Can Poor Men Get a Girlfriend?Sometimes I get across opinions that poor men can’t get a girlfriend (or wife). If this were true, then all the well-off people would have partners and all the guys on lower wages wouldn’t have families.

But that’s not what happens in real life. So, complaints along the lines, “poor men can’t get girlfriends” are simply not true.

What Poor Men Need To Do To Get a Girlfriend

Basically, if wealth decided how women treat you, this would be an easy ride for many guys using All they would need to do would be to state in their profiles that they were wealthy and voila, here is the crowd of girls competing for their attention.

Yet, as many guys will attest, this is not the case.

Wealthy guys as well as guys who are not rich have to do the same things. They have to court women and make them fall in love.

Easier said than done? Not really. There is indeed a “magic bullet” that can make your dreams come true: VIP coaching package. Simple steps to make any woman fall in love with you, no matter how rich or poor you are.

What Poor Men Need To Do To Get a Girlfriend

Get to know simple steps how to make any woman fall in love with you, no matter how rich or poor you are.

The Art, Science, and Skill of Dating

Some guys think that dating should be something that every one of us has to be able to do naturally. Not at all!

Dating is a skill, just like any other. Just like the skill of setting up and achieving goals, or dancing salsa, or writing poems, or skiing. When you start, you are not great in what you are doing.

The same in dating. The true skill comes with time. Your natural ability contributes to the success but so does good mentoring and advice. Even averagely gifted people can achieve great results with professional mentoring, quickly pointing out the correct techniques and steps for them.

This is why VIP coaching works. It gives you simple steps and tips how to do it right.

Coaching dating


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“Poor man can’t get a girlfriend”- the most stupid think I’ve ever heard! And what does it mean «poor»? It’s like he doesn’t have a car or he doesn’t have BMW? Of course women want man who she could respect, but it’s not about money! It’s about character, sense of purpose and sense of humor, actually. Totally not about money.

My boyfriend havent a lot of money. All of us are happy to say that we look good and we have a great future. But I do not think so. I believe that we can not afford these relations.And he has a secondary special education, he works as a slave, sometimes to night, not learning, but all the money pays the family, that is, to his difficult situation .One of his family member is seriously ill. But I know this man for a long time, he’s really good, kind, sympathetic, calm, cute, loyal, able to stand up for me, etc.… Read more »
Show respect, thats all. I would not say that I am poor. (I never use that word – see in the end of my comment why) I met my girl on Elenas Models. As I stated I am not poor. But I am also not wealthy. Compared to ukrainian salary’s I do ok though. I was in competetion for this girls heart from another man from Franche. He had a head start, since they’d been communicating for two weeks, before I write the first letter to my girl. This guy had a huge mansion in Paris. He had supercars, and… Read more »
There is no greater love than the love of a woman for her pet dog or cat (not to mention her favorite shoes, but that’s a different story, since shoes aren’t alive), but these pets are penniless, so clearly money is not the key to love. What happens if the pet starts making messes on the floor, or refuses to be petted, or develops a skin infection so that no one wants to pet it, etc? In most cases, it gets taken to the veterinarian and put to sleep in the gas chamber. There is a lesson here for men… Read more »

So the lesson is that if I ever get ill she will bring me to the gas chamber and put me to sleep?

Maybe being single is not so bad after all… 😉


I don’t agree with this expression at all. Yes, that’s right that people are met by clothes, but after that you try to open the man’s soul. Of course every man should be rich, but it’s not about money or something like that, it’s about the inner life.


Every woman needs a strong man. But strong doesn’t mean “rich”. Purposefulness and desire to achieve something are much more important than having a fat wallet. Many rich people are alone, because they have too inflated requirements and ego. So, money can’t buy happiness.


I think every person can find a girlfriend and it doesn’t depend on the amount of money that man has. Although it sounds very corny, but I am sure that the most important things are the personal qualities. For example, kindness, good manners, sense of humor and intelligence. Nowadays, many women earn good money by themselves, so it is not important for them.


Anyone can have a girlfriend, even a homeless person or an alcoholic. And everyone has some ideas about being poor. As for me if a person can pay for himself and his children and does not ask me for any money it is ok. I can pay for myself and buy the things I want.