Can love last foreverLove is an amazing feeling. People who are in love seem to be slightly crazy. It’s like they don’t feel pain or see the world the same way. Anyone who experienced the feeling of love would agree with that.

But is it possible for love to last forever?

Love as a Chemical Reaction

To understand love, we need to understand what happens in our bodies when we experience this amazing feeling. Romantic love is something that changes the very chemistry of our bodies. Hormones and substances that are similar to morphine are released in our system. This is why people who are in love say that they feel like they are flying.

No wonders, you have in your system a powerful but 100% natural drug that works like the most potent mind-altering substances humans know.

How Long Can Romantic Love Last?

The powerful chemical reaction causing what is known as “rose-coloured glasses”, when the object of your affections can do no wrong, is impossible for the body to maintain forever. This is why the pink-coloured glasses will disappear, sooner or later, and you will see your beloved the way she or he really is.

The period when this happens is the time when the status quo is established: Can your love last forever?

If both of you are still strongly physically attracted to each other and you have been working patiently to make your connection work and adjusted to each other’s habits and perks, while being “under the influence” of love chemicals, yes, sure, it can work forever.

How long can romantic love last?

Yes, love can last forever.

However, if you haven’t established routines and rituals in your relationship that make it work smoothly, if you struggled and fought before, then your problems are going to escalate.

Other Types of Love

There is one type of love that surely can last forever: the love of a parent to a child. Movies such as Maleficent with Angelina Jolie offer a powerful suggestion that the love of a mother to a child is the only type of love that can qualify for the “true love” label.

Indeed, there is no question whether love of a parent to a child can last forever or not. We know it can.

Love of mother to the child

Parental love can last forever, as we all know.

Can Romantic Love Last Forever?

Science couldn’t stay away from the most powerful dilemma of all times. Sure, we know about hormones etc. Love is chemistry.

But can the feelings of attraction to a romantic partner last for a lifetime? Scientist say, yes!

Psychology Today wrote about researchers Aron and Acevedo who confirmed that sexual interest, intensity and engagement can be maintained throughout long-term relationships. The notion that romantic love with time is all but withering into something more like friendship is not really true, the researchers concluded.

Couples in long-term relationships are capable of upholding romantic feelings for each other and wanting to have sex. Moreover, such pairs were in general happier in their relationships and had a higher self-esteem.

The authors also concluded that romantic love wasn’t something that came and died as some external forces would order. People are the ones responsible for preserving and upholding the romantic flame in their relationships. Like the most good things in life, it’s simply something we work on.

So, if you are seeking love that will last a lifetime, it’s achievable. You and your future partner just must be ready to put some effort and time in maintaining the initial powerful attraction and feelings given to humans by nature.

Can romantic love last forever?

Love is one of the most precious things in life. It’s the thing we have to work on daily to preserve.


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I like the “Rose colored glasses” analogy here. There needs to be common interest in life between the 2 people. Music, hobbies, likes and dislikes have an affect after the glasses come off. This is why it is important to discuss everything, not at once, but over the first few months or weeks of dating. Over months of researching for a book, many blogs written too and answering messages from foreign men. All men seem to have the same questions about Slavic women. Age differences. Children. Are they really this sincere? What are their true thoughts about coming to a… Read more »

Surely it can. My parents spent 50 years together. They grew 2 wonderful children and now still they love each other. Love is not only chemistry, it’s about trust, about care, about secure. Romantic love goes away after 5-10 years, but everything else lasts.

A lot of this has to do with the mechanics of sex. We can love a cat or dog forever if the animal lets us pet it, due to oxytocin bonding. But the love will fade if the animal develops skin infections or becomes hostile so we can no longer pet it. In humans, sexual pleasure causes a strong bonding effect. But if one of the partners is not getting pleasure from sex, they will stop the sex and this the bonding effect, and the love will die. If both partners lose interest in sex at the same rate, due… Read more »

Deffinately, love is an incredible feeling! Two people can feel absolutely the same. It makes them very happy. I personally believe that romantic love can last forever. Probably, I’m a naive girl, but I consider that love can’t disappear. In my opinion, love is like magic.


In my opinion, it depends on personal features. Love never ends when person or, even better, two persons want to love each other. Of course, such things as routine could disturb the lovers. Nevertheless, love is really hard work. The aim of love is not only bring happiness and pleasure, but also to work on your weaknesses and character.


Love can definitely last forever, but it requires so much work for both partners (and it even doesn’t matter, whether the partners are a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman – whoever). Once the butterflies in your stomach fly away and the daily routine overtake you, you have to do your best just to save your relationships as warm as they used to be. But after all you’ll surely be rewarded with the person that would love you till the end.


No one should believe that their love would last forever, or at least come up with a plan in case it won’t. Love is believed to be the essential part of our life while it shouldn’t be overrated. Many people think that when love is over, it’s the end of their lives. The reason of this is that they believe that love can never end. But every feeling has its time to fade and disappear, love isn’t an exception. The only thing we can do is to be prepared.

Love is a kind of feeling that can not be described equally by all people. In reality, this, to some extent abstract noun, can be defined differently taking into account gender of a person, his or her age, social rank, marital status and many other things. Thus, there is no single definition or concept of it. It can refer to an emotion of some intense attraction and personal attachment as well. In general, love is an interesting variety of emotions, feelings and attitudes that an individual can suffer from, braking his heart in two or on the contrary, enjoy it… Read more »

you can wait forever for your true love and crumble inside time by time or stay on the safe lonely side and sometimes feel yourself trashily, however would just mean waiting forever it’s the kind of thing no one else can help you with


Love has a great impact on our lives. I believe that love can last forever. It goes without saying that if we want to have a great relationship we need constantly work on it. I think the most important thing in a great relationship is to have similar interests and views on life.


It’s so great when you are in love. I have married more than 27 years. We have the same tastes, interests, thoughts about our problems and their solutions. More over we have great sex. The butterflies are still in my stomach. We are not so romantic as we were very young but if I don’t see him more than 3 days I am in a bad mood. Love each other. They say “Love saves the world”


I agree with the great amount of comments that the true love can lasts forever, but it is very hard work. Perhaps the romantic love can vanishes for a while because of routine in life, small children and some problems, but in our forces to improve it: to talk and walk more together, to go out on dates.