamed. The police could catch me but I wanted to make a great surprise for my beloved!

  1. Viktor Efimov, equilibrist, Zaporozhye:

I asked friends to help met to set up a love confession to my girl. We inflated 500 balloons to make a surprise to her. When she arrived and saw a room full of balloons and flowers, she burst into tears of happiness!

  1. Aleksey Kuksa, businessman, Dnipropetrovsk:

My wife and I met at a company party. After 3 months of dating, we decided to get married but the company did not approve marriages between employees. I left, although I had a good salary. But I understood that it was easier to find a new job than a wife. And everything turned out just perfect: I started my own business, and my wife made a successful career.

  1. Valerie, a reader of

I moved from Paris to Kiev.

Ukranian love.

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I loved the way men share their love with women. Especially when it comes to field’s flowers. It’s so romantic, looks likes mother-nature bless a new couple. But not a lot of woman like such type of flowers. Some of them want to have “1 million of roses”.


I am true romanticist and I want to get something really lovely and romantic <3 But I don't now what exactly I want to get… Maybe something presented with love, 'cause love is important! And yes, I'm that kind of girls who want to get "1 million of roses".


The most crazy thing Ukrainian or Russian girls do – move to unknown country with foreign culture and language just because they want to be with their beloved. It’s really a big (in some way very risky) step which worth respect. You should be brave enough to do it for your second half.


Undoubtedly, it is very romantic to make such things. Love is almighty, and whatever actions you have committed in the name of love (except criminal), they are all justified. It is a big happiness to see your beloved smiling and laughing because she is pleased. Isn’t it a joy?!


I never liked to take risks and to be extravagant , but acquaintance with my future wife and the desire to impress her made ​​me think . In the end, I organized a trip to an old castle in Kamenetz-Podolsk where dressed in medieval costumes played the scene with a marriage proposal .


When my husband was my boyfriend, he worked as an engineer in the manufacturer of signs. He met me, fell in love, and then made a sign “I love you” near my house and he brought me there. It was the most romantic night of my life! We made a photo then and I keep it carefully…


Wow, I’m sure that Ukrainian can do other crazy things not only this. But what’s about Russians? It seems to me they do the same things. Actually I think a lot of people can do something like this especially being in love. Because love inspires people to do romantic and crazy things.


How wonderful that love can inspire us to do beautiful and romantic things. It even helps us to discover new talents such as writing poetry and things like that. It’s so cute when your lover is trying to do something romantic, make a pleasant surprise for you.


In my opinion people should do everything for the sake of love. If you met your person, then why not to let all the wishes come true? As we know, our actions are better “speakers” than our words. Do everything for your real love. Only then you’ll be happy.


Wow, it’s so cute! Maybe it’s not so romantic, but when I was dating with my ex, one day I told him that during all my childhood I dreamed about a huge box of chocolate eggs, so he remember it and, can you imagine, he gave me such eggs on every date, not missing a single!