wi-fi-internet-english-russianIt was a few months ago that I snapped a picture in a local cafe, which said:

“No Wi-Fi. Talk to each other! Ring your mom (she surely misses you). Pretend it’s 1993. Live! 🙂 ”

We posted it on our Facebook page, and forgot about it.

Last week during the preparation of our newly launched newsletter for members with jokes, funny videos, and pictures from Russian and Ukrainian media which had been posted over the weekend to selected 500 male EM members under the code name, “Elena’s Models weekend insider” (we are still thinking of a better title for it — open to your suggestions!) I discovered a picture from a Ukrainian cafe with a message in Russian that said exactly the same basically word to word!

We have quite a large Ukrainian and Russian readership base on Facebook (please like us, too!), so my thinking is that somehow the picture has gone viral, or maybe I wasn’t the only one who took a shot of this board in the cafe and posted it on the Internet, or it’s an epidemic. I have been told multiple times by different people that generally all cafes in Russia offer free Wi Fi internet connection — obviously, to the point that the ones that do not have it are forced to announce it on entrance in giant letters.

Anyway, it just proves one more time that Russia and Ukraine are living online, just like the rest of the civilized world. And by the way, if you haven’t done it lately, get off your computer or mobile device, and call your mom! She surely misses you. 😉

Did you get the newsletter with Russian and Ukrainian funny videos and jokes over the weekend? Did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts! If you have a better name for this issue, please send in your ideas as well. It will become a regular service for our male clients, and hopefully become more familiar with the cultural landscape.

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Love Live

Right! Turn off the computer, go outside and be happy! Now many teenagers live on the Internet and it’s very sad. We’ve regressed constantly sitting at the computer or watching only TV . Throw away the Internet and TV because they clog up our brains.


Here is another example of this idea provided by a well known brand – free from WI FI zone in Amsterdam, NY where you can chat lively with friends :
comment image


It’s a new popular thing in different cafes, shops and cinemas. We must communicate more with each other and ignore the social networks . Life is here and not there.


It’s a pity, but that is our reality… Sometimes i saw a couple in cafe – they are sit with their phones, and even don’t look to each other ((( How do you think can they be happy?


I have many young friends. It is really annoying when they use the Internet everywhere: at the University, in the cafe, when we go for a walk. They make selfies practically every day! And they say that they need the Internet in their phones and they are ready to pay for it having not enough money for other things!


I think that free Internet is problem, because people forget reality and spend too much time online. Last week I saw four guys walking together in the park. They were sitting on the bench with their smartphones in the hands. They even wasn’t talking with each other!
I was told that one couple from Europe made very interesting decision to have a wedding in the forest! Guests was surprised that there’s no Wi-fi and they should spend the time in the real life. But I am sure it was really good idea.

Svetlana Shevchenko

It’s a highway to degradation. It became more important to have more friends in facebook than in the real life and take photos instead of enjoying every moment. Poor teenagers…

Unfortunately it’s a time when virtual communication has become much more significant than the live chat, but I believe that there is a choice for each person. Some people are not sociable and it is more comfortable for them to communicate with people via chat. Of course live communication in life can not be avoided, and if you have any downsides, it is necessary to do everything to get better. And internet sertainly will not help you. Internet is just the way to entertain yourself, but not the way of life. Everything will be great if we won’t forget about… Read more »

Modern people do not imagine their lifes without internet and often forget that there is a lot of other things to do. The endless surfing the web sites is not the only entertainment. If you are, for example, on holiday, remember that there are nice people around you who you can just talk with. It is good that some cafes do not provide free Wi Fi and make people forget the virtual life and enjoy real wonderful life.


THis article could not be more true, if I am with someone (Especially in the romantic sense) then I want to be WITH them and not involved with my phone. Just as I would expect the same from them. Many first dates were “last” dates because of this. It all comes to a sense of respect and decency for other humans, giving your time to someone is the most important and expensive item you can give…and it needs to be received as such.


That’s true. You just enter the spot – whether it’s a bar, a gym or even a metro station – and start searching the Internet connection. I’m tired of it, it’s like a drug, checking the social network over and over again.

Jack Burns

1993 is far in the past. It’s hardly find any place on the globe without Internet. Think another problem appeared – too much Internet. We spend too much time of our life surfing the net. Indeed, Internet is a great opportunity to find each other. But, guys, it’s much better to meet a lady in real life, touch her skin, smell her perfume then just see the image on the screen. Do you agree?


Internet is a very contradictory thing. Some people use it rarely and mainly for work whlie the others spend all their free time surfing the Internet. The last thing refers especially to teenagers. They do not want to go for a walk, they do not want to speak to each other, they only want to play video games and watch funny videos. And that is wrong thing.


Of course, nowadays teenagers prefer to communicate using internet. When they go for a walk, they have no a subject to talk about. It is the real problem. I didn’t see such pictures in my town, but i hope they will appear.


Right! It is necessary sometimes to forget about the computers and the internet. Once I saw a photo had been made in a café near the technical university. It was said: “If you want to get wi-fi you must solve the example…solution is the password”. We must to deal with each other in real life.


Internet is everywhere we go. In nowadays generation don’t like to spend time as we did in far past of 1993. Of course, there weren’t popularity of mobiles but we always could find any opportunity to spend fun time with friends!
It makes me sad when teenagers chat in social networks for hours and can’t pay a bit attention for live chatting or conversation…