Blacklisted profiles on Elena's Models.

Blacklisted profiles on Elena's Models.If you have been on the site for some time, you may encounter blacklisted profiles on Elena’s Models. How a profile gets blacklisted and why? Is it okay to continue communicating with someone whose profile is on the black list? Find out how it works.

Blacklisted profiles on Elena’s Models

A profile can be only blacklisted by an administrator of Elena’s Models. There is a set of rules why an account can be terminated in this manner and administrators follow this guidance.

The most common reason why a profile gets blacklisted is because of violations of Terms of Use. In particular, the Code of Conduct.

Here is Code of Conduct, how members are expected to communicate on the website. It is applicable to communication with each other, as well as when you contact our support personnel through Help Desk.

Elena's Models Code of Conduct (Sep. 2017).

Code of Conduct (screenshot, click to enlarge). View the complete Terms of Use here.

Why my profile was blacklisted?

One rule that is applied immediately is this:

  • Any use of obscene language in communication with another member or Elena’s Models personnel irrespective of your concern, problem or personal views will result in an immediate removal of your profile and account. Elena’s Models has zero tolerance for communication that includes obscene language.”

If you are aggressive in writing to Help Desk or when calling the support number on the website (in particular, any use of profanities), it will result in an immediate blacklisting of your account. This is part of our Terms of Use. It will happen irrespective of how long you have been a member.

The reason for that is simple:

  • Members of seek a long-term relationship. Any abusive behaviour in communication with our personnel is indicative of how you could possibly act with your future partner.
  • Women are particularly vulnerable when they move to another country, where they have no support network of family and friends. Therefore, any person who shows propensity for an aggressive behaviour by abusing our personnel is undesirable on as a customer.

Members whose accounts were blacklisted cannot re-join at any time in the future.

May I continue communicating with someone whose listing was put on black list?

You are an adult and you have full rights to do what you want, as long as it’s legal. However, we do not recommend our members to continue communicating with users whose accounts were put on the black list.


It is a user’s responsibility to conduct himself or herself in a friendly and respectful manner. Our clients are people who are opening their hearts to someone they do not know, with the view of establishing a close relationship. If there is one instance of unacceptable behaviour, which resulted in the removal of a user’s account because of the violation of Terms of Use, there is no recourse to restore the provision of services on the site.

Complaints on third party websites

In recent years there is a practice formed on the Internet where users excessively complain to the site or threaten to post negative reviews on third party websites, hoping to get freebies. Such bullying tactics may work with other companies, but they certainly do not work on

We work very hard to provide the most transparent, comprehensive and reasonably priced service to users, and if you are unhappy here, please go find somewhere a better dating site for meeting women from Eastern Europe.

  1. We know all the players in the industry and we strongly believe that is the best place offering unmatched quality with fair pricing, and one of only 3 large websites left that refrain from charging for communication (PPL or pay per letter).
  2. Administrators of personally interview female applicants, refusing a large percentage of all profiles, due to inability to confirm identities, which other non-PPL websites would automatically approve, and only later suspend on complaints of other users. Here such bad profiles don’t pass the quality control. It takes about 45 minutes for our administrators to review and approve one woman’s profile.
  3. refund and chargeback rates are exceptionally low, even bricks and mortar businesses are unable to achieve such rates. We do our best to provide an exceptional quality service and value for all clients that you won’t find anywhere else.

You have full rights to voice your complaints and reviews on third party websites. However, in cases where the information is untruthful, incomplete or distorted, the correct and complete information will be provided in response to such complaints to set the record straight.

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These policies are truly positive and a breath of fresh air by a company clearly letting its community know whats expected. All conduct rules are spot on. I particular like the reminder
“Please be advised not to message a member or support when you are overly tired, jet lagged, intoxicated, angry or upset. Your emotional state will not be accepted as an excuse for violating our communication conduct rules.”

We have all experienced this at some point


Hi, Elena. I got another question for you. Would my profile be blacklisted if I continually made political and religious statements? As I know with personal politics and of peoples’ faiths, it’s that person’s individual choice, thank you.


I can only refer you to the Terms of Use. Any repetitive behavior that you could reasonably understand to be unwanted by the recipient may be viewed as harassment. Help Desk receives complaints of all kinds every day, and Terms of Use are the guideline. Swearing at the stuff who are just doing their job may get a profile blacklisted on the spot, if a person was pointed out it’s unacceptable but continued.


I think you have a bigger problem than whether or not someone threatens to write negative reviews. The problem is that I cannot confirm that any of the marriages proclaimed on this site are real, and we certainly get no information about whether the marriages last longer than the year it takes the wife to get the permanent visa. Your site succeeds because American women have gotten so bad, but the worst-case scenario with a Russian bride is far worse than anything I have encountered in America. Once Western men realize this, they will stop paying. To end on a… Read more »


Anon., Valid complaints and concerns from members, men and women, are always welcome, moreover, we encourage members’ feedback. But it must be done in a friendly and polite manner. Profiles of people who swear and behave in an aggressive manner will be immediately removed from the site and they will never be able to come back. I hope you can bring this message across to your forum visitors online. At the same time, we are happy to help and assist people who are genuine and polite. But “standover tactics” that are typical of today’s internet trolls will not work here.… Read more »


Anon, did you actually read the article? .
Seriously you are either ignorant or just purposefully taken a separate issue like a troll does to attack or as Elena states trying to be a stand over man (or boy).
Read those very well written and globally acceptable humanistic rules about behavior. Maybe if you understood them you would not be on forums that have no consequence to reality.
Good luck typing away from 1 am to 5 am with your isolated buddies. Maybe its the USA women that are sick to death of men like you rather than the other way around.