Caring people live longerScientists discovered that caring people live longer. Those who help their family and care for others are more likely to reach an advanced age.

So, if you want to live a long life, think of ways to care for others—family, grandchildren, or assisting the community. You will not only feel happier but also have a higher chance to achieve longevity, researchers insist.

Why do caring people live longer?

A team of researchers from Switzerland, Australia, and Germany studied data on life expectancy of 500 people aged 70-103 years. The information was collected over 20 year period from 1990 to 2009.

  • The scientists focused their attention on elderly people involved in taking care of their grandkids.
  • Researchers also analyzed data on elders without kids who provided support to others, Science Daily reports.

The findings were startling. Half of the senior citizens involved in caring for grandkids were still alive in 2009. The same applied to elders who didn’t have grandkids but helped their children, for instance, around the house. Those who were not involved in assisting others died on average within 5 years into the research.

It is a sad reality that living life alone seems to cause premature departures. Caring for others, however, gives one purpose in life and helps to stay active both physically and mentally.

Altruists survive better

Moreover, the study has proven that helping others contributes to longevity regardless of the degree of kinship. Childless people who were supportive and helped others also tended to enjoy a longer life. Half of them lived for another 7 years (on average) after the first data polling, while the ones who didn’t  assist community or family died 3 years earlier.

However,  excessive involvement in caring for others may cause stress for seniors and have the reverse effect on longevity, academics state.

The scientists suggest that supportive behavior originated in family setups during human history. The chief author of the study Sonja Hilbrand says it is likely that taking care of close relatives in families had an impact on the neural and hormonal system of humans, which formed the basis for spreading of the altruistic behavior towards unrelated people.

Now you know: Having someone to care about is important to enjoy life into your older years.

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It’s true! I’ve seen it with my own eyes. My Grandma lived a long life, she had always cared for my parents and me, she hated to sit around and was always busy. She cooked, washed up, did laundry. So she was extremely active and that was good for her health, and what is more important, she felt needed.


To love and take care of others even if they are family members is an ability that is not given to everyone by God. Really kind-hearted people can make others happy, reflecting a lot of good emotions. Having a good family and an oportunity to take care of them really can make people live longer, because I think that feeling only good emotions is very healthy.


Very interesting and enjoyable to read this. New evidence and motivation to do good deeds. Love and care about people around you. Help people who need it and try to make the world better. I want to live long and like to care of others! Do you?


It feels amazing to care about somebody you love. And as it turned out it is good for your health too. In my opinion, it is one of the biggest joy to care and help other people and animals. I find that kind people with loving hearts are much more attractive than selfish people.