best-blogsOur articles about user blogs on EM and what’s best to write about seem to be working! More members started blogging, sharing their thoughts and feelings. If you don’t have a lot of contacts as yet, here are some of the best personal blogs for you to read. Remember, all premium members have this facility. (To understand how personal blogs work on EM, read this article.)

Users can post 1 message a day, and include a subject for the post. We have picked some of the best blog news from real-life members for this week (some may have been edited for grammar and clarity). Feel free to leave a comment in response at the end! Or maybe you have your own questions you’d like to ask.

Best blogs by men

  • Sea of confusion

As I wander through EOI’s, letters, requests each day, I find myself thinking, so many beautiful, highly intelligent, seemingly genuine loving women. So many amazing women. A man would be a fool to risk losing or hurting your heart.

  • Question

Would like to know why it’s so long between your ladies logins to this website?

  • Taking things seriously

For 2 years, I have been dating more earnestly, looking for my special someone! I looked online with USA dating sites, also overseas with this site. Plus, I go on occasional dates with women I have not met online… Maybe I am being picky, but I only want to marry one time, so I want to get it right!

  • Games

I think that every relationship is an effort of both parties, and not only in the hands of a man. I think that the man needs to take more actions in certain stages, however, the woman needs to put effort and interest in order for a relationship to grow up. A relationship is to build something TOGETHER.

  • Giving

It is possible to give without loving… but it is impossible to love without giving!

  • Pity

A father of 3 children has been cheating on his wife with a woman 15 years younger. He is at high risk of losing his job, as he is hard into very bad drugs, crystal meth. Time and time, I see women love men like him, as they enjoy the thrill, and adventure. Time and time, nice men live alone…

Best blogs by women

  • Very simple!

A man who knows what he wants in life is someone who is honest, serious and does NOT play games. He is smart and knows how to treat a beautiful woman and how to follow his heart. And when he feels something special is possible, he will not let it slip away from his hands. He won’t waste my time.

  • I would like to know

Why do men ask to add a chat and do not write? Difference between our time zones is big. May be it’s easier to send a letter?

  • Be real

When you are 40 years and older, and looking for girls from 18 to 25… What are you thinking about? Do you really think young girls want a grandpa? Men, let’s be real. What will you do with a young woman?

  • Man is a hunter; woman is a bird

As an oriental woman I believe that a man should get a woman, not the other way around. Very often if the woman initiates the relationship, and the man plays a passive role, it doesn’t last too long… Genes, I guess 🙂

  • Live

Similarity, false compromises and even a shared past do not make people close. Close people are made by a sincere pleasure of difference. When you are not trying to convert or convince the other person. When you talk to a man like you read a book – sometimes agreeing, sometimes not, but it’s still so exciting…

  • Profiles

I read profiles of men, where the preferred age of women is listed as 18 – 99 years. And I feel that I have a lot of time (up to 99 years) to start a relationship 🙂

  • New quote

Nothing happens for nothing. If you did ​​something at that particular point in your life, at that particular stage of your development, it made ​​sense.  And if you think that you could act differently, you have to know – you could not. (Unknown author)

  • Spirituality in each of us

Is it possible nowadays to preserve the purity of heart and soul? Or are we all doomed to fall and be betrayed by others? What is your opinion?

  • Trust, believe and love

Disappointed in one, do not punish the other. All people are different. Do not lose the ability to trust, believe and love.

  • Joke of the day

Three women were eating ice creams. The first was licking the cone from top to bottom, the second was licking just the top of the cone, and the third was taking the whole cone in her mouth. Which one is married?

(Answer: the one with the wedding ring!)

Best blogs to read, as you could notice, are usually personal and open. To establish a great connection, that’s all you need!


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Sounds like fun! 🙂


This material is very funny and nice to read. If you like to be original… Why not? But I am always sure that honesty is the best policy! Some people are doing too much to seem better, unusual, interesting and sometimes it looks annoying. Just be yourself, be real.