It's Time for You to Cancel Your Subscriptionby Anon.

Mrs. Elena Petrova has created a route to human happiness comparable to that of Christianity or The Secret. Any Western man who wants to get married should use Elena’s Models. Time to cancel your subscription.

Years ago, I remember watching a talk show ─ it may have had as host supermodel Tyra Banks ─ about Russian women who had married Americans. The Russians were all beautiful, and the American men average-looking. I thought either it must be fake or the Russian women were simply prostitutes.

Then around 2011 there was a controversy in Canada: My memory is imperfect, but as I recall a radio station was giving away free plane tickets to Russia to meet women: it was a promotion for a mail order bride service (not Elena’s Models). A government ministry advertised on this station and protested that it wanted no part of “human trafficking.” Any future happiness I have, I owe to this completely misguided protest: I became a customer of that mail-order bride service.

I actually had quite interesting conversations by Skype with Russian women, some of them intelligent students half my age. In America, an age difference of even 7 years is considered extreme. I lived in an area where even 35 year-old women were turning me down (I was in my early 40’s) and I had to drive two-and-a-half hours for a date. Even when I was in my 20’s and living in a city, I could rarely find American women to date who were attractive, interesting, nice; I got rejected by women 10 years older and by single mothers.

I began to read several books on Russian mail order brides. There were books on how to avoid scams, what types of behavior to avoid (e.g., don’t appear “greedy,” which means “stingy”), letter-writing (get your letters translated!) and what not to show in photographs. The books all seemed to mention Elena’s Models.

I went to her site and figured it must be some sort of scam. These women were beautiful ─ practically all of them, it seemed! There was no way this could be real, I thought. (I had read about internet scams, and even continued an email exchange with someone who claimed to be a Russian woman ─ not someone connected with Elena’s Models ─ who I think was trying to scam me.)

Still unwilling to believe, I stuck with contacting women in their 30’s with children, for the most part. But eventually, I started contacting women in their early 20’s and even teens, and got responses.

While not every relationship worked out perfectly, the women on the site of Elena’s Models are real: I have Skyped with perhaps half-a-dozen of them and met several in person (including the parents of three of them), at least two of them actual models, and one of the non-models routinely got called “pretty” by people who met her or saw her photos; and of the women I met in person, three were about half my age or less, and that was just limiting myself to never-married women with no children who spoke good English. (I became a platinum member and wrote about 800 letters.) It is almost certainly true that they want a man with a good job, but the women are not desperate and poor; I think one was wealthier than I am.

Out of respect for these women, I am writing this anonymously, but if you send your contact information to Elena’s Models, I will be happy to answer your questions and give advice. If you are thinking of getting married, you should use Elena’s Models.


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Chris Salmon
I’m very happy for you, brother Anon. You did not mention whether you married a girl you met here, I’m curious to know if you did? Also I note you wrote 800 letters – WOW that is a lot of letters, I had not considered going for any kind of volume like that. Out of 800 letters, you Skyped with 6, but it’s not clear how many you met in person or how many of those were women you had Skyped with? I’ve been curious about what response rate to expect, it sounds like between 1 and 2 out of… Read more »
Aaron McAlpin
Ha. Bitter much? )) I have not renewed my subscription yet because I know that I’m not quite in the position to support the Lady I would marry the way I would like to and I’m sure she deserves. Yet I still log on often with my day dreams and plans in mind. Elena would shake her head and consider me a free-loader but I just look at it as a future investment and way to keep the vision alive. That being said, over the course of several years now (I have an older account) I tried to correspond with… Read more »

I do not trust services, that promise you “shining future without any problems”. Yes, right, there are a lot of people, who just can’t meet a couple by themselves. But for most of us – wedding agencies will just give a hope, which will never become a true love. But anybody can for decide himself to trust or not to trust.

Duane Alexander Parker
Duane Alexander Parker is a horrible site from my personal experience. Most of the profiles on there seem inactive or fake. The ones that do reach out to you are usually people in another state or country pretending to be someone they’re not. And the ones who are “real” don’t even so much as acknowledge you. the way they have their communication system set up is meant to squeeze as much money from you as possible. And they do so with no kind of results. Like at least here you have young women tell you why they reject you or why they… Read more »
The problem with marriage is that the financial benefits to the woman are front-loaded (at least in societies which enforce child support such as USA, Canada, etc), so she has an incentive to divorce or bring about the man’s premature demise unless there are significant non-financial benefits (sex and companionship) to keep the marriage going, but those non-financial benefits are not reliable. I don’t see any way to get around this problem for men who need to marry the woman to bring her back to his country. If the man is retired and can move to Russia/Ukraine all or part… Read more »
I couldn’t agree more with the author of this post. I have been on this site for 1 month and I have no doubt I will meet my wife here. I am not spending any time whatsoever on any other dating site – I’ve spent the last 2 years completely wasting my time. This place is a gold mine, for a serious man looking for a wife. And Elena, I want to thank you for your blog posts and tips that you provide in the comments. They have been very helpful for me in tweaking my profile, and getting better… Read more »