can-i-really-meet-someone-2 By the type of questions and comments we get at Elenas Models, it feels sometimes as if people register on our dating site and don’t really believe it can work.

“Can I really meet someone?” is the underlying concern of many comments on my blog.

  • Is it for real?
  • Do people actually meet this way?
  • Can these marriages work?
  • Are these beautiful women really single and looking to marry a man living in another country?

The answer to all the questions above is, “Yes!” People do meet this way, get married, move countries, have kids, and Russian, Ukrainian and Slavic women on our dating site want to find men for marriage. It really works.

In a way, by now the question, “Can it work for me?” should feel about the same as if we were talking about meeting in a bar or through friends. You know it works for some people, the question is: will it work for you?

You know you can meet someone in a bar or night club, and if you go there often enough, this is quite likely to happen. The same here. You know it works for some people, and if you put adequate efforts and spend enough time doing that, it can work for you, too — you can indeed meet someone special and amazing!

can-i-really-meet-someone-1Our latest couple, Simon and Tatsiana, is one example of how it works.

  • They met on Elenas Models in January 2012
  • Talked online and met face-to-face in October 2012
  • By March 2013 they met each other’s families and visited each other’s countries, and started living together
  • Got engaged on a visit to Sydney, Australia
  • Married in August 2014
  • Now they have a son!

3 years, and what a world of difference it can make. From the first introductions and emails, to vacationing together, and then living together, to their wedding and welcoming their first-born to this Earth.

The truly international nature of today’s world tells us that marriages between people born in different countries will become more common in the future. Tatsiana is from Belarus, and was working in the USA when they met. Simon is from Australia, and was working in Africa at the time. Now the newlyweds live in Malaysia.

can-i-really-meet-someoneYou may not fall in love overnight, but you can meet someone already today. It may or may not be the right person, but as you talk to multiple women and develop connections, you will definitely come across someone you really like, and who likes you back.

Just as if you were visiting the same cafe, over time you would get to know people who come there, and maybe become friends with some of them. The coffee is great, the environment is friendly, and you are sure to have fun. If you have been sitting on the fence, wondering if it’s worth a try, maybe now it’s time to jump off and give it a go?

Your one-and-only may be already waiting for you here right now.

(Read the complete story of Simon and Tatsiana)


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This is great good for them may their marriage stay strong


Such a wonderful story, I hope it will help people to believe and start new relations. I knew one girl, who was sure that all this cant be true. She was single for a long time, with broken heart and no hope at all. But when I showed her some examples of happy meetings, she decied to give it a try. Now she is corresponging with a guy from Denmark and they really want to see each other.


That’s a really nice story for Simon and Tatsiana. I don’t know them so i just can imagine…but i think they were deeply focus on their meeting. For sure something nice happened from the beginning and so it has been easy for them to establish a nice relationship. So the main question is….can it work? I think so….i mean i’m sure it works…but it depends on persons….that have a chance more to keep in touch by internet. then it’s up to them.

David Wilkinson

I fell in love with a Russian woman but we never met. We corresponded by email for 8 years but we never met due to unforseen circumstances which happened on 3 occasions, talk about fate.
She moved to sweden, never heard of her since.


There are no borders for real love! And the story of this couple shows us it! I wish every person to find his beloved with the same heartbeat.


I didn’t use to believe that one could meet the love of his life on the Internet but a friend of mine assuaged my doubts. She met a good guy on the Internet. He is from Germany. They emailed each other for some time, then visited each other and met their relatives. In a year they got married and now live happily in Germany.


My biggest doubt is how to be sure that man will stop on you and will not try to find another woman even after wedding. For many men such sites are really like a game. They can get here a lot of attention and always new opportunities. It is not a secret that to build real relations sometimes is hard. And when some tension begins between two people, there is a high risk to login the special site again and try to find someone else. That is my serious fair.

Simon and tatsiana are not lucky only, they did what had to be done to meet, and build something serious. A lot of men on dating websites, are loosing themselves in the mass of beautiful ladies showing up on their screen, complaining they never meet anybody. Some ladies think that men on the dating sites are desperate, and treat them like goods, mostly for personal reasons such as physical appearance, income, or any other “requirements”, also complaining they never meet a serious man. I believe that if one wants to be successful in meeting mister or misses right, it is… Read more »